Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Virginia Tech is typically known for both research in the field of robotics and physics, as well as a continued commitment to serving the community.


Virginia Tech is best known for its sense of community. Everyone is so nice and willing to help out anyone. We are also known as an engineering school who knows how to party and play football.


My school is best known for several things: a set of ethical values that it expects its students to follow, a very strong engineering program, enthusiastic football fans, and excellent dining services.


Virginia Tech is best known for its Hokie spirit! Whether this spirit is in the classroom or on the field, Hokies are always upbeat and enthusiastic about supporting their school. Professors encourage and excite students to go beyond their teaching and foster unwavering curiosity. Students take their passions beyond the classroom and put energy into activities and programs that are specific to their goals. The Hokie spirit comes alive in Lane Stadium during football season as current students unite with alumni to cheer and motivate the team to victory. Hokie spirit is a learned attribute that never leaves the soul.


Virginia Tech is best known for their food and football team.


Virginia Tech is best known for Hokie football.


For being a large research university, for its athletic program, and more its great school spirit.


My schol is best known for the Hokies Spirit and pride that Virginia Tech has everyday. We parade around in Orange and Maroon (which do match by the way) and support all aspects of our school everywhere we go.


Our school is best known for its football. Students are dedicated to the team. Everyone is so spirited on game day or every day. The games I have been to all the students are wearing orange and maroon and we are truly a untied school at the games. The alumni are still loyal to the school which is awesome to see. I know I am going to a special school when adults are still coming back for more years after they have graduated.


Virginia Tech is best known for its math and science capabilities. We have great teachers in those areas, since we are such a big engineering school. If you want to be involved in a career of math or science, Tech would be a great place to be.


Virginia Tech is known for the close community attitude that unites the entire campus. During my first visit I was blown away by the vibrance and enthusiasm of the student body and the awesome pride that is so evident. We are also recognized for our respectful students, sportsmanship, and prestigious academics. This is the home of the top architecture school in the nation and our food is award winning. However, we are best known for our spirit and compassion that make each and everyone of us a Hokie, now and always.


I believe Virginia Tech is best known for its excellent academics and Hokie pride. Virginia Tech has one of the nation?s best engineering and architecture program and is a strong science school, too. The Hokie pride held in the hearts of everybody that passes through the doors of Virginia Tech is undeniable. Students and faculty alike know that orange and maroon really do match. The pride and spirit of Virginia Tech resounds everywhere, in both football games at Lane Stadium and General Chemistry classes where students are called upon to lead cheers during the class.


Virginia Tech is not only a school of great academics and flourishing research, but also a place filled with the most school spirit ever. Home of the Hokie Bird, in the heart of Blacksburg, VA, each and everyday walking around campus one can see countless people doting the ?Chicago maroon and burnt orange? colors. From ?Enter the Sandman? jumping at football games, to the gobbling of the Hokie, this immeasurable amount of spirit held by students, faculty, alumni, families and many more shows the true love for this university and how great of a place Virginia Tech is.


Virginia Tech is best known for their engineering programs because it is a polytechnical school. Also, Virginia tech is known for having a very good athletic program, which provides numerous resources to help keep athletes on track and on top of their studies.


Virginia Tech is known for it's premiere research professors and fascilites. The football team is always ranked among the best in the nation as well.


Unfortunately, Virginia Tech is most known for the horrific series events that occurred on April 16, 2007. Underneath the sorrowful cloud that has blanketed many outsider perceptions, Virginia Tech is a University blessed with passionate group of faculty and students. Together, we form an inseparable community of hardworking, passionate, and caring individuals. It was this tight-knit community that initially attracted me to Virginia Tech. I believe that the infectious sense of community among the University is a true point of definition for Virginia Tech.


The April 16th shootings. After that, football.


If you're looking for a school with a great engineering program or school spirit, Virginia Tech is the place to go.


