Virginia Intermont College Top Questions

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What's unique about VI is that it truly feels like a family. Though it is not perfect by any means, the staff and the students work closely together and everyone genuinely cares about each other. The close student-professor relationship is what truly makes a difference. I love the small campus and the location of the college - Bristol is "A Good Place to Live".


The Equine Program. This is what first attracted me to the school in the first place. The Equine Studies degree is well-rounded, rather than focsuing on a specific aspect of the industry like most other schools offering some form of an Equine degree.


The professors are great along with the student body. It is old and if you like the a historic type of school it is perfect. It has a lot of character and majority are friendly. However since the recent resignation of the president there has been tension and professors have been let go. However, two of the professors that were let go decided to stay because they have a passion for their students and wanted to continue their education even with no pay.