Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the Hokie Pride. I would not change one single thing if i could! Virginia Tech is obviously a large school, but that was one of the qualities I was looking for when I was searching for colleges. I spend most of my time in my dorm room and in the dorm study lounges. Virginia Tech's administration is very organized and always handle situations in the best way possible. I believe the biggest controversy has been the recent school shooting that took place last April, and how the administration dealt with the problem at hand. However, I believe that these shootings have increased, if possible, the amount of Hokie pride on our campus today.


-I think that Virginia Tech a community of well-rounded individuals. Though it is large, the community seems small through all of the different activities you can become involved in.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is Blacksburg and the atmosphere. The school is big but the town is small. It's very much a college town. I spend most of my time on campus either in Shanks, which is the English building, or in a dining hall. When I tell people that I go to Virginia Tech, the first thing they say is, "Oh were you there for the shootings?" I have no problem with Tech's administration. There is SO MUCH school pride it's not even funny. WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL. The most frequent student complaint is that there is not enough parking.


I love the food and the sports here, especially football. I would put more gyms on campus or bigger gyms or something because the gyms get pretty crowded. First semester I thought the school was way too, I could go an entire day,or even days, without seeing someone I knew around campus...but that has all changed this semester now that I've joined a sorority. It is a college town but there really isn't any shopping (which is probably a good thing in a way) but the bar scene here isn't that great unfortunately (nothing like athens, ga or columbia, sc). There is tons of school pride here though. The weather in Blacksburg, sorry to say, is miserable. I hate cold weather and wind and rain and we have an abundance of that up here.


In terms of the Big Picture, the first thing that comes to mind about Virginia Tech is the pride the students take in the university. It is a college town, and not only the students, but the entire community is very supportive of the school.


Hokies have LOTS of school pride and "Game Days" are a blast- even those students who aren't too into football enjoy the festivities and team spirit! Since it IS a big school it is important to find some way to get involved and make a home for yourself- whether it is through joining a greek organization, club, sports team, or student government. Downtown Blacksburg is not too big but all the stores/cafes/ect cater to college students. Virginia Tech's School of Architecture's undergrad program was ranked #1 in the United States this year!


Since April 16th is still recent, people who i meet on interviews associate VT with that. As far as the school as a whole, it is large and there are so meny wonderful people to meet. I recommend getting involved in order to meet people. Student complaints: VT Parking Services and difficulty in finding convenient parking.


Virginia Tech is an amazing school just trying to get back on track. So much has happened in such a small town and people are just trying to handle it the best way they know how to. We may not be the best school in the country but after all that we have been through i think we are the strongest.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the atmosphere and spirit. There is nothing better than walking accross the drillfield on a beautiful day. I am in love with hokie stone and all of the beautiful buildings made from it. Our duckpond is gorgeous, and there is so much to do on campus. But even better than the physical surroundings is the atmosphere. There is just something in the air on our campus. Everyone is so happy and proud to be a hokie. Some people will try to say that VT is too large. I disagree. I LOVE the fact that I can come to know SO MANY amazing people on this campus, and yet I can still go out and meet new people every single chance I get. And with so much to get involved in at Virginia Tech, you forget that the university is so large. It just seems like such a tight knit community, even if that community happens to be made up of tens of thousands. People have a great reaction when I tell them I go to Virginia Tech. There is a lot of national hokie pride and love. I run into alums everywhere I go, and it seems I can't go anywhere with Virginia Tech clothing on without someone yelling "GO HOKIES!" to me. I spend a lot of my time on campus at dining halls, the duck pond, the drillfield, and Squires student center (aside from my classrooms of course.) Blacksburg is DEFINITELY a college down. The entire town of Blacksburg is bursting with hokie pride, and there is NOWHERE else anyone would want to be than Lane Stadium on gameday. The whole town practially shuts down to come show support when there is a large event going on on campus. I have a very high opinion of our administration here at Virginia Tech. After the tragedies of April 16th, President Steger received a large amount of criticism that I personally feel was undeserved. He acted courageously and the best that he could under such difficult circumstances. While the media and other outsiders tried to put him down and blame him for certain things, I do not know a single student that didn't give him a standing ovation any time he spoke after the events took place. There is MORE SCHOOL PRIDE HERE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE! I have yet to visit another university in my 4 years of college that is bursting with pride like we are. Everyone is so happy to be here, and so proud to be a hokie. The experience I'll remember most during my time here took place during the Concert for Virginia Tech, during the fall semester following April 16th. At one point, the Dave Matthews Band broke into a cover song, and without any prompting, the ENTIRE STADIUM began singing the one hook of the song over and over... "Dont' worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright." The band eventually just completely stopped playing and stared in awe at the whole stadium singing and waving their hands. I remember having tears pouring down my face as I sang, and it brings tears to my eyes now just thinking about it. I think that was the point when I truly knew that we were on the road to recovery as a community. I will never forget that night or those feelings.


