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What is your overall opinion of this school?




Tech is located in the middle of nowhere! This is a huge hassle because there's never anything to do, and doing the same thing over and over again gets old. The best thing about this school would be the food and school spirit! The first thing I would change is making the campus more diverse! I think Tech is just the right size, I see someone new everyday, which I like. I like how the dorms are on one side and academics are on the other, I feel that makes the most sense for a campus set up. The biggest issue that Tech is facing is the amount of shootings that occur and not being about the keep the publicity out. Yes, it's good to be informed but I think we need a new PR person to get things under lock.


Virginia Tech is a wonderful university. I was only five hours from my hometown but felt like I was world's away. Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community create a feeling of 'family' that is indescribable until you spend a good amount of time there. I had a wide range of WONDERFUL professors and met friends that I know I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Blacksburg is most definitely a college town, and while it is in the middle of nowhere Virginia, there is so much to do both on Virginia Tech's campus and in the town of Blacksburg that I was rarely bored or looking for things to do. Whether it be seeing movies at the local Lyric Theater, going out with friends at the many restaurants and bars downtown, or walking around campus, there is never a dull moment at Virginia Tech.


I love Virginia Tech. The best part of being a Hokie is the community- Hokie Nation. Hokies are all over and all supportive of our school, and each other. We help not only one another, but our community, nation, and world. Virginia Tech is an extremely close-knit group of people who carry and live out our motto Ut Prosim- That I May Serve- both on campus and everywhere in the world. This is the most supportive group of people I have encountered and I am proud and blessed to be able to be a Hokie. The only thing I'd change about Virginia Tech is how the school handles lower-level math courses. There is a separate, easy-to-get-to off-campus building called the math Emporium, pr the "Empo." The Empo is filled with 537 Mac computers, and that's where students go to do their self-taught calculus courses. For those who are mathematically inclined, it's a piece of cake. For others- like me- it just really sucks having to go off campus and try to teach yourself business calculus. Not fun, But, it's really easy to find help, so it isn't always as terrible as some make it to be. Virginia Tech has around 28,000 undergrads- which seems like an incredibly large number- but it has never felt like that to me at all. It's the perfect size. Lane Stadium fills up quickly with thousands of Hokie fans, there are always new people to meet, but you'll get involved and start meeting everybody and then campus will feel like the perfect size. When I tell people I go to Virginia Tech, they're usually impressed- unless they have anything to do with the University of Virginia. Then I'm just a lowly rival. Otherwise, Virginia Tech has an excellent reputation for being a great school full of good, smart people. Personally, most of my time spent on campus is in my room, but that's just because I live in a really nice upperclassmen dorm. Otherwise, I can be found in the student center hanging out or doing homework, the gym having fun in fitness classes, or in the dining halls eating Tech's award-winning food. Unlike many other schools, Virginia Tech's dining hall food is in the top 5 in the nation. Yes- it is good. Blacksburg, VA is very much a college town. Aside from Tech and a couple surrounding neighborhoods, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere. But no fear- downtown Blacksburg is practically attached to campus, Christiansburg with shopping and lots of restaurants is 10 minutes away, and Roanoke is a mere 50 minutes away. All of these places are accessible through the Blacksburg bus system. You can also bring your own car-even as a freshman- if you'd like. Blacksburg itself is made up of primarily Virginia Tech students. There is a lot to do; restaurants and unique shopping on the downtown mall, the Lyric movie theater, a Farmer's market for fresh fruit, and lots of hiking and amazing outdoor activities. The biggest controversy on campus was the shooting of a Tech police officer. This event, unfortunately, gained a lot of unwanted publicity for Tech, especially after the April 16, 2007 shootings. Again though, all Hokies rallied together- both at school in Blacksburg and around the nation- to heal and respect our fallen officer and Hokies. In spite of all this, Virginia Tech has the most school pride of any school I have ever experienced. Orange and Maroon- a ghastly color combination to some but beloved to us- is what you'll see nearly every Hokie dressed in every day. I have never experienced a lack of school spirit at Tech. Virginia Tech was founded as a military school back in 1872. Throughout the years, Tech has kept its military background and it continues to be a big part of who we are. The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is the main military presence on campus. Cadets wear uniforms everyday and live a strict military lifestyle, while getting a top-notch education. They attend the same courses as civilians and everything and are always around. This is a really unique aspect of Tech. Plus, it's always nice to see men in uniform on a daily basis. The most frequent student complaints are about the difficulty of finding a parking spot on campus (true but not impossible) and of Blacksburg's cold, windy weather. It is fondly called "Bleaksburg" during the winter months, but that has never distracted from campus's beauty or the students' love for Tech.


