Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It offers an accelerated program for students who have already done college once and have decided to choose a different career path.


The best thing about VCU is the diversity. Having the best public art school in the country right next to a growing business and engineering school creates a dynamic and interesting student body. The student's all have different approaches and philosophies about how the world works. It is such a rich change from many parts of Virginia. The diversity of VCU is not only in the students, but the area itself covers a wide range of interests. Richmond is a historically rich urban center. Also, the James river provides a beautiful natural environment. This is what makes VCU great.


I say the best thing is the many different activies you can take part in. The VCU campus is mixed in with the rest of the surrounding community, so there are many activites you can partake in, different social spots, sporting events, all that you can do. Everyone can find something that they can like, my school is the true definition of the statement, "college is what you make it." There is no way, you won't find something to do, if you just go out and try.


The best thing about VCU is its diversity. I have an opportunity to meet people from all backgrounds and learn about their cultures.


It is the only historically black college in St. Louis.


In a word, the best thing about Virginia Commonwealth University is diversity. Students here represent an incredible multiplicity of backgrounds, passions, and points of view. This is a campus uncloistered. Walking through the center of VCU, it is not unusual to see as many hijabs as North Face jackets and hear as many languages as one hears words. Interests are just as diverse as ethnicities. From designers at the nations top public art school, to pre-med students already working with hospital staff at the Medical College of Virginia there are so many amazing, and incredibly different, people nested here.


I think that the best part about Virginia Commonwealth University is its diversity. There are many different people from different places and with different lifestyles. I've met many new and exciting people that I don't think I would have met where I grew up. I love that there is such a great diversity at this school because it allows for me to be exposed to people whith contrasting views on life. If I lived my life surround by people who looked, dressed, and acted like me, life would be boring. Here, I feel more open to the world.


The best thing about my school, Virginia Commonwealth University is that it's located in the heart of a major city! This is one of VCU's most unique qualities. It doesn't provide the sheltered feeling of just "being in school." You know it's the real world because of all of the things that are constantly going on around you within the city. It has easy access to many useful resources that can help you to succeed in your future!


I would have to say that the best thing about Virginia Commonwealth University is the diversity. There are so may different races and cultures and it's such a great learning experience. Especially if your from a city where its mainly just blacks, whites and latinos. It's definitely a culture shock, but a great one.


diversity and green technology


I consider the atmosphere the best thing about my school. There is a variety of all cultures and people in my school from different walks of life. This allows for such a diversity in every field, and a wide group of people to which you can befriend and associate with through your college career.


The best thing about VCU is its diverse nature. There is something for everybody to do both academically and extracurricularly.


VCU is located in the middle of the city, and this is one of the coolest things about it. Usually at other colleges you would be surrounded with just college and the people that attend that college with you. At VCU you are already put out in the real world in a way (still with your campus around you). It's a very unique and awesome experience.


The best thing about VCU is that it is Richmond City. The students have brought life into the city in the recent years when the city wasn't doing very well. Now, bikes and pedestrians are practically everywhere. Seeing all of the young faces walking around this old city have rejuvenated it.


VCU offers a wide-range of opportunties for students to engage in and experience. The Monroe Park campus, itself thrives in individuality and diversity making it the best university.


I would have to say the level of support that is offered to the students here. Coming into college, I had many worries such as grades and keeping up in my classes. However, here at VCU there is a department dedicated to all students. The departments focus is mainly on making sure the freshmen are able to do well and succeed in their first year. The upperclassmen also gets this treatment, but the freshmen are new to the campus and need time to adjust to a new setting. The support system is so strong here.


Medical Center of Virginia


The best thing about my school is how different and accepting everyone is. The fact that it is in a city gives the campus a different feel.You feel like you have freedom, like you are accepted, and like you are being given a one-of-a-kind experience.


VCU is one of the most diverse and open-minded schools in the conservative state of Virginia, and most students of minority groups find so many more oppurtunities not afforded to them at other areas of the state.


The best thing about my school, hands down, is the atmosphere. We're one of the top art schools in the state so freshmen nights were spent on patios with people playing music on every block and sketching their surroundings. When basketball season starts, the school spirit is astronomical. Viewing parties and celebration in the streets after winning games are not uncommon. Go RAMS! I wouldn't go anywhere else in the world.


As cliche as it sounds, the diversity here at VCU is amazing. People from all walks of life attend this university and everyone is embraced with open arms. And not just the students but the professors as well are incredibly diverse. Being a double major opened me up to many different types of people and everyone is just as inspiring and thoughtful as the last. All around, it is comforting to know that the diversity at this school allows for anyone and everyone to feel safe and welcome. This school is truly perfect for everyone.


I believe the best thing about my school is the diversity. Diversity is important to me because I value meeting different kinds of people and experiencing new things. My school prides its self on the diversity of students that attend the university because there is wide variety of many different kinds of people. I think it's very easy to make friends here because it is so diverese and there's a strong sense of community and school spirit. Since I began at VCU, I have made many friends of a variety of countries and ethinicities.


Diversity; easier to meet new people


The education offered is what I prize and brag about the most. In my first semester, I have gained more knowledge and background (in my classes as well as myself) than I ever would have imagined receiving in high school.