The best thing about VT is the football, the tradition, the food, and the campus. There is always something to do.


Honestly, when I tell someone I go to VT, now-a-days, I am usually asked about April 16th. It's hard and sometimes frustrating that so many can only relate this school to the incident that happened last year-- but I always find more to talk about since there is always so much going on. I will always remember my experiences from joining a sorority. I have been able to gain leadership, social, and academic skills that I don't think I would have acquired otherwise. I definately think it is a college town as well... many people are hesitant about the size, but once you get involved the campus seems a lot smaller and I constantly find myself running into someone I know.


The best thing about Virginia Tech is the Hokie Pride. No other school can even compare to this and it is why high school students consistently choose to come here.


The best thing about VT is the school spirit. I would changes the class schedules, I rarely get all the classes I need and get rid of the ticketing staff. I think the school is getting to big b/c getting into classes is much harder, but I never feel like 22000 undergrads go here.People usually feel go 'oh' in a way that say they know about 4/16. VT admin is fine I have never really had a prob with them. The biggest controversy recently was SGA reps.There is alot of school pride. VT students go out on Tuesday, we get out of class for football; those are pretty unusual. I will always remember living in the sorority house last year and Spring Break this year. Students frequently complain about parking tickets.


The best thing about VT is the spirit & love that students, faculty, & alum have for it. It is just a presence that you feel the first time here, and you never lose it. It is in a great area for a college town if you want to be away from the city. The local town has really friendly people & good southern charm.


I spend most of my time in library or Torg. Not a big "college town" if you do not like to drink there is not much to do. I have had some problems with the administration, my advisor freshman year telling me that women should not be in engineering. Otherwise they have been helpful.


Virginia Tech is a beautiful campus with high energy atmosphere. Our school is large enough to blend in if you want, but small enough that if you get involved you will have a friend at every dining hall, you will have someone to say hi to everytime you walk across the drillfield, or in most of your classes you will see a familiar face. After the tragedy a lot of people tend to say that they are sorry to hear that you go to VT, or how is it? I typically just have to put a smile on my face and describe the emotions/feelings that I have for my campus that were not captured on the thousands of satellites that broadcasted the tragedy across the world. Blacksburg is a college town, but the community really loves the students. Athletic events often have not only students, but professors, and members of the community attend. The food here is amazing. VT football and basketball is A TON OF FUN. A lot of people may not think orange and maroon is the most desired colored combination, but at Tech there are 22000 people that think they look GREAT in orange and maroon.