I went to Virginia Tech because I fell in love with the school when I was twelve years old. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the entire town of Blacksburg revolves around it. Blacksburg, though small, is a cute, fun little college town where there's always something going on. Even though the student body is huge (32,000 including grad students), it's easy to feel at home. I loved the feel of being at a huge school, with the busy, bustling dining halls and jam-packed football games, but as an English major, I was in a relatively small department, where everybody knew everybody, so I didn't feel like I was just a number to my professors. I'm from North Carolina, so I didn't know many people from home who went to Tech. Every time I came home decked out in orange and maroon, my friends always gave me a hard time because it was all I wore. When a friend of mine visited me at Tech, as we were walking around campus, she looked around and said "Whoa...EVERYONE is wearing Tech sweatshirts!" The school pride at Tech is absolutely indescribable, especially during football season. The most frequent complaints I hear are about how crowded the dining halls are, and how horrible parking is. Parking on campus is impossible, and they love to ticket and tow around there. If you live on campus you have to keep your car in the Cage, a parking lot half a mile from the dorms, and when you live off campus, you're better off just taking the bus or riding your bike.


I can't speak highly enough about the spirit of Virginia Tech. Most people are aware of the difficulties the students body and rest of the Hokie Nation have been through. What many don't know or understand is how resilient our community is, and just how close the Hokies are. Even though Tech has such a large student population, it still doesn't feel too big. The campus is concentrated, so you still get the close knit feeling you would at a small school. Blacksburg is a complete college town, which makes game days awesome! Seeing an entire town supporting your school only strengthens our Hokie Pride. I spend most of my time when on campus in Torg Bridge, where students go to study, or read in a quiet place. It is also connected to the library so you can grab research books and go straight to the Bridge to get started on work, papers, and exams! Something unusual about Tech? The spirit. There's nothing like it, and it becomes clear soon after moving into Freshman dorms; especially with all the student athletes carrying your stuff from your car into your new dorm room! To get a taste of the Hokie Spirit, just go watch the Enter Sandman entrance at any Hokie Football game, and then imagine jumping right along with us!


What's the best thing about this school? School pride, sense of community. Name one thing you'd change. The weather. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? We are a growing school, but I haven’t felt any negative effects of a growing population. Tech is big enough to have a successful division I football program, but small enough to see the same people on campus day in and day out. Where do you spend most of your time on campus? While I was a student here, I spent most of my time in the Innovation Space in Torgerson. The Innovation Space is a very high tech computer lab that students can work in when they have projects that require fancy computer equipment that they do not necessarily want to pay for. I did a lot of website and document design in college, so I spent a lot of time in the lab working with the Adobe Creative Suite. College town, or "what college town?" Total college town. The college is the town. We don’t have a lot of chain restaurants or shopping centers, and you have to drive 15 minutes to get to Wal-Mart but that’s all a part of the Blacksburg experience. Tech is the only thing in this town, but we have a blast with what we have. It’s nice knowing that you are supporting local industry everywhere you go. What's your opinion of this school's administration? The administration does a good job. Like every large university, there will be complaints about tuition costs and spending money, but they are doing a great job to expand the school and bring in world class professors to teach students in all areas. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Unfortunately, Virginia Tech has been marked with the tragedy of violence again and again. While these events are completely unrelated, uncontrollable acts of random violence, some people try to villionize the VT population by saying that we are cursed or other mean things. This is just not true. Every one of these unfortunate campus events have made the Hokie Nation stronger as we stand together as a community. Campus security is HUGE here, and policies and procedures are followed perfectly to ensure student and staff safety. While we cannot control these events, we stand strong together through them and prove what it means to be a Hokie through action. Is there a lot of school pride? So much school pride. Is there anything unusual about this school? Tech was originally founded as a military school, so we still have the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. The Corps students receive full scholarships to study in exchange for years of service, and live on campus as they would on a military base. They run PT at 4 in the morning, practice drills and formations all over campus, and wear their full uniforms to class. What's one experience you'll always remember? I'm an employee of Virginia Tech Athletics now, so sporting events will always be at the top of my list of memorable moments. Other than athletics, the first big snowball fight against the cadets every year is awesome, too. What are the most frequent student complaints? The weather.


