Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone xenophobic, racist, homophobic, lazy or intolerant of progressive ideals. We are tolerant at this school.


Students who shouldn't attend VCU are those who need a bit more direction. Students should not attend VCU if they are highly unreliable because there are many distractions. If one doesn't enjoy variety then this university probably isn't the right place for them. VCU is not for weak minded individuals or those who tend to follow the crowd.


Students who prefer a calm and "private school" type environment probably would not enjoy VCU's rambunctious spirit. VCU is a place for all people, but not those who don't enjoy thinking creatively.


Someone who thinks that the classes are easy and not a lot of work is needed to pass and succeed in school.


Although VCU is great, it's definitely not for the faint of heart; especially for art majors. AFO is quite difficult. This school is not recommended for those who want to only put in half the effort into their projects thinking they will get by. They won't. This school forces you to push yourself, requiring you to stay up all night to work on a project if needed. You must have ambition to make it through, not luck.


If you are a student that does not like big campus's in an urban setting, VCU probably isn't the school for you. VCU is an open campus and very spread out, so if you're looking for something sheltered away from the general public then VCU is not ideal. VCU is very diverse, so if you are not interested in meeting people from all over the world then VCU is not a good match. If you don't like huge classes (espcially for the lowerclassmen years) then VCU is not the school for you.


Those who may not want to attend Virginia Commonwealth University are those who are more of the quiet urban settings and are more comfortable with being in a large open campus without a whole lot of sourroundings. Those who are not really used to walking along the streets and through crowds but rather avoid as many people as possible and who are not really into hanging out with large groups or teams, also may not want to attend this school.


People who don't want to work hard for what they want, people who can't balance social life and academic life and people who are not accepting of all personal decisions made by people around them.


Viriginia Commonwealth University really is a school for just about everyone. The university prides itself on its diversity, from students to staff, and I would have to agree. Everyday when I walk around campus I see all different kinds of students. However, a person who is not dedicated to their studies is not one who should attend VCU. From art students to business student VCU requires extensive hours devoted to school work to ensure that all their students become great in their area of study. A student who is not willing and dedicated doesn't belong at Virginia Commonwealth University.


A person that is not open minded and tolerant of other cultures and ideas different from their own should not attend this school.


Since I've only just transfered to VCU after having completed my Associate's Degree in upstate NY, my impression of the school is limited to that which i've managed to ascertain in three weeks of classes. I really love VCU so far, but their huge number of students limits the speed that they're able to answer students' inquiries. If it's very important to you that your answers be provided instantaneously, VCU is probably not for you.


VCU is located in the heart of the city, those hoping for a small college town experience should look elsewhere. Also Greek Life does not have a huge presence on campus due to the fact that fraternity/sorority houses are not sanctioned by the university. Aside from that, however, I cannot think of any other reason why a specific type of student should not apply. The school is very diverse and welcoming to all types of students.


Some who doesn't like big classes, big buildings, and big groups of people.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person that does not want to grow. Personally I believe that the main reason for the college experience is for the individual to step outside of the comfort zone and to engage others, the environment, and most importantly the self through reflection. Virginia Commonwealth University is a school of diversity with a wide range melting pot and if an individual is not ready to embrace the variety of the world they are not ready to attend this university.


Closed-minded people. This school is very diverse! There are people from all different backgrounds and we are all about accpeting others.


Any student seeking diveristy, creativity and a wide range of opportunities in a prospective school.


Someone who doesnt like the downtown city atmosphere


ultra conservative, people who don't like the city.


The kind of people that should attend this University are the ones with Liberal points of views, who enbrace diversity, and would like an urban setting for their college campus.


If you are the type of person who does not like urban envirnments, then this school is not for you. There were a lot of students who left the dorms after the first semester because they wanted to be in a more rural place.


Attending VCU definitely requires an appreciaion for the city, as the campus is in the urban setting of Richmond. Therefore, a prospective student should be able to handle waiting for the walk signal at intersections, as opposed to green fields and sunsets. There are such colorful places and people here that can be unusual or outspoken, so you shouldn't choose VCU if you're easily intimidated by new things or ideas.


Any individual who is unprepared to commit himself or herself to academic work for any reason whatsoever. Secondly,this school is also not for one who is unwilling to embrace the concept of cultural diversity in this ever changing world. Thirdly, the school does not also tolerate misbehaviors such as sexual harassment, violence and drug abuse as frowned upon by the larger society, thus, any individual who decides to walk in the pattern of unapproved or unacceptable lifestyles will soon be shown the exit. Lastly, this school is not for one who is unsettled to grab the various available opportunities.


If you are not cut out to handle living in a big city, you should not attend this school. It is right smack in the middle of Richmond. With living in a city comes danger, mass amounts of people and just a different way of life.


If a person thinks he might be interested in majoring in art but is not willing to put in the work required, he should not go to VCU. If a person wants to go to a university that has a big football program, he should not go to VCU. There's not a football program here. If a person wants to go to a campus with lots of wide open spaces, don't go to urban VCU. If a person does not like Civil War history, do not go to VCU. The campus is surrounded by historical downtown Richmond.


If you are a person who needs smaller class sizes then this may not be the school for you.


A person that wants to attend VCU should be someone who is very comfortable with diversity. Someone who wants to go to an institution where they can get an experience and an education. Someone who likes to be challenged educationally so they not only think about what is focused on in class but think about how what you learned affects the other aspects of life. A student who attends VCU should always want to ask why so that they can enlighten themselves not only with course work but with the different cultured that will surround them.