Normalcy, I stated, reverberates throughout campus, but this is more probable on the season is a different story. You want insanity? Go to Lane Stadium and see the painted and costumed blurs of maroon and orange that bellow chants at every play. Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. Everyone comes together as Hokies and lives in the moment with the players on that field. Call it crazy, but I call it pride. That has to be the best part of being at VT: Pride. The April 16th shootings, which had the capability to crush this community, only sent a newly vamped stream of pride throughout the student body. WE WILL PREVAIL. There is a great respect towards students at Virginia Tech, it is no doubt a prestigious and goal-oriented group of young adults. Now though, after April 16th, people react differently when I say I come to Tech. Consistent questions arise about 'what it is like now' and 'do I feel safe'...I know these questions come from people who haven't recently stepped onto our campus. Just look at the drill field as the sun sets against the hokiestone buildings. One can’t help but just feel lucky and privileged to be here. No, it’s not for the Ivy League preps with loafers, but it’s for me, its home. The hokiestone can at first be intimidating and disorienting- as can be the statistic of a 27,000 strong student body, but give it a week and you will be joking about how badly Pritchard smells and complaining about an 8 o’clock in Derring. It may be a huge campus, but it’s all very consolidated and organized. You can walk everywhere. Downtown Blacksburg, which is also in walking distance, holds the pubs, restaurants, and clothing stores that provide everything from a cute date to a ‘crazy night on the town’ but if you need a new trash bin or razors you’ll have to head out to Wal-mart in Christiansburg which is still only a short bus ride away. In Christiansburg there are more chain restaurants, the mall, the movie theater, and contains most any store you would need. Parking is horrible. If you leave your car for 3 minutes Parking Services will make their rounds and tag you with a $30 ticket. Also, getting tickets to sporting events is a very choppy system that, although it doesn't favor any certain group, it kind of screws everyone over. The lottery system makes it so people very rarely get tickets when they want them. I know people that have gotten all but one football ticket and others that ONLY got one. The system is unfair and I don't understand why everyone cannot have a ticket if they want one like other schools.


I love the diversity at Tech. There is so much here and pretty much something for anyone. I sound like a commercial in that sentence, but it is true. I was able to find numerous clubs that i am now part of and so many things that interest me, all on campus. I am able to also find numerous volunteer opportunities. I love the size of the school. I sometimes find it lonely with it being so large, but i love the size, because it means that i can have numerous friends and various groups of friends and connections. There is so much school pride on campus, it's breathtaking. I love going to football games and school events because our school is just so amazingly together and even though there are thousands upon thousands of us, it seems that, when we have events that involve the joining of the whole school, it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what you're major is, all that matters is that you are a Hokie. That's all that matters.


The best thing about VT is our school spirit. I don't know any school whose students have more pride than the Hokies. One thing I would change is I would add more fields of grass on our campus. I love the hokie stone but compared to all the roads and sidewalks, it can make our campus look washed out. VT is the perfect size. I see people I know but meet new people all the time. People react when I tell them I go to VT by asking how it is after April 16. There isn't one place I spend most of my time on campus. On a warm day I am on the drill field with friends throwing a football around, watching the sunset from the top of the chapel, cheering on our hokies in lane stadium, cassell coliseum, and english field, etc. VT is definitely a college town! Everyone around here are die-hard Hokie fans, naturally. VT's administration is great, love President Steger! Biggest recent controversy on campus was obviously April 16. I am a little hesitant of what campus is going to be like this year with all the media. There is more school pride here than any other university, and i'm not just saying that because I go here! I can go anywhere wearing a VT shirt and someone will yell "go hokies" or high-five me. One experience I'll always remember is when i was crossing the drill field with my friend and the hokie mascot was passing out flyers. It didn't hand one out to me and my friend because it was occupied with other students walking by but soon i heard fast loud thumping noises and i turned around and screamed to see the hokie mascot right shaking a flyer at my face. It was funny. The most frequent student complaints is probably having no AC in some of the dorms.


During the fall of my senior year of high school, I had no idea where I would end up for college, but I am so glad that I landed here. The best thing about my world at VT has been my church; I am involved with Blacksburg Church of Christ's campus ministry group and it has become my second family. On a more physical note, the food on campus is AMAZING! I love to brag to my friends back home about it. Not so great is the wind; complaints about wind and cold are probably the most frequent negative comments about Tech. No matter who you are though, there is a niche here for you. With more than 20,000 students, it would be almost impossible for there not to be. The trick is finding it.


