Virginia Military Institute Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A mentally and physically challenging roller coaster that progressively gets easier as your four years climbs; however, it isn't anything you would expect from a college. You will get a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} UNIQUE experience that is only worth it to few.


The billion dollar experience you coulnd't pay me a billion dollars to do again.


very conservertive school that has small classroom sizes and promotes interpersonal connections and respect for others.


The unique culture of VMI develops in cadets the highest standards of honor, respect, civility, self-discipline, and professionalism.


The Virginia Military Institue is a very hard-working, focused, military college with emphasism on academics and military lifestyle.


It is the road less traveled.


I just want to graduate so I can get hooked up.