Virginia State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


its known for being the first historically black college ever built.


VSU School of Business Leads the Way to 21st century Best Business Practices


VSU is best known for our MArching Band Trojan Explosion .


I believe VSU is best known for its ROTC program and the Band.


I do not know


My school would have to be most known for their full of fun social life. There is almost never a boring day on this campus. Every night there is something to do which makes it very hard sometimes to complete your school work. But even though the social life is very busy I still try my best to stay focused.


My school is best known for the great courses. These courses really help give you a better understanding about your choice in major. It provides the best lists of tools you can use to broaden your knowledge.


Acidemics, Social Life, Sports, Good Teacher-Student ratio, Excellant Degree programs


Our school is best known for its famous woo woo cheerleaders, our marching trojan band, and our gospel chorale


It is known for being an HBCU, a Historically Black College/University, which makes it rich in African-American culture. Many of the buildings the dormitories have been around since the school was founded.


My school is best known for the'r school spirit and dedication to providing internship opportunities through selective agencies.


Virginia State University is best know for being one of the top rated HBCU's (Historically Black olleges and Univetsities) in the united states Of America. It is also known for its devine nine fraternities and sororities, and havein many different organizations.


Our school is best known for many different activities and clubs.


One of the best HBCU's and a Master's program with high volume.


Academically it is best known for its engeneering and business programs. Socially it is known for its Fraternities and Sororities.


our so is known as the party school. thats about it. we party and we party hard.


Virginia State University is known to be the fist HBCU in Virginia. VSU is also proud of their Business department, which is well known and very respected amungst people who attend Virgina State University, and those who dont. Even though there are some good things to VSU, there are also some bad things that VSU is known for, for example; VSU is known for being in the middle of the ghetto, having a high percent of HIV/AIDS, and being a poor school.


Virginia State University is best known for their friendly and homing feeling environment, as well as the beautiful campus itself.


our school is best know for its status of being a hbcu and land granted facility