The best thing about VT? The FOOD! Let's be honest, you think you're parents' cooking is good? Just you wait. We won first place in the nation this past year for College Campus Food, and believe me, it was well-deserved. Also, unlike a lot of other Virginia schools, our meal plan works like a debit card, which lets us eat whenever and wherever we want (as opposed to pre-determined, set meal times with limited selection). Unfortunately, this results in many incidences of the classic Freshman 15. Whatever, the food's so good you don't even care. And we have excellent running trails and gym facilities if you really want to work off those extra calories. If I could change anything about the school, it'd be the artic winds you'll face crossing the drillfield in the dead of winter. It gets so cold. So, so cold. Make sure you bring lots of layers in January/February. Otherwise, you may just find yourself campaigning to help perpetuate global warming. Anything to get away from those winds. When I lived on campus, I spent most of my time hanging out with friends. We could usually be found in the sand courts playing volleyball, over on the tennis courts, at any of the rec. fields or gyms for intramural sports like football, softball, basketball, wallyball, etc. When we weren't playing, we could usually be found in the stands supporting the real VT teams. Otherwise, we spent a lot of time enjoying the dining halls. You'll soon discover the wonders of 2:00am DX trips (the late-night go-to place for food). Some experiences I'll always remember happened while I was at work. There are many job opportunities on campus, I chose food services- Catering, specifically. If you want a really laid-back, well-paying part-time job, look into working with the Catering company on campus. Great people, good times, free food, and lots of chances to interact with rich people and the football team.


Our administration is awesome, our professors are great, and my fellow students are the best. It's hard to find an unfriendly Hokie! Our school spirit and events of April 16th have helped everyone find respect and love for one another. The ONLY complaint is the Math Emporium.


I would say the best thing about Virginia Tech is the diversity. I like how diverse the campus is and how friendly ever can be. It's really comforting. If I could change something, I think I would change the Blacksburg climate. It's constantly changing and sometimes hard to keep up with (health wise). It's challenging to deal with and I wish sometimes that VT was nearer to warmer climates. I think VT is the perfect size. It's not too large nor too small. It's perfect. Whenever I tell someone I go to VT, they always ask me about the April 16th shootings and such. Unfortunately, I can't give them too many personal memories from that since I wasn't a student then. I must honestly say I spend most of my time in my residence hall. There's just so many people to mingle with and I also prefer studying in my room to studying anywhere else. I would say that Blacksburg is a "college town". Aside from VT, there's not anything else to do in Blacksburg. I hear it also dies in the summertime when students return home. I think VT has an amazing administration. It's very diverse like the students and they offer some great knowledge of their own experiences. The biggest controversy on campus was probably anything dealing with the security at VT post April 16th. It's still pretty prevalent here---the security. There is a TON of school pride here at VT. It makes everyone feel so together as a university. I love the pride. I wouldn't necessarily say there's anything unusual about VT, but perhaps the graveyard that is visible from the entrance into VT. It's something different, not unusual. Football games. That's an experience of its own. The most frequent student complaints would probably so much heightened security here at VT. It's difficult to see friends in other buildings without having to wait for them to open the doors for you. I think students should have the freedom to enter any residence hall with a school ID.


The best thing about Tech is the small town atmosphere. We're such a community. If I could change anything I would make the hokiestone a slightly different color. I love that all our buildings are from this same material and that it is unique to Blacksburg, but when it rains the grey is a little dreary. The size of our campus is perfect. There's plenty of people to meet but not so many that you feel lost. When I tell people I go to Virginia Tech, since what happened last April I feel like most people either associate the thought with that event or with football. I feel like people also automatically think I'm an intelligent person for being here. (Yay!) I spend a lot of my time walking through campus to get to class. I like to sit around outside in the quads, but since I live off campus this year I spend a lot of time at my apartment right near Lane Stadium. Blacksburg is definitely a college town! Being from the area I see how it turns into almost a ghost town in the summer. Everyone looks forward to all the students coming back--we are the heartbeat of this town. I don't have to tell you what the biggest controversy on our campus has been. Last year began and ended with gunshots. Despite the incidents we have tremendous school pride! It's like in The Grinch--he came and stole Christmas but the Whoos in Whooville still sang. It happened; life was taken from us be we still sing the praises of our town, our campus, and each other. This might make us unusual but I wouldn't have us be the norm if it meant being afraid.