Virginia Tech has something for everyone. Physically active individuals will enjoy one of the most active intramural sports programs in the nation. The campus boasts two fully-equipped gymnasiums which also offer numerous fitness classes ranging from yoga to zumba. Prudent students will enjoy Newman Library's five floors, whereupon they can study alone or among colleagues. Creative minds can roam freely at InnovationSpace, which boasts an audio studio, professional video cameras, and a computer lab equipped with the latest editing programs and technology. The campus is also within walking distance of an array of restaurants, bars and shops. Blacksburg nightlife offers an excellent way to unwind after a long week. I'll never forget the countless Friday nights spent watching games with good friends at Sharky's and Big Al's.


Virginia Tech is a large school with a small feel. The 27,000 students become one student's 26,999 friends. Each student brings a warm, welcoming smile and attitude to campus every day, for a Hokie would do anything for a fellow Hokie. The astounding school spirit unites the student body, especially every Saturday of fall semester, when the entire campus excitedly stampedes into Lane Stadium together to watch our football team conquer a new team, as one big family affair. The surrounding town is filled with orange and maroon students, parents, adults, alumni, and friends. Each restaurant, store, and shopping center supports Virginia Tech and thrives on the students and the community they create. In return, these venues and owners happily support students year-round. The bright smile and positive feedback I receive from others each time I mention I attend Virginia Tech is intriguing. I am constantly praised for my attendance at Virginia Tech, for merely anyone would enjoy such a positive environment, prestigious academia, and intelligent network of professors and peers. If I could do it again, I would do it the same.


Even if for some reason I had to sit in a corner, alone for the remaining two and a half years I have left at Tech, I'd still call these the best four years of my life. I have never been more happy or at peace with myself, my friends, and my life as I am here in Blacksburg. As soon as I go home for breaks I begin to miss Tech. I honestly feel as though I did something right in my life to be able to have ended up here as an undergraduate. My friends envy how much fun I'm having at school.


Virginia Tech has something for everyone. Physically active individuals will enjoy one of the most active intramural sports programs in the nation. The also boasts two fully-equipped gymnasiums which also offer fitness classes ranging from yoga to zumba. Prudent students can enjoy Newman Library's five floors, whereupon they can study alone or among colleagues. Creative minds can roam at InnovationSpace, which boasts an audio studio, professional video cameras, and a computer lab equipped with the latest editing programs and technology. The campus is also within walking distance to an array of restaurants, bars and shops. I'll never forget the countless Friday nights spent watching games with good friends at Sharky's and Big Al's.


The best thing about this school is the support and love you get from fellow Hokies anywhere you go. Everyone who goes here has such love and support for the campus, peers, and faculty. We are like one unit, sort of like a family. There is more school pride than you can imagine! -Although VT is considered a big campus, it doesn't feel TOO big. I remember this was a concern at first for me, but now that I am here it feels just right. The campus is a good size and it is easy to get to classes from wherever you are. The dining halls are EXCELLENT! It is something you hear about often on campus. We have dining halls that offer anything from lobster, to sushi, to steak, to sandwiches, soups, and salads. NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION FOR FOOD! YUM! There are a lot of students but this isn't reflected in class sizes once you get into your major/minor field. Most of my classes are around 20 people which allows for interaction with other students and the professor which I like. At first, in my general classes, I had up to 550 students in my class, which I didn't like, but it gets better once you select a certain field of study. --The only complaint I really hear from students is about how cold it is during the winter. I would definitely suggest purchasing some warm clothing for the winter months! It does get pretty cold in the mountains. It is definitely worth it thought to go to such a beautiful and well liked campus! -- another thing I love about VT is the concern professors have for students to do well. It is apparent that professors know what they are talking about and want you to do well. They are there to help you and teach you. That is one thing I love. It is apparent that most professors have a passion for teaching and enjoy teaching you. In high school, a lot of the time I wondered why teachers were even there, because they seemed miserable teaching us; however, that is NOT the case at VT. Every professor I have had has appeared to love what they are teaching, and the teaching itself.


Because Virginia Tech is a large state school, it offers many different opportunities for its students. With so many different academic departments and student organizations, you can choose from a diverse selection of courses and meet people who share common interests. And most of the classes outside of introductory-level courses have about 30 students or fewer. Most of the student body is enthusiastic about Hokie football and basketball, but being a sports fan isn't a requirement. When you share a campus with thousands of students from all walks of life, you're bound to find people you can connect with--whether it's over sports, music, chess, dance, academics, food... you name it.


