Virginia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who isnt very serious about school.


Anyone wanting to do something with their life.


The school does not have a lot of programs and also less diverse.


Any person that is not focused should not attend this school if they want to be sucessful, because their are many extracurricular activities that need to be managed properly in order for a student to see success at Virginia State University.


Someone who is not ready for the college life and one that can be side tracked very easily.


If you would really like to focus on the math and science aspects, analytical thinkers and strong logical minds shouldn't attend.


Any and everyone can attend this school i really cant say who shouldnt, but it is all up to the individual to make the best of their experience and to be successful.


If you aren't a people's person you should not attend this school because everyone is actually very friendly. For example, when I first arrived here I felt kind of out of place one because of the weather and two because it was an HBCU and I never experiened anything like this before: My fellow classmates and professors made me feel real welcome.


Someone who wants to attend an Historically Black College or University should attend Virginia State University, becausen it is in my opinion the best HBCU!


a person who is unwilling to learn and/or go to class on a regular basis. someone who is a slacker and would depend on others to do his/her work. also a person who is here to play dress-up or jsut stay in the dormitory and play video games all day. someone who is not motivated at all to make the most of the financial aid he/she is recieving.


The kind of people that would attend this school are people who want to recieve the best education that they can. People who believe by attending this school it will help open many doors when they finish are complete.


Virginia State University is for Trojans only. It harbors ambitious student who want to achieve greatness. If you are not destined for greatness Virginia State University is not for you.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a kind of person that is lazy and not a people's person. This school is very friendly like. Everyone loves each other and calls each other brother or sister. You can't be lazy comming to this school either because the teacher make you work very had for your education.


A person who is very serious about their education.




Honestly, this school could offer anyone an opportunity for learning and growth. However, I think that a person that is egolistic, close-minded, and judgemental may struggle in the adaptation stage more than the humble, open-minded, and nonpre-judice types.


The kind of person that should attend Virginia State University is the type that is very goal oriented and focused. I think this because if he or she comes here with one goal in mind, recieving an education that will soon better themselves in the future, then the professors will take a liking to them and they would not have a problem helping you when you are upon graduating and getting to the next step in your life.


Students that are not self-determined and do not have discipline to stay focused. In college, there are a lot of distractions that can effect their school work like parties, no curfew, and freedom. If the student doesn't have much discipline and determination, then they won't go to class or do their homework like they would normally do at home.


I do not think that there is a certain type of person who should not attend, we are very open to all.


A person who is outgoing and confident would love this school. There are a lot of activities to get involved in and fraternity and sorority life is very visible on campus. There are lots of opportunities to have a voice within your organizations.


One that does not have a goal to place his/her focus on.


People that are pestimistic, stand-offish, uncaring and deadbeats do not need to take up seats for those that would love this energetic environment


people who shcould not go to ANY college are people who say, " Oh I came to college to get away from home". People like that don't do that well becasue they didn't think college all the way through. A friend of mind did that and was home by the 2nd semester. They also get in the way of those who are trying to go well in school and go places. They tend to be rude to the teachers and make fun of people in class too.


Anyone who wants to go to college should consider this univeristy. Anyone can adapt to it and be successful while thier.


a person that doesn't want professors and class mates that take a personal interest in their sucess...that want to be just a number