Best thing is the food and academics. I would make more courses available to students. It is just right. They think its a really good school. In class or working at the financial aid office. It is a college town. VT administration is a large buerocratic machine that is confusing and at times strays from good intentions. Shootings. Yes alot of school pride. Nothing is unusual. Partying freshmen year. Complain that classes are getting too large.


I'd say football is definitely one of the best aspects of being a VT student, but there are academic and social opportunities as well that can't be found anywhere else. Virginia Tech may be too large for some people to handle, but for me it's just right! Nowadays, when I tell people I go to VT, it's inevitable to hear a comment about April 16th. That's no fun, but I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything. When on campus, I spend most of my time either walking to or sitting in class. Occasionally I hang in the library between classes to study. It's most definitely a college town! If you can't hang in one, I wouldn't recommend Blacksburg. The school pride is absolutely of epic proportions!


Best: The people and the great education. Change: Parking Services Town:Just right Reaction: People think that I am really smart. Time: I spend most of my time at work Admin: It is Ok Controversy: 4/16 Pride: TONS! Unusual: Just that it is so small but still fun. Experience: The candle light vigil for 4/16 Complaints: Parking Services


Best thing about VT is the familial essence. I think that VT is too large when it comes to administration. The fact that we have to register so early for classes is nerve racking. There are times when the administration simply fails to inform people of really important things, such as course request being open the past two years (except this year). Also, VT gives entirely too much attention to its largest programs engineering and business, while completely ignoring its dying counterparts (fashion). People usually have a positive reaction when I say I go to VT. They also automatically assume that I am an engineer, which is incorrect. Spend most of my time in the Wallace dungeon and the dining halls and Squires/GLC for salsa practice. Definitely college town. Administration needs to step it up, even though I commend them for doing the job that they have. The inherit screwing over of the greek communities for minor issues. Also, reporting every single incident that could potentially lead to an epidemic (muggings etc.). VT could never contain its exuberant amount school pride. It's unusual that they don't try to have more concerts in Lane stadium weather permitting so that we can attract larger bands, and not just Vanilla Ice. There are too many experiences I will always remember, but that's a good thing. Most frequent student complaints are that the dining halls were not designed to accommodate the plethora of students that attend this school. Also, that the dorm doors should go back to 10pm to 10am locking.


One of the best things about VT is the atmosphere. Most people here are friendly. VT also has a beautiful campus. I love to just sit outside when the weather's nice and do homework, or just relax. The campus is the perfect size. It's not small by any stretch, but I like that because I see buildings or people that I've never noticed before. There's tons of school pride. Everyone that I ask is proud to be a Hokie. Blacksburg is definitely a college town, and I love that. I can walk to most places easily, and everything else is accessible by bus (which is free for VT students!). The whole town shares our school pride. Most shops have at least one VT-themed decoration. Of course, the most recent controversy at Virginia Tech is the April 16th shooting. When i announced I wanted to go to VT, most of my friends and teachers gave me strange looks, as if to say, "Why would you voluntarily go there?" That reaction's slowly died down, and now people just treat me like I've said any other college.


