Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is kind, intelligent, and wants to pursue their goals and dreams.


Anybody could come to this school and make it their home as long as they are willing to work hard and be successful. Virginia Tech is not a school where one can expect to slack off and party all the time and still be successful. That being said, almost all the people here do put in that work and are good people with great attitudes towards others.


Virginia Tech is for anyone who is willing to work hard. Anyone will fit in and be accepted by the students here. Hokie respect is not just something Hokies throw around. We really live by it and are constantly reminding ourselves to not degrade, bully, or exclude anyone. The only person who may want to rethink his or her choice of coming to Tech is someone who is not willing to work for his or her degree. While teachers are more than willing to help you through an assignment or grasp a concept, you have to push yourself to learn.


The type of person that attends Virginia Tech should be accepting, ready to make friends, honest, and hard working. They should be willing to try new things, and to be ready for an exciting education. It is always helpful to work well with others, but the most important attribute is to be willing to try new things in good spirit. Let's Go Hokies!


Someone who is well rounded and doesn't mind a large community. He or shee should also be willing to work hard and make good impressions.


Individuals who take pride in their academics and strive to successfully master the subject matter will thrive at Virginia Tech. Current students believe that academics come first. Students who enjoy engaging and thought provoking group discussions and are tolerant as well as respectful of other’s views will do well at Virginia Tech. An individual who takes pride in responsibility and the originality of his or her own work will succeed as the school upholds a strict honor code. Individuals who delight in diversity and are able to effectively communicate with their peers and teachers will be successful.


An ideal student for Virginia Tech would be someone who is highly motivated and willing to put in extra hours for studying to ensure that they know the necessary material for classes. The student must have a passion and desire to better their community, including a willingness to volunteer and offer help to those who need it. Finally, a student will fit best if they have a surplus of school spirit and enjoy Virginia Tech football.


Anyone and everyone looking for a great education and a bright future.


The people who should attend this people are those who wish to enjoy the beautiful campus and great education offered at Virginia Tech. New students should be ready to be engulfed in Hokie pride, enjoy their time at Virginia Tech, but at the same time focus on their academics and become successful in their studies.


You should attend this school if you are extremely motivated and want to get a very high quality education.


Someone that is strongly interested in math, science, or technology should consider coming here. We have a great engineering program that teaches you a lot and their are many opportunities to get paid internsips. However, they will tell you that your classes will be hard and they will be throughout the entire time that you are here. You wont be able to go out as much as your other friends that may be in different majors but you must remember the harder you work now the more it will pay off in the future.


The great thing about Virginia Tech is that anyone will feel welcome there. There is such a vast diversity in the student body that no one feels weird or like a minority at Tech. Therefore, any person who has an interest in furthering their education should attend Virginia Tech. The diverse student body can be clearly seen- and it is part of why Virginia Tech is so special.


People that are willing to try different things and really test how far they'll go in an education should definitely come. The programs can be quite challenging, so it's not for the faint of heart academically. Tech is so diverse that really anyone is welcome!


A person who wants to learn and be in a community where they can meet new people. They are looking to better their education and have a high change in landing a job after graduation.


Someone who loves football, school spirit, and getting a great education. Also, someone who can handle a big school and some big classes.


Anyone! Anyone who is interested in making lots of friends from different backgrounds, or wants to join the greek community, or loves Hokie football, or is willing to show pride in their school. Virginia Tech always has open arms and no type of person doesn't belong. We are all family.


If a person is determined and hard working in every aspect they belong at Virginia Tech. They need to be able to work hard even when it something they really don't like. I strive my self to do this at all times. Also, being a Hokie you must have a lot of pride for our school. Both academically and athletically. I know I definately do. We stand strong as a school and we stand together. A lot of people say Virginia Tech is like its own country and every here is proud of what we make our school.


A person who is well-rounded and is motivated to do well in school. Perserverance is an important quality to have at Virginia Tech. Although some classes may be challenging it is important to stay on top of your studies to do well. There are many resources that are available to all students to guarentee success at Virginia Tech. It is important to have time management and organization to help you succeed in your studies.


Anyone who enjoy being part of a community where each and every person is willing to help other succeed.


Outgoing, fun, inviting person that likes meeting new people. Tolerant of others that have different backgrounds, must have a strong sense of community. The student should be dedicated to their work and willing to branch out to explore their interests.


Someone who is energetic, willing to work hard, and isn't stuck up.


Some one that likes the outdoors and cold winters.


The kind of person that attends this school should be one that is very focused academically with high standards and goals and life, and also capable of entertaing themselves when there's not much to do.


I believe the type of person who should attend this school, is someone who is ready to branch off from whatever you are used to in your old city or town and to be ready for a whole new lifestyle. The people are friendly. The football games are ridiculously fun. The weekends are never disappointing. Classes aren't difficult if you apply yourself and the campus is beautiful.


