Virginia State University Top Questions

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The camus was really kept up and their allways making new improvements to keep it looking new.


What is unique about my school is that it was the first land-grant historically black college in the United States in the 1800's, which makes it one of the first historically black colleges. Also, my school is rooted deep in the hisotry of Virginia and the City of Petersburg.


VSU is unique for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that the possible majors are constantly expanding and courses are always being added to further your knowledge in your field. Another reason VSU is unique is because they take the teacher/ class evaluations seriously the teacher and the school always want to know how they can make your college experience better.


The people at my school are unique. They have many different personalities and they can sometimes fool you.


Although, i was accepted to Hampton University and Longwood University, Virginia State is a HSBC and i have always wanted to attend one when i was ready for college. What sets VSu apart from the other schools i considered was the price rasnge and the location of the instituion. i wanted to go away to school but not too far and one that was fairly affordable. therefore VSU had all of qualifications and i can honestly say i am proud to be a trojan.


Compared to all other schools Virginia State is unique because it is not too little but not too big. It is somewhat of a community with everyone coming there for a better future. Also, there is always something to do on the yard whether it is sitting and studying for your next class or watching the fraternities and sororieties stomping the yard and doing their callings.


Compared to other schools the only thing that I find unique is the campus. I love the way its set up and even though its a lot of walking, I like it. The funniest thing to me is the water fountain we have. It only runs when we have people coming to visit or during the winter time which I think is pretty weird.


The student teacher ratio is good for every one teacher there are 25 students


the marching band is really dedicated


it is isolated but still not far from attractions and stores. It is not a big campus but a fair amount of people.


All the fun activities the campus throws


Very welcoming, positive environment, family-oriented.. this is the place God led me to be after I prayed about my acceptance choices. So, I feel I'm here doing or trying always to do His will.


My school has nice size classroom, where there are many students, but not too many where the professors don't know all the students. Alumni are very supportive of the social events and students. School is family orientated. Very involved with the community. Many different activities to get involved with on campus. Internship, networking, and career opportunities.


VSU hold a unique history. It is one of America's 1st state funded HBCUs and one two Land Grant schools in Virginia.


The community is very close knit and you eventually learn majority of the students or at least their faces.