Virginia Military Institute Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the skills it gives you. Gives you a high sense of discipline and effective time management skills to complete all tasks given to you even if they keep pilling up on top of you! My school is high respected for its military discipline as well as the small classroom size so many have more opportunity to meet with teachers and expands their learning.


VMI is the worst place to be at, but the best place to be from. As a cadet you suffer physically and mentally. The rigors of cadet life are around every corner. However, life as a VMI alumni is unbelievable. VMI graduates are taken on faith everywhare as honorable men and women of integrity. VMI gives its graduates a great life post graduation, so graduates are know to be extremely loyal to VMI, and often times give back to the Institute. VMI is second only to Harvard for average amount of money given back per alumnus.


My classmates and the brotherhood that we share.


The friends you meet while you are there. The people I have met at my school I consider my brothers and I know that they would stand by me no matter what happens. You form a connection with people over four years that you never lose and that continues with you for the rest of your life.