This school is the BEST. Hokie pride is everywhere. You can be across the country sporting your Hokie tshirt and from across the way you will here "Go Hokies!" This is the most friendly campus you will find. We hold doors open and smile at others. We have outstanding athletics and superior academics. The scenery is breathtaking. The only thing I would change is the chilly, windy winters. Our school is large in numbers; however, has a small town feel--we are a college town and a small town in one. Though you do not recognize everyone on campus, you feel at ease with them. Most of my time spent on campus is at our exemplar gym. My favorite thing to do is attend group exercise classes, specifically Zumba. Our gym has enthusiastic instructors and classes going all day. The cardio machines even have personal televisions so I can workout while catching up on my favorite shows. Though I may choose the gym, alot of people would select a dining hall--we are ranked in the top of the country. From all you care to eat D2 to dining on lobster at West End, we have all you could imagine.


A lot of people are hesitant about attending Tech because of its size; it intimidates them; they feel as though they’ll be lost in the crowd. Tech’s size can’t be disputed. It is a big school. However, that works to its advantage. Yes, some of the core/lower level classes are large. But once you get into major-specific courses or upper level courses, the classroom size becomes smaller and the teaching becomes student-specific. For example: the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS). Within the college, each major forms around the student’s needs because—though Virginia Tech as a university is large—each major is small and tight-knit. The students have wonderful opportunities to work with Professors on research outside or inside the classroom. In this way, students get the feel of a small college within the setting of a large university—that’s Tech’s biggest advantage. As far as complaints, I believe most students would agree that parking is pretty bad on campus. Not that there’s a lack of it; quite the opposite: there’s an abundance of parking it’s just spread throughout the campus. This sometimes makes for quite a walk. Of course, a little exercise never hurt anyone, right?


I think the main complaint from people who have not attended Virginia Tech is that the school is too big. In my opinion, that is its biggest strength. No matter what school you go to, it is only as big or small as you make it. If you sit in the back of a 200 person class and sleep through class, you will receive no less attention than if you sat in the back of a 20 person class. However, if you go see your teachers and get to know them, school might as well be a private tutoring session in which you get all of the attention you need. Sure your freshman classes will be big, but once you declare a major you will notice that class sizes get significantly smaller, and that by the end of the first week, teachers will know you by name. I came from a high school where my graduating class was only 100 people. I thought coming from that to Virginia Tech would require a significant adjustment, but it really didn't. Every single teacher at this school wants you to succeed and, if you take advantage of the many resources they put at your disposal, you can't fail.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is its school spirit. There is a real sense of pride at the university and students are happy to be here. There truly is a Hokie Nation and its effects can be felt far beyond campus. I do not feel that my school is too large. Although there are tens of thousands of students, I still run into friends and classmates daily. If I could change one thing about Virginia Tech, it would be how rural it is. I like that Virginia Tech is the center of the town, but I would like to have more commercial life, restaurants, shops, and theaters. However, Virginia Tech manages to bring a great deal of life to the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia, making it a wonderful place to live.


Upon first arriving at Virginia Tech, I was unsure if this was truly the place for me. Sure, it was academically revered, affordable, and close to home, but was this really the school I belonged at? However, after only my first month on the beautiful campus, I soon fell head-over-heels with the school. Upon arriving in Blacksburg, your greeted by a beautiful campus nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, fully decked out in "hokie-stone", a beautiful stone used on almost all academic buildings. But the university is much, much more than aesthetics. Professors are extremely knowledgeable, and if a student is ever confused, they will graciously answer your question or point you towards help. Speaking of help, VT offers more help academically than you could imagine; almost all classes have help sessions offered every week, along with departments offering help sessions and tutoring at no cost. No matter your subject of choice, there will be someone to assist you if you don't fully understand. But once academics are done, what's next you ask? Perhaps food? Virginia Tech has been nationally ranked within the top 5 Dining Halls in the entire United States. We have 5 main dining halls, with a few smaller food shops in between. I can promise you that no matter what kind of food you are looking for, you will find it here, and it will be absolutely delicious. Just ask the students eating fresh lobster at the "West End" dining hall. VT also hosts an incredible amount of clubs. Virginia Tech offers more clubs than you could imagine, ranging from various sport clubs, to distinct hobbies and interests, to even a real Harry Potter Quidditch Club. How cool is that? And if clubs aren't enough, there is always something to do if you plan on going out on the town. Downtown Blacksburg has many bars and esteemed restaurants that older students frequent. Virginia Tech is a school that has everything, and there is no reason.