I love Virginia Tech! Something that struck me immediately about Tech and greatly attracted me to it, was the school spirit. Everyone wears maroon and orange around here! And of course, especially during football season, the enthusiasm, tailgating, and "Let's Go Hokies!" creates a fun and inspiring atmosphere. I am proud to go to a school who has so much pride in themselves! The thing that worried me most about my adjustment to Tech were the people. I was worried that they would be unfriendly, fake, conceited, etc. It is true that in comparison to Liberty University, where I transferred in from as a rising sophomore, the atmosphere is not as friendly. But Liberty is more like a bubble. Tech introduces you to a small taste of what the real world will be like. You find all kinds of people here, but that's the great thing! There's so much variety! Because of the large size, there are so many groups and activities you can get involved in, and to make the most out of your time here, you should! Be careful, I have definitely overloaded myself before and had to remove a couple commitments from my busy schedule. There are just so many ways to have fun here and to gain lasting experience and memories, that it is hard to pick between them all! Try a little of a lot and see what fits you. Connect with the people on your hall, and in your major to avoid becoming lost in the crowd. Tech is big and overwhelming, and all the buildings look the same, but you can forge your own path with just a little effort and enthusaism and create a wonderful college experience!


Virginia Tech = Hokie Pride. Our school pride and spirit is huge, everyone, no matter what the major, can come together on that. Blacksburg used to be cute and quaint and now it's trying to become too big too fast, I don't like that all of the Northern Virginia elements are seeping down into our town, it's just not the same.


The best thing about VT is the people, from the students to the faculty to the support staff, everyone is nice. I'd like to make the campus more diverse and more sustainable. Size wise, it's just right. Blacksburg is VT, there is no real town without it. VT administration is generally on the ball, but they do not listen to students at all and are too interested in research at the expense of undergrads. School pride is everywhere. Big controversies are over media and 4-16. Student complaints are over subpar on campus housing, large class sizes, the math emporium and foreign TAs


The most frequent student complaint coming from Freshman is the lottery system. It always seems that there will be students who get every single ticket - or close to it, and then another lot which might get 1 or 2 and hopefully its a weekend we are at Tech or aren't busy with other plans. Also with the lottery ticket, everyone complains about selling the tickets. A lot of people think they should be able to sell them, as Facebook is a major outlook for it, while most of the rest start to believe that if you receive something free you shouldn't be able to sell the ticket.


Many people seem afraid when they come to Virginia Tech. With so many students going to our school, they think they will get lost in the crowd. The events of April 16th, however, proved that the students of this college are truly more connected than any of us thought. There were few students who were not touched by the events of that day-- many people knew at least one of the victims, and if you didn't then you knew someone who did. With a college of 27,000 undergraduates, this is amazing. When I graduated that spring, someone asked my graduating English class to stand up if you knew one of the victims. When they asked this, nearly everyone in the graduating class stood up; there were only a handful of people sitting down. At Virginia Tech, you better watch out, because pedestrians have the right of way on streets, while cars have the right of way on sidewalks. Bleaks-burg, Virginia: if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.


-School pride -Parking -Just right -I come from California, so people from home are sort of shocked I chose a school so far away. However, post 4/16, people always ask about that day when they first learn that I go to VT. -In the dining halls! (ABP, West End, D2) I also spend a lot of time in Torgerson, McBride, Shanks, Squires, and at the athletic facilities. -College town! -I love them--very helpful -How tickets were handled in the lottery for the Yankee game -YES -No ? -Unfortunately, April 16th. But it will always remind me how much I love and take pride in being apart of the Hokie community at Virginia Tech. -Parking


The best thing about VT is the community - the Hokie Nation. When I first got to school at VT, I was scared to death. The high school I went to is one of the smallest public high schools in Virginia, and it was the only one in the county. My first class at VT was bigger than my entire high school. But once I took a look around me at the student body and how much pride everyone has in the school, and how even though there are thousands of us, VT has a small-school feel. The one thing I would change is the parking situation. I'm not going to lie, the parking at VT is horrible. Luckily, we have an awesome bus system that runs throughout Blacksburg, and as long as you show your school ID, you get to ride for free. Speaking of Blacksburg, it's a total college town and I love it. Everyone loves it. The townspeople love having the college students around and are really nice to all of us. There are bars, restaurants, tatoo parlors, coffe shops, neat little stores and plenty of churches all right there for us. And a new shopping center is being built right now with a whole new set of restaurants and stores. Obviously, the most recent controversy here was the tragedy of April 16, 2007. I saw victims being treated right after the events, I lost friends, sometimes I'm still scared of class and I frequently have nightmares. But none of that has ever, for one second, made me want to transfer to a different school. Virginia Tech has become more than just my school; it's my home. I've always been proud to be a Hokie and nothing could change that.