My school is best known for its ACC standing as well as sports, in particular football. The campus atmosphere is crazy when a touchdown is made or even a victory. The football at my school is a big deal and enjoying it either in the stands of the stadium or in the dorm lounges is the best ever. I have so much pride for my school for having strength, focus, and concentration not only in the classroom but on the field as well.


Engineering, Business and Football...


From my perspective, my school is best known for caring and respectful.


Sadly, in recent years, I feel like Virginia Tech is well known for the horrible events of April 16th and more recent deaths as well. The community of Blacksburg is also very supportive to students and the comfort offered is breathtaking and, to be honest, downright inspiring. I have never seen a more tightly knit community than that formed between Virginia Tech and the surrounding Blacksburg area. It is that sense of community that helps all of us to remain strong even in the face of something as horrible as what happened on April 16th.


Virginia Tech (Undergrad): Engineering Colorado State University: It's unique locatin in Ft. Collins (close to many breweries) and it's interantional programs


Our school is best known for our athletics and its engineering and architecture programs. Although these two programs are popularly renowned, Virginia Tech is strong in all areas of study with dedicated staff that are experts in their fields.


My school is best known for intense school spirit and inclusion. At Virginia Tech students look out for other students, because it is like we are one big hokie family. Even after graduating, in the job market hokies will go out of their way for fellow hokies. I love that I am a part of a big organization that will follow me long after I graduate. Also we are known for our strong academics and community service with our motto being ?Ut Prosim? meaning ?that I may serve.?




Great engineering and architecture programs, varsity sports (football and basketball), great alumni relationships, great greek life, phenomenal school spirit. Our school is known for being very cohesive and united.




Virginia Tech is known for it's school spirit and strongly bonded community. And of course, it is also known for it's fabulous football team and other Hokie sports!


Engineering, Veterinary School, Agriculture, and Hokie Football!


Job placement


Academically, Virginia Tech is very well known for the research conducted and the prestigious faculty. Among college and high school students, Virginia Tech is known for it's football team, school spirit and social scene.


The school is most outwardly known for their football team, but the school has an excellent althethic department overall, as well as very up-and-coming research in the fields of chemistry and biology.


Our great science and engineering, world class professors, and overall outstanding academics. We also have nationally competitive sports teams.


Virginia Tech is best known for the school spirit of the students. Football and other sports games are like holidays to students and everyone comes out to support our team. No matter what race, religion, or ethnicity a student is, everyone comes together as one to cheer on the team. Alumni also take pride in the school's sporting events and often come back to the university to support the team as well. The school spirit of Virginia Tech is my favorite part of this university. Spirit brings people closer together and helps support the school as well.




Our football team and the school's incredible school spirit.


Our football team, engineering school, business school, Graduat Vet school, and agricultural school


FOOTBALL!!!! and research


Getting money for Research Funding and doing Research, along with our football team and the campus shootings.


There are a lot of things our school is best known for. Our Architecture program was #1 in the country last year, as our Dining Halls were as well. Our football team has grown throughout the past few seasons as well.


VT is best kown for it's engineering department as a whole, then for it's great football.


A couple of years ago I would say that my school is best known for our FOOTBALL! Unfortunately, our name is now nationally and internationally known due to the Virginia Tech Massacre. While it took some time for me to accept the fact that mentioning "VT" to anyone could result in the thought or subject of 4/16, I quickly learned that this infamousness was a blessing in disguise. There is a bigger sense of pride and unity here than ever, and the culture of the town has been expanding rapidly. What once was tragic, now is beautiful. GO HOKIES!


FOOTBALL!!! we are the virgina tech HOKIES!! if there is one thing everyone here loves it is football.


Virginia Tech is best known for it's academics, research, and success in sports. The majority of the professors specialize in research and are well known for the work they accomplish.


Football, Engineering, April 16th 2007 (sadly)


Best known for football probably. However, after last April, fortunately/unfortunately most known for the disaster on campus. We also have a great Engineering school and the a very tight knit community.


Football, Technology.