Choosing to come to Virginia Tech is the best decision I've ever made. Although I was rather hesitant at first -- partly because of its size, once you're here, it doesn't seem so big. Sure, it was somewhat difficult at first, so far from home, knowing only a few people, but I got out there and needless to say, I've met some amazing people, had some invaluable experiences, and learned a few things along the way..! Though my impending graduation this spring is exciting and well-earned -- it's going to be hard to leave this place.


Tech is a huge school but it never felt too big. I came from Northern Virginia and people there weren't very nice--always in a hurry, not friendly. The biggest thing I noticed about Tech right away was that people were always so friendly and waved at each other and said hello while passing on the drill field --even people from NoVa turned nice at Tech! The weather in the spring and summer is beautiful, though the winters are pretty chilly which surprised me (I figured it was the south!).


The big picture is that when I see students on a tour I want to get in the group and tel them how they should come here> i wish everyone could have the experience I've had.


what's great about tech is that even though its a big school there are so many ways to get involved and make it seem smaller. Even as a freshman it was hard for me to go any place where i didnt run into someone i knew.


I think the best thing about VT is the pride that the students and faculty have in the school. The amount of school spirit is contagious and you cannot help but just want to automatically chime in as soon as you hear "LETS GO...HOKIES"


Virginia Tech is a big school but it does not feel big. I think it is a tightly knit community for how large it is. it is a friendly and fun place to be. There is a ton of school pride. Football games are the most fun.


The best thing about Virginia Tech... the people!! The students are so personable and friendly. I was immediately drawn to this school just by taking a tour and seeing the students walking around. Everyone is so happy to be here and always wearing a smile. We have amazing school pride. Maroon and Orange is in our blood. The atmosphere is wonderful and Blacksburg is a great college town. The school's size is just right. You can walk across campus and see 15 people you know and 100 new faces. VT is a never-ending network of friends. There are too many great experiences to name just one. I've had awesome times at football games, tubing the new river, hiking the cascades with friends, and just hanging out on campus.


The best thing about Tech is our spirit. We are very unified and I love that.


Amazing school spirit! Southern hospitality and manners. Crazy about Hokie football! No other college can compare to the love that the students have for their school. I would relive my college years all over again if I could.


The best thing about Tech is the sense of belonging and family. Everywhere I go, I see orange and maroon and everytime I see someone with a VT logo, I just want to scream, "GO HOKIES!" I get nothing but positive reactions when I tell people I go to Tech (unless they are from UVA, and then they are just jealous). Blacksburg is the ideal college town and I love it here! School pride on and off campus is insane; if you live here, you are a Hokie. I will always remember my first football game and Enter Sandman came on and I got goosebumps (I still get goosebumps when I hear it).


I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!!! I honestly do not think there is anythin gi would change!!!


Virginia tech is a huge school but it's the perfect size for me. There are enough people that not every body will know your personal business and also enough people to find a lot of people that you love.


The big picture: If you want college to last more than 4 years...come to Virginia Tech. The alumni relations at this school are awesome. This is a true small but yet beautiful college town. Just imagine living in a town with all people your age! Football is the best season of the year! The commadery among the students, faculty and alumni is proud and understanding.


Tech is a great school, lots of school pride. blacksburg needs to be a little bit more of a college town and fix up the downtown area.


The school is just right. You have thousands of people, but everyone is connected by a friend of a friend. People are impressed when I tell them I go to Virginia Tech. There is a lot of hokie spirit!


Virgnia Tech is simply the best! I have never met so many incredibly nice people in my life. When it comes to the size of our school, it is just right. It is not too big and obviously not too small. For as big as we are i still find myself saying hi to people i know daily. Being from the north, i get great reactions when people find out i go to Virginia Tech. I mean common we are just simply the best! We have such a great community and the most beautiful campus you will ever see, the Hokie stone is what we are known for! The college town is filled with amazing restaurants and defiantly a few nice bars, so you won’t find yourself lonely on Thursday nights! As for our Hokie spirit, "LET’S GO HOKIES!!!" You will always spot maroon and orange colors on our campus. This community is filled with so much spirit, love and pride for its university. So join us for the most amazing experience of your life!