I think if you're not serious about your education than you shouldn't attend VCU. Our school is very hands on about making sure that everyone gets the education he or she is entitled to. So if you're the type of person that doesn't take advantage of the many resources our school offers then it's going to make life hard for you. Its okay to have fun during your college experience, but you just have to know and remember that you are here for a reason and you need to stay focused and not get sidetracked.


The campus is really involved with the communtiy as well as its students. We have many organizations that students can be apart of as well as other opportunites for students to engage in. People who are introvert and aren't willing to socialize shouldn't come to VCU because the campus is so diverse, and there's so much going on they would not have a good time. Everyone is always doing something or going somewhere, so for someone who isn't willing to talk to people or get involved they won't fully enjoy the experience our school offers.


The type of person who shouldnt attend VCU is some one who is a loner. This school is for people who are active in sports , arts and music, fachion and everything inbetween.


I only just started here at Virginia Commonwealth University and from my limited experience I can say with certainty that people who are not comfortable in an urban environment should not attend this school.


VCU is the largest University in the state of Virginia. This means large classes, a large campus, and a lot of conflicting opinions. In accordance with these characteristics the university's campus is placed in the city of Richmond, the capitol of Virginia. Looking at these characteritics, ignoring the educational opportunities, any person who does not like being in large groups or having the fast paced life of the city should not attend VCU. If one cannot handle others opinions I do not suggest it either.


VCU is a school for every kind of person. There isn't a type of person that shouldn't attend VCU. VCU has a variaty of people within the campus, this makes the school feel more like the real world. Once your out in the real world its all kinds of people that you have to deal with daily, whether you like it or not. VCU is a very good school to attend to get this type of expierence. Once your done with college, you're thrown out into the real world and have to deal with different people daily.


I believe that everyone has an opportunity to learn and grow from college experience, especially at VCU. Even those that are not culturally aware and suffer from intolerant viewpoints will have the opportunity to mature into a more understanding and open-minded person on this diverse campus. The only person that really shouldn't attend VCU is someone that has no desire to be there, and therefore is preventing someone who actually wants to attend from attending.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who is not serious about their education. You have to be serious about your future to succeed, there are students and teachers around you willing to help but you have to put forth effort to accomplish your goals.


VCU is quickly growing, however many students commute to the campus located in the states capital. Many students live off campus. However, there are new dorms opening every few years to accomodate the growth of the school. The explansion of the school into the surrounding area will soon make this school's campus more appealing.


Honestly I don't believe that there is anyone that shouldn't attend this University. It is a great one. However if they are ones that just want to party, drink and stay out all night it won't be that easy!


I would say a person who is not open minded but this university has the potential to help one's mind bloom into a wonderland of culture. One who is not interested or intrigued by diversity, one who is unwillingly to be open and accepting of people of different ethnicities, from different cultures, from abstract backgrounds. One who does not enjoy creativity or individuality. One who is not looking for an array of friends from an array of places. One who does not believe in love. One who does not believe in change.


Students that only think college is only for social shouldn't be allowed to attend VCU beacuse college is not like that. It is for you to prepare for your future and knowlege.


People who don't like a diversity on their campus would not like my school. It's a big campus which those who don't like walking far would not like. My school feels welcoming though, so anyone who comes here would not feel misplaced. There are a lot of cultural background that you might find your culture not so different.


This school is pretty open to anyone who would want to attend, but I would discourage anyone especially timid or introverted, because it is in a city and you do run into homeless people every once in a while, and the student population is kind of dense and diverse, so if you can't learn to get along with a wide variety of people you wouldn't have a very good time here. I'd also discourage the super cut-throat overachiever students, because while we have a competitive medical and research institution, I feel we're more laid back.


If you consider youself a "country" guy or girl, I would not recommend going to VCU. VCU is located is the middle of Richmond so it is very city-oriented. I consider myself a "city" girl, but I do enjoy outdoors as well. Attending VCU plays to my advantage in this aspect in that there is the James River as well as other outdoor areas such as Belle Isle and many parks that you can spend your afternoon in.


A person who is close-minded and doesn't want to meet all types of people in different social classes, or people of artistic and unique backgrounds.


I would not reccomend someone to this school if they are close minded and not willing to see other peoples' views. Someone who does not like a huge population of students.


Some that is looking for a very proper buisness type school or for a party school this is not the school for you. VCU is a very inclusive type school and is moderatly in the middle.


Anyone who is focused on their future and individual success. The potential VCU student has to understand one thing above all others: It's all on me. There are many advisors and professors to help a student along the academic path, but the sucess or failure of the student is completely up to them. Laziness is the most common obstacle. This is not a school that will prove the party-goer to be successful. If one has drive and motivation, a school like VCU will only enhance those qualities.


If someone does not think that they would fit in at an urban campus should probably not attend. Still, VCU is pretty accommodating. There is a very diverse population of students here, and one would be surprised to see how easily he or she can adjust to this school. If someone were thinking of pursuing a subject in the humanities like English, the Classics, History, etc., VCU would probably not be the best choice. It has great arts programs, though, and pretty good programs for practical fields such as those in business, engineering, and the sciences.


A hard worker who wants to learn more than what they came to school for.


The kind of person who thinks they can just show up to class on test day.


People who don't wish to work should not go to this school, too many people work hard to get into MCV's medical school to have slackers who just decide to do any major. People who only wish to fail most of their classes or decide not to go to most of their classes will in turn be dropped from their class and ultimately fail out of college.


Anyone can fit in at VCU