A person who is enthusiactic about what they want out of their future. People are unware of how important their college decision is, so make the right one and go to a school where you are comfortable. Tech offers a comfortable learning environment, excellent academic advisoring, amazing food, and well, a friendly support system which is vital to any college campus.


The kind of students who would benefit most from attending Virginia Tech would be those who are relatively certain about their career paths for the future. Classes, majors, minors (etc) are very specific but, of course, it is common at any school to have those few who feel they may have chosen wrong and wish to change majors. Anyone focused, outgoing, and a believer in a strong sense of community should attend Virginia Tech!


Anyone who strives for excellence and wants to lead our generation into a new era should attend Virginia Polytechnic Instiute and State University.


The kind of person that should attend Virginia Tech is someone who first and foremost loves football and who has a lot of school spirit. Someone who is very friendly and who doesn't mind lending a helping hand. Although the school is beautiful it is in the mountains and kind of in the middle of nowhere therefore the person who would attend this school would be someone who likes a country setting. All in all it is a great school and anyone who really wants to go to this school will adjust regardless of who they are.


Virginia Tech is a great school for all types of students. It may be out in the middle of no where but there's always something to do. I've only met one person who wasn't happy with VT, and she ended up leaving for a year but deciding to come back because she missed it. It's pretty hard not to love it here.


A person who is strong-willed, determined, willing to help the community, and enjoys the outdoors would attend Virginia Tech.


Any type of student should attend Virginia Tech. The campus is large but it's easy to find your place, whether you are academically focused, socially or a combination of the two you will have no problem finding your niche. I can say without a doubt that attending Virginia Tech was the best decision I could have made.


The person that wants to attend this should definitely be a person that wants to excel in life and do well in the future. But this school is not a hand-out school. You need to be able to study and work hard for your grades and I promise you will go far here. But don?t worry. Also be ready to have the time of your life. You will create memories here that will last a lifetime.


This is a great school for someone that's looking for a diverse campus with many new ideas. Someone that isn't decided on their major yet should come here as well! There are many programs offered, and you have ample time to decide on one (or more!).


Anyone who is socially relaxed and open to new people and ideas would fit in perfectly here. You also need to have a good work ethic and self-discipline to say no to social activities when you have to do work. To do truly well, you need to do better than a lot of your peers and aim for success, not avoid failure.


I feel that someone who has a lot of school spirit would be a good fit. We have recently when two ACC championships in football which is important to us. Also someone who wants to learn alot in their feild would be good. We have great undergraduate degrees offered. There is a full range of classes not in your major to choice from also if you want to learn some random thing. We have a million and one choices and it is great to choose from.


A person who wants to get further in life. A person who wants to learn and learn a lot. A person who wants to better then education and enter the work force. A person who loves the hokies.


someone who doesn't mind the cold/outdoors. likes football and drinking on the weekends.


A person who is ready and willing to put in the time and effort to achieve good grades.


Anyone who wants to be part of a wonderful network of alumni. Someone who wants to have great school spirit, and meet new people.


Someone that wants a good balance of school and fun.


The type of person who should attend VA Tech is a student having a strong desire to learn. The student needs to be able to work in large classroom settings and be able to stay focused in this environment, this is a big university so the student needs to be prepared for that. There is a lot of school spirit at VA Tech and people love the football program. The students need to utilize their academic advisors and challenge themselves in course selection. Students must live on campus as freshman and it is not that bad.


A person that is really into football and drinking -- this person must be responsible enough to let those two qualities get in the way of their difficult school work.


This school is for any type of person. There are the math kids who only want to study, the frat boys who only wanna party, and then people like me and my friends who just want to have fun and do well at school too. You can always find people here you can relate to. It's impossible to not find friends and not have the time of your life. Students here just need to be able to balance school work with their social life becuase sometimes it can be difficult.


Typically if you love football, the mountains, engineering and a large, active campus, you should attend Virginia tech


Someone who is looking for a life-changing experience, to learn alot about their particular discipline, and wants to be part of a great community and wonderful tradition would fit in great here at this school.


Virginia Tech is mostly engineering, science, math and buisiness so the best type of person would be an intelligent person who is good at math and probably the sciences as well. Also a good liver never hurts.


A person that loves the activity of a large school with the small-town, family feel of a small school.


Any type of person who wants the best education possible for themselves and is ready to push themselves. This school is perfect for anyone who loves school spirit and is not afraid to yell for our team!!


People who love football games, school spirit and being involved, all while striving to do well academically. The social thrive here because its on the bigger size, but even the quieter people find their niche and end up loving it here.


All types there is a niche for everyone.