Best school spirit and pride out of any college I have ever visited


My favorite thing about Virginia Tech is the atmosphere. Everyone is laid back, focused, and fun loving.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the sense of community here... it feels like home even though I'm 8 hours away from my family. It is a big school, but getting involved in activities makes it feel a lot smaller. People wonder about Virginia Tech after the shootings, but I am STILL SO PROUD TO GO HERE! It is not a scary or dangerous school and anyone would be lucky to go here, it is a warm and loving community. Theres a lot of great places on campus to hang out whether its in the student center or for a cup of coffee or my favorite place, the duck pond. There's a lot to do off campus. I am from New York so I am used to having a lot more to do, but there are plenty of cool college bars. I think the administration at Tech like any has soem problems, but when it comes to the handling of 4-16 I am so proud of the way our administration led us through the whole thing.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the unity and intense Hokie spirit. You feel like you are a part of the Hokie family immediately upon arriving on campus. The school seems large by the numbers, but once you are here for a few weeks you realize everyone is connected and the school seems a lot smaller. The administration is very helpful, faculty holds a lot of office hours to make sure you have a successful student career. Most complaints are that the dining halls are too crowded (because the food is so good here!) or that Parking Services is really unfair and gives out too many tickets. School pride here is off the charts, you won't find more spirit at any other school.


The best thing about VT is the spirit. Everyone here - LOVES IT, including me. Football season has contributed to some of the very best memories of my life. It is big (25,000) but has a small feel thanks to the consolidated campus and college town location.


VTech is amazing. Honestly, coming all the way from CT I was a little nervous that I had made a bad decision to go so far, but I am obsessed now. I never want to leave. Everyone I have met... students, faculty, staff, and other members of the VTECH community are all so welcoming, kind, and compassionate. The community is tight knit, and truely feels like a family. If i ever see a fellow Hokie outside of campus, I always say hello, and they always say it back. It just an easy place to find your own nitch, no matter what type of person you are. Vtech is not prejudice, not judgemental. We are open, welcoming, and loving. No matter who you are, where your from, or what you do... you will fall in love with Virginia Tech.


I love the Virginia Tech campus! It perfectly organized with all academic building, dorms, ect. all close together. For having such a large amount of students our campus is very condensed and easily accessible which makes it even better! The only thing I would change is having a dining hall on the side of campus where the academic buildings are. There also is sometimes many complaints about parking situations not be great. But other than that, I absolutely love tech!


The town is small and filled with bars that are packed on a nightly basis. There is always something to do and somewhere to go. GREAT social scene. Football season is the best and tailgating is a requirement. I wouldn't go to any other school. Coming to Virginia Tech is the best thing I have ever done.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the close community feel of the campus. And, of course, football season!


The thing I like best about VT is that students can become as involved or not involve as they would like. No one is here holding your hand and pushing you into things. It leaves you time to care about the things you really want to care about.


SPRIRT. Love for Orange and Maroon. Large school but everyone crosses paths, especially with Facebook you can see how many friends you have in common. If you get involved the campus becomes a lot smaller. People know of Virginia Tech, especially with April 16th, but there is a LOT of Hokie Pride out there. College town is very small but everyone feels protective about it-it's a beautiful place but not much shopping. Christiansburg is like a second home to me. I spend most of my time in the dining halls on campus or in the classrooms.


I love Virginia Tech! If I could change something I think it would be to get rid of some professors here. A lot of people recently ask about 4/16 but that's not the only thing that has happened here. We are an amazing school full of a diverse group of people which is what we are all about.


I love my school the size is perfect because i love the independence of a big school people are very impressed that i go to VT definitely a college town i spend 99.9{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my time on campus bc i'm a freshman with no car COMMUNITY... i feel like we have the strongest sense of community, i love it I get chills thinking about football games and just random nights riding the bus when someone will break out into a LETS GO HOKIES! chants everyone hate the math empo... blah i like it, it's a great place to study, but online math classes do suck!


Virginia Tech is very closely tied to our community. The Town of Blacksburg is a really amazing place and the townies love the Hokies just like we do. Football is indescribable. When you walk into Lane Stadium, you're home. The noise can be heard across campus and the school pride that everyone shares is amazing. Also, our campus is gorgeous. I have heard comments that all the buildings look the same because they are all made of Hokie Stone but that is so wrong. When you walk across the Drillfield (the center of campus) especially at night, it can take your breath away.


The best thing about being at VT is how close our community has come in the last year. I wouldn't trade this past year for anything because it challenged me and helped me grow.


Amazing school, perfect size, great academics, great athletics, HUGE amounts of school spirit, lots of construction currently