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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were given the opportunity to speak to myself as a senior I would have a long list of advice to share. My first piece of advice would be to keep going to school until you are finished even when it seems to hard to face. I would tell myself when life begins it doesn't slow down. Life is too short and beautiful to waste it struggling, and if you don't achieve a degree you will struggle. As a senior in high school your worries are only a fraction of what they will be when you drop out of college. Your worries about late night studying and early morning exams will turn into worries of how you are going to pay for your childrens' next meal. I would say that fortunately those worries can be avoided if you stay strong and know that you are capable of finishing school. I know you are capable as a young person, because you are able to do it as an adult. I would tell myself that no matter how hard it seems it will be worth every single moment.


Dear High School Self, First and foremost, keep doing what you're doing. Secondly, you are amazing and beautiful . Do not get discouraged so easily pretty lady! Finally, work your little heart out, thank me later. Before I go, remember that you are a human being. You might make mistakes but you don't have to beat yourself up over them. Live and learn. Be nice to yourself. Read better books. Save for retirement. Travel if you can. P.S. Do not forget to do your laundry Love, Future self


College is about making choices. Sometimes you will make mistakes and sometimes you will get it right. And it is okay. It is all okay. You will learn from the mistakes and you can always move on and be a better person for it. College brings freedom and freedom brings mistakes. Do not let them get you down, for these are the best years of your life. I know it all sounds clich?, but it is the truth. Overall, the coming years will be great because you have the freedom, yet you do not have ALL of the responsibilities associated with adulthood. Enjoy!