Virginia State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


For an HBCU it's a pretty diverse university. Of course it's predominately black but there's asians, africans, german and just a lot of different people here.


I brag most about the freedom that I have, while on Campus I am my own guardian. Keeping in mind that my mom is still my guardian in a sense because she is paying for my school.


When I brag about the school I attend I mention the population and different types of people who attend. I also mention the fun we have after classes are over. How fun it is to play pool, tenis, and ping pong. I talk about the freedom and the diffrence in High School and in College.


how engaging my professors are and their level of experience inside and outside of the unviersity


I would have to say the things i brag the most about Virginia State is the many different organizations that are on the campus. I also brag about how the members are all very dedicated and put there hearts into there different organizations.


Virginia State University is a HBCU with many things to offer. The professors on this campus focus more on student needs than themselves. They strive for the best in the students. Also campus life is very exciting. Students get chances to get to know one another with the many socials that the school offers.


One thing I brag about the most at my school is the Gospel Choir! I love the gospel choir. It keeps me connected with my faith and it was a great way to meet different people. The Gospel Choir at Virginia State University is like no other; they can sing, they dance, and they priase God. A person would never know what they will get a VSUGC concert!


What I like most about my school is a draw betweenn my classes and the social activities. The classes are challenging without being just too hard to understand and then when I'm done with the classes I can unwind at friendly gatherings.


When bragging to my friends about my school i mostely talk about the courses, and how they help improve your knowledge on the field of study you chose. I also talk about how much time the professors dedicate to the students, and how well they keep up with office hours. I also encourage them to come here because its an all around excelent college experience and a great university.


I brag about how much fun it is and hiw much fun it's not. VSU is the type of school where you have to make it fun. The parties are probably the best times to have fun or when the different organizations are having events. All in all Virginia State is a school where you can focus on you r school work while having fun.


i live off campus, and the basketaball games


the parties always are good and even if you dont have a car to get there, there is always a bus or someone you can ride with and back


When I talk to my friends about my school I tell them about the parties and social events.


I love the Virginia State University Marching Trojans band. I am a member and i am dedicasted to the Drumline.


i brag about how cool the people are amd how its a different environment from what i am used to.


Our Woo Woos (cheerleaders) and how we got the spirit. How we have rules about walking on the murals on the ground and if not everyone, most follow those rules.


The campus at vsu is very well managed. its no to big or too small. makes you feel at home after while.


VSU is a HBCU located in petersburg VA. This school was my first choice because i have had family members that have went there and was very influenced by the "Trojan" lifestyle at an early age. The campus is perfect! Its not to small and not to big and there is a big veriety of people and activities to get into and trojan pride is very respected here. Its like one big family that you gain and will remember all your life. I love VSU and have little regret about attending. It's not perfect but right for me!


Its in a good location for traveling, the professors are very friendly and understanding, and it is diverse.


Mostly all we brag about when it comes to our school is the social life. Meeting new people and having fun.


About when I act in the school productions.


Our school of business receiving accredidation from the best in the world and the friendly staff on our campus.