Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




The best thing about VT is that I'm graduating soon. I'd change the social climate, the lack of diversity, and the intolerance of the campus/community. The school is large, but I like it. People react by asking me about April 16th when I tell them I go to VT. I spend most of my time at work in the Women's Center. It's a college town, but it's very, very small. I am not fond of the VT administration because they are not motivated to change the climate of intolerance. The biggest recent controversy on campus was April 16 and how it was handled. There is a lot of school pride by those who love sports.


Hmm the best thing about VT is the people, from ths student body to the faculty to the adminstrative staff, its truly about a sense of community and family and like every family we have our own internal tiffs but for the most part we pretty much do well together. Before April 16th when I told people that I attended VT most would go oh wow, thats a good its more that oh..then OOOOOOHHHHHH, I hate that...I don't want my school to be overshadowed by the acts of one indivdual, VT is soo much more than that, it's hard working students, award winning faculty not one person.


I like the country atmosphere here at VT. One thing that I would change would be to install a trolley because although the BT takes you anywhere on roadways, I feel as if we need a trolley on internal walkways, especially on cold days. When people ask me about where I go to school, they automatically call me a "smart person" however, I'm not a genius, I just work really hard. I like our administration, they all deserve their jobs here and a remarkable individuals. Something that I really like about them is that they make it a point to remember my name once we have been introduced. The biggest recent controversy on campus is the "diversity" issue, although no one can define what this word really means. I spend most of my time in classes and at work, or studying in my room. There is a tremendous amount of school pride and no matter what day it is, there will be atleast 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students wearing something with "VT" on it. There is not really anything unusual about VT, it's exactly what I expected. One experience that I will always remember is when Maya Angelou came to speak. The most frequent student complains is the work load that accompanies going to such a high class school and the encouragement to be involved.


I love the campus lay out, and how everything is centered around the drill field. I think the size is just right, if anything maybe a little too big. Recent controversy includes what to do about students being hit by cars - use and location and abidance of crosswalks as well as drivers yielding to pedestrian right of way. I spend most of my time in Squires and GBJ. I have a high opinion of the administration. I deal a lot with the Rec Sports office and they are all wonderful. Those I have dealt with in the office of Student Affairs and the Multicultural Affairs have also been great to work with. The complaints I hear most from other students has to do with the lack of environmental efforts put forth by the university. Students, self included, would like to see more recycling and less use of wasteful materials in dining halls.


The big picture at Virginia Tech is you, the individual. Every single student is an integral part of the Hokie community. It is difficult to say where most people hang out, or most people study, or what most people are interested in because our school does not function based on most. It functions based on the individual. There are so many different opportunities on campus that is impossible to say what is affecting the majority of the student body. Yes, Virginia Tech is a large school and it seems unlikely that such a school could focus on the individual's needs as much as the university as a whole, but VT is a community that pulls it off and Blacksburg supports that.


The best thing is not a thing. It is three things. Firstly, the people. Secondly, the food. And thirdly, the scenery. Because Virginia Tech is such a large school, it can be difficult to make friends immediately. The dorms are a meeting place for many, but for some, involvement in organizations is the best way to meet friends. It can be overwhelming being such a tiny dot on a huge campus, but once you find your niche, the size of the campus becomes an advantage rather than an obstacle. The community is so large and diverse that I truly believe anyone can find friendship. Joining a sorority opens lots of doors, but it's not the only way. Other organizations such as the Student Alumni Association is a great resume builder as well as a way to meet other people trying to get involved. Depending on were your interests lie, academic related organizations are also very social, like the school newspaper or the business fraternities. Moving along, the food is amazing. I believe it's rated among the best in the entire country. Lets face it, food is good. And good food is great. There are so many options, ranging from ABP to a home cooked meal from Westend. And for all the health fanatics, it's very easy to be healthy on campus. It truly is like dining out at a restaurant for every meal. So if you're imagining soggy grilled cheeses and a highschool-ish cafeteria, you're in for something delightful. School pride pervades campus. That's one of the things I love the most about being here. Coming from suburbia in Northern Virginia, there isn't really much pride. Just a bunch of houses. Here, being a Hokie is a way of life. It doesn't stop after graduation either. Hokies are a close knit community despite the large size. It's a very unique dynamic attending a school in such a small town, but with so many students. A small town feel jam packed with diversity. The best of both worlds if you ask me. On to the scenery. There are so many beautiful places. I enjoy taking out the trash from my apartment because as I walk down the stairs I have a beautiful view of mountains. It's breathtaking; definitely better than suburbia. There are also many places to hike in the area, such as my personal favorite, the Cascades. It's a 2 mile hike each way and at the end there's a very large waterfall. When it's warm, you can even get in the water. Speaking of when it's warm- I guess I should mention some downsides of VaTech. It's really not that warm that often. The winter months are tough, lots of gray skies and at least one month of bitter bitter cold. Things are definitely more exciting on campus when the cold subsides. Another downside, though seemingly trivial, is parking. On average, every single student at Virginia Tech gets at least one 30 dollar parking ticket at some point in their college career. Many people get many, many, more. Allow me to introduce exhibit A, my roommate who's gotten 16. Personally I've only gotten one. "Parking services" is ruthless. There's a definite lack of parking on campus, and the guidelines are very vague in many cases- in my view in attempt to give out more tickets. You also have to pay 80 dollars to even be able to park on campus at all during the year. Even having paid your money, you'll spend lots of your time driving in circles trying to get a spot competing against other vultures and slowly driving you mad. My advice is take the bus to class. The Blacksburg Transit can be crowded and annoying, but at least you don't have to fight to the death to park. All in all, freshman year can be tough getting used to the swing of things. But that's true almost anywhere. This school's truly exceeded my expectations for the "college experience".


Best thing is the classes. I would change it to be more diverse, it is mostly white Virginians. It is way too big, it can feel so crowded a lot, I'd prefer a slightly smaller school. When I tell people I go to VT they always ask about the shootings. I spend most time on campus in Williams Hall, the Psychology building, because that is my major. This is definitely a college town, drunk morons take over the town every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and make it hard to park anywhere or enjoy yourself or sleep.


At Virginia Tech we bleed orange and maroon. Virginia Tech has so much school spirit. Everywhere you go in Blacksburg you will see hokie pride. There is a saying that goes like, "How do you know God is a hokie? Because the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall." Virginia Tech steams from hundreds of years of tradition that is imminent throughout the campus.