Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very helpful and nice. Whenever I ask questions, they are always willing to help me and answer my question. I am very thankful for meeting my classmates.


Classmates vary depending on the class: some never make it to class except to take the exam, some are there every day. So far, my classmates have been a mix of the over-achievers, the under-achievers and the regular every day achievers.


My classmates are pretty friendly. They are very helpful with problems I might have, and some take the time out of their busy days to help me out with severe problems or questions I may have.


They are friendly and are always ready to lend a helping hand.


My classmates are fun, hard-working and goal oriented who still know how to have fun outside of class.


They are very diligent and determined.


Friendly, down-to-earth, hopeful, different, occasionailly unwise, learners.


They are very ambitious and smart, but still friendly.


Fun, energetic, nice, amazing


Willing to have a good time and help you.


In engineering, some of overstudious and cocky. Others are more laid back and balance studies with their social life and extracurriculars. Others are increible slackers and downright cheaters.


The students here are very friendly and kind, care about the community and environment as well as work very hard so that they can play hard on the weekends.


fun, enthusiastic, smart, energetic


It all depends on the type of class it is. Since I am an English major my classes were more interactive, and people were always nice and willing to help each other out.


Driven, focused and very ambitious, truley dedicated individuals.


In the beginning of your college years, your class will be filled with 300 students. Towards the end of your college years, your class cuts down to about 20 students. My bigger classes were filled with a diverse group of people ranging from different ethnicities, values, and interests. My smaller classes were predominantly Caucasian. My classmates were awesome to be around. They helped me whenever I had any confusion in school work, and they also became part of my social life. We all had different interests, but we were all brought together through some hokie football, and of course, chemistry.


Most people are very friendly once you get to know them. Sometimes its hard to meet people though because of large class sizes or because everyone joins a fraternity or sorority.


My classmate are goal-oriented, doing enough to get by, and ready to party.


My fellow Hokies are very diverse!


overall helpful and friendly.


Students here are very proud of the school they attend, its a Hokie thing.


Everyone here is very friendly. We realize that we are all in this together, and we want to help each other succeed. Tech has a lot of very intelligent and laid-back students here, which makes it a fairly relaxed academic and social environment. We also have a lot of school spirit here. Many students are proud to sport their school colors on a daily basis.


Optimistic, friendly and encouraging individuals who strive to achieve not only personal success but want to help others achieve the same.


My classmates are respectful of others beliefs and opinions.


They are partiers that don't work as hard as they should.


My classmates are my friends, my collegues, my neighbors, and my hokie family.


My classmates are punctual, responsible, respectful students who love cheering for our sports teams even if we are not winning and know how to stay in on a weekend and study and finish homework even if it is not due for another week.


My classmates are very outgoing, most of the time, and we all like to help each other with work before the teacher comes into the classroom.


My classmates represent an arrangement of characters. While much of our school consists of engineers and IT nerds that are quick to hide their social skills behind a book or two, there is an entirely different side of art majors, English buffs, and business kids more than willing to make up for it in friendliness. In the end, the seemingly disconnected diversity comes together on campus. A plethora of life streaming in and out of classrooms, intersecting paths across the drillfield, and excitedly chanting for Tyrod Taylor at the football games; the students here are priceless.


awsome and willing to help at all times


We are Virginia Tech and very respectful, courteous, and supportive on one another.


My peers are easy going, fun loving, hard working, and eager to help anyone with any problem.


Easy-going and intelligent people that are serious about their academic and their future careers.


Everyone is pretty friendly and involved in many different activities but that does not deter them from working hard in their classes as well.


There is a variety of students here, so you can find people like you or people you want to be like and avoid the others.


I would describe my classmates as smart, well-rounded, diverse individuals.


Very casual, kind of a hippie environment when I was there which I loved. You definitely didn't have to 'go Greek'--there were tons of other things to do besides go to fraternity parties. A lot of people are from Northern VA but I also met people from all over the place and I think that's becoming even more true based on the students I now interview there.


Love them.


No one would feel out of place here. As far as what to wear to class- you could throw on jeans, flip flops and a tshirt and feel right at home. There are lots of students from VaBeach and the RIC, but quite a lot of people come from PA, NJ and MD, to name a few. People dont tend to talk about how much money they will make when they graduate - it's not really in our values to talk about things like that since we dont really feel that we're in college to be set up in a job to make money but in college to learn so we can get a job that we will be happy with and have a happy life.


I think it is nice how casual the place is. No one really feels the need to dress up for class it is totally cool to go just out of bed


The students are active and friendly.


We don't have a great deal of diversity on our campus, but we still embrace it with open arms. We have students from every walk of life, ethnicity, religious background, and soci-economic standing. We are very tolerant of difference. Most students here are laid back, middle class, average kids. We were hoodies and sweats to class and occasionally dress it up. Most students are from Virginia, New Jersey, of Pennsylvania.


People are not perfect.


Polite and classy. A solid cut above. Friendly and looking to have fun. Amazing unity and school spirit.


Virginia Tech is not that diverse of a university. Increased efforts have been made but there still remains a majority. Despite the lack of diversity, students share similar habits. Everyone wears Tech apparel to class; some days jeans, others sweats (depending on how late you were up the night before doing work/studying). Most students are from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina but there are several students from abroad.


I think that VT has a lot of differnt aspects that people do not know about. I have been to many speaker on campus including the muslim group and CRU


Techs student body is really laid back. For the most part we wear hoodies and jeans. Everybody is really tolerant of different races and religions. Its is a predominately white school though.


For the most part Tech is pretty good at integrating. We lack a little bit on diversity but since freshman year, i have seen a great change in this area. Students wear pretty much anything they can definitely be yourself, and still be appreciated at this school. Most Virginia Tech students are from VA..i mean who would want to go out of state when you have Tech!?!?!? There are people from all over the world though!


Very large, very diverse. same people hold all the leadership roles


No student will ever feel out of place at Virginia Tech. We are a big Hokie family and love everyone who steps into our circle. We have students from all over the place, not just from Virginia. Everyone is truly welcoming, friendly and super sweet.