Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's one of the highest ranked engineering schools in the country and it's cheaper than the other top out-of-state schools.


I brag about how VT has the best campus food in the country... I mean we have our own hibachi grill that only costs us an average of $7 of our meal plan...YUM!


The atmosphere. It's a great school with a great alumni base. Football games are awesome!


I brag the most about the community. It really is amazing. For such a large school, the connection you have with everyone else is very unique. The students, alumni, and townspeople of Blacksburg are bonded together by Hokie love you won't find anywhere else.


The community at Virginia Tech is one of the strongest in the nation. You can meet Hokie alumni across the world and still share that sense of pride that is cultivated in Blacksburg.


The food and people here are great!


Besides its high academic quality, there are several things I absolutely love about Virginia Tech. For one, the campus is gorgeous all year round. Secondly, we are known for having the best food in the nation. You can get anything from vegetable soup to lobster. Also, since the student body is so large with over 30,000 full-time students, the activities are incredibly diverse. In one day you can take a class in underwater basket weaving, play a pick-up game on the basketball court, volunteer at the animal shelter, and watch stand-up comedy in Burruss Hall.


We have fabulous school spirit and are a great community to be a part of even after graduation.


We have the most school spirit and because we (Virginia Tech) are such a close-knit community, the school feels a whole lot smaller than it actually is. We have a great network here - it seems like everybody knows everybody. Last but certainly NOT least, we have THE greatest football team!! The energy in the stands on game day is unbelievable! GO HOKIES!! Hokies Respect is big around here too. Hokies hold respect in high regards. Once a Hokie, always a Hokie. Virginia Tech for Life.


The virginia tech comuntity is really friendly its easy to make friends and connect with people.


Everyone knows about how huge football is here, and people are always jealous when I tell them how much fun we have on Saturday afternoon tailgates. Also, we have a lot of GREAT social opportunities here-my service sorority organizes socials with fraternities, and we usually do a community service project while we hang out. It's a great way to interact with students while helping out the Blacksburg community that we all love so much! I also tell people about the beauty of the campus, and when they see Hokie Stone they understand!


The Corps of Cadets and the football team.


Virgnia Tech is absolutely goregous and in a gorgeous area of Virginia. Being remote allows for a sense of security as well as a great enviroment for football games. The university is a top research university and everyone takes a passion in their sutdies and reasearch.


VT has so many great academic programs, student activities, sports, and ways to get involved. People are friendly, professors are great, and everywhere you go you meet Hokie Fans!


My favorite thing about school is the environment. The campus is a walking campus so there's no need to take a bus to class and its very easy to meet people because you pass them on the way to class every day!


According to some recent surveys amongst college students, Virginia Tech is currently the number one college for campus food. I hear multiple horror stories about the cafeteria mystery meat from my friends attending different colleges, and I always smugly remind them that I have access to several dining halls every day, each with exceptionally good food at a reasonable price. I have never gone hungry in my school. As a young, famished male, I think that is a great accolade for Virginia Tech.


The people in Blacksburg are the best. The Hokie spirit is everywhere and Virginia Tech really is one big family. With all that the school and community has experienced in the past few years, the bonds between student, faculty, alumni, and the community could not be stronger. Hokies are friendly people and it is so easy to meet new people and form strong, lasting friendships.


As a Virginia Tech Hokie, I brag most to my friends about "Hokie Nation". I know what most are thinking: "Wow that sounds like a good name for a T-shirt", but Hokie Nation is way more than just a catchy phrase. Hokie Nation is a connection, it is a love for Blacksburg, Virignia, it is answering "I am" when someone asks "What the heck is a Hokie?" Hokie Nation is a bond that runs strong through current and previous students, and I feel proud to brag about it to my friends at home.


I tend to brag about being in a different environment when I'm at school. Many of my friends tend to go to school around the area that I grew up in, so they have no experience in dealing with situations away from home. I brag that I have allowed myself to grow physically, socially, and emotionally on my own and have real world experience dealing with experiences without guidance of parents being a short driving distance away. Being at Virginia Tech has allowed me to mature into an adult.


About having student tickets to the football games. Having tickets in North Endzone for big games is something everyone in the area desires. I definitely hold this over my friends' heads who don't go here.


Top campus food in the country football team research and engineering


Virginia Tech has a widespread diversity and makes anyone feel welcome. The teachers are very understanding and go a lot to make sure that every student can get what he or she needs in order to succeed. There is tutoring available and many programs that reach out to many, ranging from anime club to chemistry club. There is literally something for everyone. Also, the school spirit here is amazing. After certain events, everyone watches out for each other and a helping hand is never out of reach.




My friends are tired of hearing about Virginia Tech. There isn't just one thing I could brag about. Our school spirit, football game day atmosphere, and our hokie bond as part of the Virginia Tech community is probably what most people affliliate Virginia Tech with. VT is more than that. We are dedicated to service and the events hosted on campus are over the top and always a time to meet new people and have fun for a good cause. I love everything about my school, the spirt, the people, my professors and classes, and Greek life! GO HOKIES!!


The awesome faculty and beautiful campus.


School pride is something unique about Virginia Tech because it is so strong and shared by everyone!


The school spirit makes everything more fun


I brag about the rankings of the schools departments since most every department at my school is ranked in the top 25 in the United States.


The great atmosphere.


The friends that I have been able to make and the experiences that i have had while attending this school.


I don't?


The food! The variety of food at Virginia Tech is amazing! From steak and lobster to burgers and fries!


Research, hands on learning opportunities and our rankings in football and as a top university in the US


We have the best football team in Virginia. Period.


Hokie spirit! Not only with things like football but the things I've learned, the friends I've made, and the experiences that have changed my life,


I mostly brag about how beautiful Virginia Tech's campus is in all seasons. When I first visited the school, I was the most impressed by how each building matched and the set up of the campus. I also tend to brag about how delicious our campus food is. Not only are there a varitey of dining halls, but each and every one has an endless amount of wonderful food. I always have my parents and any visitors eat on campus so that they can experience the beauty of our campus and can eat the great food as well.


My school's football team is amazing!


The size, the environment, and the wilderness.


I love Virginia Tech. I often brag about our school spirit, the amazing and lifelong relationships that I have built with a divese crowd of friends, and the academic prowess that we have in our finance program. I place a lot of emphasis on this prowess, as most people don't know that I am in competition with the best schools in the country career wise.


We have the best food in the country AND some of the best sporting teams, plus we have a great academic reputation. You can't beat that.


I tell my friends that even though VT has a reputation for being a big college, being here makes it feel cozy. The people are amazing and love to be here, the food rocks, and I'm having the time of my life! Becoming a Hokie was the best thing that I could have done. I love the classes that I'm in, and you know that the professors are awesome when they actually make studying the material an enjoyable experience!


It has the feel of a small town and tons of resources that are free.


The concept of "Hokies Respect". There is a sticker, with these words, in almost every building in blacksburg (campus and town around it included). This concept is to make sporting events, clubs, gatherings, every day life, etc pleasant for everyone around you. At sporting events specifically, we strive to make the opposing team, including their fans, feel at home. Our mission is to stay classy to ensure that everyone around us has a good time. Everywhere I go, I have something Tech related on me, so I make sure that my actions effect my school positively.