The diverse community, the organizations, the opportunities for community service, the professors and the chance to make your dreams real.


The best thing about school my school is the diversity because Virginia Commonwealth University offers various clubs and holds multiculutural fairs, allowing for culutral mixing and for people to learn more about the learning world.


the student at VCU are all very diverse and have something different to offer to our community. We have hundreds on international and foreign exchange students, people from different backgrounds and have different interests. At VCU, you can be anyone you want.


The best thing about my school was the school spirit because of how my school came together for basketball games. Although we didn't have a football team, we still claimed that we were undefeated.


The best thing at Virginia Commonwealth University is the diversity. One of the reasons I chose this school was considering the different racial backgrounds of the students. It's not all just one race, there are several.


The best thing about the school is the diversity, hands down. There are SO many different ethnicities, cultures, and events to represent each one of them. There are always events held that give insight into the lives of other cultures, and you learn equally as much from the events as you do from the professors!


The best thing about my school is the diversity. There is every type of person at this school, and no one person is like another. It gives unlimited chances to learn new things about others and their cultures.


The best thing about Virginia Commonwealth University is the diversity within there academic and extra-curricular programs. The school offers over 100 academic programs for students to take part in and learning something new about different cultures and ethinicities. The extra-curricular programs range from fraternity and sorority life to a pancake club where students come together and cook pancakes. The diversity is the main idea VCU strives to input in its programs.


The best thing about VCU is the unique student population. No two students are the same. Everyone has their own mind and their own personality. I love that the people I meet on campus are different from any other people I have ever met. Not only are they unique in their personalities but they're also unique in what they want out of life, and set themselves apart with their morals and values.


The wide array of accredited programs available is one of the biggest pluses about attending VCU. The programs available here are some of the best in the state, and some, in the nation. If you are undecided about what you would like to major in but want to get settled in a university, VCU is a good choice. They have just about everything, from a nationally recognized Fine Arts program, to a prestigious Medical program all in one place.


The best thing about VCU is that it is so diverse and has lots of classes to offer from psy 101 to arabic


I would consider the diversity the best thing about my school. There are people from all walks of life and many over seas students. I consider this the best part because I can learn about different cultures and ways of doing things. I think it is exciting to hear about different countries and see how they do different things.


I think that hands-down the best thing about my school is it's diversity. There are so many different types of people here. The diversity ranges from racial and ethnic groups, to political views and values, and even artistic experessions. The best thing about the diversity at this school is that everyone feels completely comfortable being themselves. Walking around this huge campus there is no telling what you might see or hear, and that is what makes it so beautiful.


The best thing I consider about my school is the different personalities here and the easy access to aid at the university. With this, many things can be accomplished and in a timely manner. This makes the process to reach our goals and further our futures with a little more ease.


The Best thing about Virginia Commonwealth University is the diversity. You are able to be yourself, no matter what ethnicity, race or individual you are. Students accept you for who you are. The Classes are huge but well diverse.


Definately diversity is what VCU is known for. It had a rich culture that has created a community where anyone will find a social niche to occupy and yet at the same time expand to learn about different people. Every college or university strives to achieve this but I believe VCU is the first school that actually exemplifys it. It is not like when you enter an area and eventually learn and converge with the community but rather VCU is a school where diversity is the culture thus achieveing its own unique community of students and faculty.


The best thing about my school is that I'm blessed with professors who actually want me to succeed. They hold me accountable for my successes/failures. They are always available to assist me when I need it. They also are very passionate about the subjects they teach.


the interactions between students and professors. gives great learning ability


The diversity here is remarkable and the cultural festivities reflect it! There is always something new to learn about a different culture here! There's never a dull moment and it's hard to come here and become or remain friendless.


VCU is very large with a lot to offer. We technically have two campuses. The main Monroe Park Campus and the Medical College of Virginia. No matter what campus you attend you can always find something to do. There's always a place to study or read a book. Or a place where you can be loud, have fun, and maybe even find an organization to join. I just recently joined a co-ed honors fraternity. There are clubs and organizations here for almost every belief, religion, activity, and social interest. You can even create your own if you want!


Location. Richmond is a historical city full of amazing architecture. However, this does not mean that nature is excluded. In fact, the river is close to campus and at the center of campus is monroe park. VCU is just full of unique and exciting places to explore and have fun.


I think the best thing about my school is the attitude of the students and teachers that teach and learn there; all of them are friendly and benevolent towards others and want everyone to have a good time.


good art program.


When I came to VCU orientation last year, the one thing I fell in love with most was the extreme diveristy on the campus. There were so many students all composed of different races, religions, political views, and (more importantly) majors. Though everyone around me seemed different from one another, all were able to study and interact among each other and even help one another towards a brighter future. I believe that diversity is the key to a more open-minded person and VCU has plenty of that to offer. Different opinions and views allow for greater creativity and progression.


The best thing about my school is there is a place for everyone. Everyone feels included and feels comfortable being who they are.


I think that the diversity is the best thing because it makes people more open minded and more rounded. I have learned so many things from so many different people in my shcool and I feel that that is a great experience for me