The best thing about VT is the fact that no matter where you are from, you can find acceptance and a home away from home. The school is the perfect size and there are tons of ways to get involved! There is more school pride at VT then any other school and the Hokie spirit extends beyond the campus and is felt throughout the US.


The best thing about VT is our pride. I'd change the parking situation and the fact that there's always construction--our school is beautiful, why do we always need to be changing it? Our school has at least 25,000 people, and sometimes it feels too large, but there are other times that it still seems like a small world. People usually mention April 16th, or they might say something about football. I spend most of my time on campus in classrooms, in Shanks Hall (English building), in dining halls, or at work. Blacksburg is THE college town. The campus is the center of town, and everything about Blacksburg is about Virginia Tech. On a gameday, the whole town is completely orange and maroon, and businesses close for the games because EVERYONE is at the game. My respect for our administration has skyrocketed since April 16. There's lots of controversy regarding how they handled it, but I stand by them until the end. April 16. I know of no other school that has more school pride than Virginia Tech. Unusual? Probably that despite the fact that we already had the most school spirit before April 16, the tragedy brought us closer together and we now have more pride than ever. I'll always remember April 16--I don't know that anyone could ever forget. It really bothers me to know that some freshmen don't understand and think we should get over it; however, it's so much a part of us, so much a part of all the people that experienced it. It's something you hold with you everyday. We all lost a little bit of ourselves that day, and we've all had to find ways to heal. Complaints--PARKING.


The most frequent complaint concerning VT is the parking situation. For starters there is NO parking if you are a commuter and secondly if you do miraculously get a parking spot you are very likely to end up with a ticket. These problems are solvable though, the BT (bus system) runs constantly and if you live downtown you never need a car or bus, two feet are all ya need! Living downtown is also a great decision because VT definitly has a quaint college town feel. There are tons of restaurants, shop and bars all within walking distance of campus and houses and apartments off campus. Theres typically always something to do to kill time! A lot of students attend VT but you would never guess it, the campus seems small since you frequently have classes with a similar group of students in your major. However, when it comes to advising you have to be on top of your own stuff because acquiring help from faculty is nearly impossible! Be prepared to be independent in figuring out your necessary course work etc. School pride here, at VT, is almost nauseating...Students and alumni are always in full swing "GO HOKIE" mode which makes games and campus activities all the more exciting and intense. Nowadays, when I tell people I attend Va Tech I get two responses. Often times it's one of sympathy because of April 16th but the other times it's an "ohhh you're a smart girl" sort of response which is a great feeling!


At VT, every Hokie is proud to be a Hokie. Though our school is large, it is the perfect size to enable everyone to get involved in what interest them. Because of the large size, we have hundreds of organizations, clubs, students from every country, variety of unique classes and majors to fit your goals and interests, and much more. At Virginia Tech, there is a fit for everyone. We are a big school in a small college town, where the community finds themselves just as loyal to the school as the students do. April 16th made our school and community even closer-- a school pride that any college would be lucky to have.


Virginia Tech has the most school pride I have ever seen. All someone needs to do is go to a football game in Lane Stadium and see all the maroon and orange jumping up and down to "Enter Sandman". Football season is definitely the best. Blacksburg is definitely a college town because there isn't much else besides VT but that's the way we like it. When I say I go to Virginia Tech, the reaction depends on who I tell. The weather and parking are the only bad things at tech. Both are always hit or miss.


I love virginia tech students, greek life, community feeling and the quality of my education in ISE is amazing. The thing i would most like to change is make more commuter parking. it is just right size wise. I spend most of my on campus time in class. The college town is great.There is tons of pride and I think thats what makes us different.


