Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes are definitely challenging but completely fulfilling. In comparison to high school courses, college is really nice in that there are so many classes to choose from and the majority of them are rather interesting. While I mostly stick to in-major classes, I always set up my schedule with at least one out-of-major class, like American Indian Studies, Psychology, or Geography of Wine. In this, I'm not entirely tied down to strictly studio classes and therefore I get the chance to meet new people and learn something new and different. At the same time, it's also really nice when the classes you take are applicable to your future-- in my case, studio projects, and classes like Building Systems, Materials and Methods, Lighting, etc. are all relative to my profession and undoubtedly worthwhile.


A lot of people are hesitant about attending Tech because of its size; it intimidates them; they feel as though they’ll be lost in the crowd. Tech’s size can’t be disputed. It is a big school. However, that works to its advantage. Yes, some of the core/lower level classes are large. But once you get into major-specific courses or upper level courses, the classroom size becomes smaller and the teaching becomes student-specific. For example: the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS). Within the college, each major forms around the student’s needs because—though Virginia Tech as a university is large—each major is small and tight-knit. The students have wonderful opportunities to work with Professors on research outside or inside the classroom. In this way, students get the feel of a small college within the setting of a large university—that’s Tech’s biggest advantage.


My classes are awesome! We are learning about Teaching Adolescent Readers, actually reading these books, and constructing products such as "book trailers". My teachers are all very wise and very friendly. I enjoy working with them and the work load is bearable.