-the community, the unity, the campus, the school spirit -parking services -just right -they are impressed -in Pamplin, the business school -college town -great except I think we need more professors, I hated having TA's as teachers -people are mad that Freshman were able to sign up for the lottery for Yankees tickets -TONS of school pride even before April 16th -yes, we've experienced a tragedy together ...we're closer than most schools -Enter Sandman at football games with my best friends -Parking services, parking services, and parking services


Community. It's nice to know that everyone in this town has Virginia Tech in common. Even the townspeople that have no official affiliation with Tech love the area. The school thrives in this location and this location thrives on Virginia Tech. I like that even though Tech is in Falwell country everyone here seems to be pretty liberal and open to new things and new ideas. I feel like we are more laid back than our rival state school, UVA. We are proud of who we are but aren't elitist about it.


Best thing about VT is football games, would change nothing, campus is just right, people react normal when i tell them im from VT, I spend most time on campus in meetings or the classroom, Definately a college town, VT admin is ok, recent controversy is 4/16, SOOOO Much school pride, Unusual - how strong of a connection there is between students who are alumni and students (everyone believes strongly in our school), Frequent student complains = parking


Intro level classes are very large. Professors will never meet you unless you introduce yourself or visit during office hours. Upper level classes are necessarily much smaller. Blacksburg is a college town. Most of the local economy dependent on the high population that the university generates. This creates a sense of unity in the community but also creates a bubble effect for the students. The "real world" seems to be a distant place with "real" problems and "real" issues which a Virginia Tech student MAY feel disconnected from in this town. Some might argue the college experience here does not offer enough "real world" exposure since we are so far away from where we may end up working/living full time. The opposite end of the spectrum would be the heart of a major city like New York or Philadelphia where most all of your neighbors are NOT also comparable aged students with comparable life experience. The administration is very helpful and genuinely interested in success of the students. When I tell people I attend VT they seem surprised and always ask if I knew any of the victims of 4/16. On campus I am either in class, dining halls, or at the gym. I may attend a concert or sporting event also. Great amount of school spirit and pride. Most often displayed during sporting events but also obvious and prevalent at at times of tragedy(4/16/07) I will always remember the vigil on 4/17 and Nikki Giovonni's speech. Other hokie sport victories seem trivial on the same list but have also been difficult to forget. Student complaints are often about limited parking on campus. It is inconvenient for off campus residents that all the dining halls are on opposite ends(across the drill field) of campus than academic buildings.


The only thing I would improve is diversity on campus; not enough African-Americans at VT


Best Thing: Community I'd Change: The parking situation School is too large People think it's cool that I go to VT I spend most of my time in the gym College town Administration needs to do a little better 4/16 was the biggest recent controversy There is a lot of school pride. Most frequent complaint: The parking


Nobody is going to do anything for you at VT. You have to find it. This leads to a lot of kids getting angry at their advisors for not telling them about classes, mad at the administration for not keeping them informed about events on campus, and surprised faces when you tell kids that there's such thing as an honors program at Tech. There are still many good opportunities though, including a huge list of intramurals and clubs, a handful of interesting speakers and bands that come through, and research opportunities on the undergraduate side if you get down like that. If you are really interested in something, local music for example, you are going to have to do the research yourself and act upon what you find by yourself for the most part, even when it comes to academics, because chances are people are not going to be searching you out and trying to get you involved. This is probably a good thing in the long run however and you may actually end up making good friends from the process if you are able to find that small group on campus that thinks and acts like you.


Virginia Tech is a school with infinite amount of possibilities. Most students think "big" is bad. It can be bad when it comes to crowds, getting football tickets, etc. The good is the size allows you to join many different clubs and groups. There are many a alums. When I tell people Virginia Tech, they know that means a solid education and I like that feeling. This is a college town, with over 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of Blacksburg being students. A lot of school pride! Complaints are size, hard to meet people, and hard to get tickets for sporting events.