Virginia State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were still in high school, I would tell myself to work really hard and study a lot more. I need to be able to push myself and learn how to comprehend things and take advantage of my education. Education is not a right but a priveledge and I believe if I knew then what I know now then I would have been more prepared for college.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself that I should not have played around in school as much as I did. I would also tel my self to apply for scholarship because you might not have enough money to pay for college. I would also tell myself that college is no joke and it is very exspensive.


I would have told myself to stop messing around, and focus more on my school work.


Instead of worrying about trying to make unstable relationships work, you should take the time to think of what you really want in your long term future. Think of what you can see yourself doing as a career, then make note of that as you go to your school counselor for advice. Also, take advantage of the school field trips to prospective colleges and research on any colleges that interest you. Go online and see what other students think of the universities you're interested in, check out reviews about them. After you've done this, contact advisors at universities you want to know more about and seek help about how to go about getting into their schools. Make sure you do this earlier in the school year, rather than procrastinating. If you can work temporarily or get an internship, try that out to save money towards college. Realize that college is different from high school in the sense that you'll need to be an active participant in your education, so don't plan on relying on professors to remind you about doing your tasks. Lastly, don't overwork yourself and give yourself room for a social life.


Look for a better school, as well as financial resources, because the school you attend could very well decide your course of life. I know you're smarter than what you put on, and you aren't able to work as hard as you should, but you can't give up on personal problems. Make the most of whatever high school you are in, and make the most of every resource you can get on your way to the best and brightest college for you.


Work hard and play hard. Life is about balance. Do not move to fast and do not move to slow. Enjoy yourself and find a major that you will enjoy. Meet new people everyday and be social. Know your self, respect yourself, and love yourself unconditionally. Work hard and study abroad early.


Before you know it four years are going to fly so fast and through out these four years it is manadorty that you do the following first being getting good grades. Don't roll your eyes. I am telling you this you must get good grades now and many doors will open for you. By getting unacceptable grades you will not be eligble to go to the school of your choice. The second thing that you need to do is study for that SAT and the ACT becuase that also affects what schools you are eligible for. Next it is never to late to start appyling for scholarships please do not wait till the last minute because books, tutition, and other mischellious fees pile up rapidly. Lastly the moment mommy and daddy drives off from helping you move in that is the start of your indepndence as a young adult. If you do not remember anything I said in this conversation keep this thought in mind you will have friends who are paying for their own tutition and while others stay home because they could not afford school so be thankful. You got this stay humble and respect youself love.


Take AP courses, study for SAT test and make a good school choice.


If I could talk to my highschool self I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy my time.I would also tell myself to join new activities and make new friends. i would also tell myself to start saving my money and to be more financially literate.


I would have told myself to start college right away after high school to help me get through my father's death a little easier. I would tell my high school self to attend a community college and attain your two-year degree in order to save on the costs of the first two years at a university. I would tell myself to help out in the community more by working with charities and fundraisers for families in need. Additionally, I would direct my high school self to think of college as an investment in your life and a stepping stone to something great that will positively affect you for the rest of your life. Be confident in education and trust that college is the best thing for a vulnerable high school senior with no idea what career you would like to pursue. Please be sure to be an outstanding citizen with an emphasis on helping the people of this great country to the best of your ability. Go for your degree and fulfill your dreams to become the best man you can possibly be. That is exactly what I would say to my high school self.


If I could go back in time to warn myself about the severities of college life, I would definetly have made myself a much more harder and effective studier. In high school, I did not study as hard as I should have because of how leniant some of my teachers were. In college you do not get that kind of treatment, and rarely do you ever get second chances to make up work/test. One other thing I would have to tell myself is that college is not as intense as it can be made out to be. Alot of highschoolers tend to stress out during there last year of high school thinking that they have to cram everything into their brains in order to attend college. Yes, you are going to be required to know certain things but its okay to relax. I would lastly go back and tell myself about time managment. That can be one of the most crucial things in college. If you do not know how to balance out your time in college, you will find yourself digging a deep hole. Time managment is very important and should be practiced.


I would just say apply for every possible scholarship I can. Stay focus and stay driven. Do not let no one get in your way and don't get caught up with any guy. Keep your eyes on the prize and the goals always to the end.


i would tell my self to look for and reserch as much scholarships as i could.


I would give myself the advice to study hard because the award of studying hard is the endless opportunity of getting a scholarship for college and getting into a good school. I will also say that you should enjoy all the time you have in high school because when you get to college, it is so much more work compared to high school. During your senior year in high school you should start preparing yourself for the college life because that would help you adapt more to the college like ahead of you.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would make sure that all of my classes were ok to qualify for division 1 sports. I would have taken the A++ certification class when the opportunity was available. I think that i went to college very prepared for what was in store for me at the next level. There isn't really much that i would change because the attitude that i had in high school carried over to college and kept me on the right path to succeed in the college world.


As a high school senior and full-time college student with Running Start, I have learned to appreciate the opportunity of attending college while still in high school. Courses go by quickly on a 4-quarter schedule, and to earn a strong GPA means learning good study habits and time management skills. It takes a lot of self discipline and responsibility to excel in college-level and college-paced classes, and attending the community college has sharpened those characteristics. Being a part of a community college means much more than attending classes and doing homework, though. It means becoming a part of the campus life and student body by participating in school government, elections, clubs, and community service events such as food drives, blood drives, and clothing banks. Even though my college studies might be for purely personal reasons, my experience at the college level has shown me that my application of those studies in the community is what's most important.


My college experience as been great. I love my college and love learning. I am challenged daily by my classes, and enjoy the satisfaction completing my courses with good grades. I have learned so much in the past year. I have learned many important life lessons, which will be very valuable to me in the future. Overall, I am so grateful to have the privilege of attending college. The hard work is worth every bit of the college experience.


"Desmond! What's ya major again?! Astro-what?? Astronomy? No, Astrophysics?! Psh. Good luck." This is what a friend told me last semester. Yes, it is discouraging to hear but its shows me that I am indeed unique. "Unique-ness" is one of the basis of the college experience and has shown me that different cultures must coexist in order to obtain a true tolerace for each other. During the college life you find out how you are unique compared to other people and also how to interact with a variety of ethnicities. Most of all, you HAVE to take care of yourself. No mom. No dad. You caring for YOU.


Coming to school I have gained a greater understanding of responsibility and idependence. This has been valuable to me because I used these new skills and earned a 3.28 GPA my first semester in college.


My college experience has not been the same as a normal college student. Through my college experience I have learned a lot. College has taught me time management, organization, always come prepared, pay attention and always be on time. But the number one thing I have learned from college and that is most valuable to me is hard work. When I was young my grandfather always told me to work hard and it will pay off. Before he passed away, I told myself I would work hard for him. Hard work has put me where I am to day a junior who attends Virginia State University majoring in criminal justice with a 3.6 GPA, who has a goal to become a special agent. My hard work has made the difference in my grades. My hard work turned B’s to A's. I use hard work because if you work hard no matter what the task is or what is asked of you, anything can be accomplished with a little hard work. Hard work separates the average people from the one's who really want it.


Djene DoumbouyaMY College ExperienceWhat have you gotten out of your college experience and why has it been valuable to attend? As an incoming freshman to an HBCU I was quite nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. I knew what my reasons for being in college were which is to study, work hard and achieve greatness however I wasn’t aware that I would learn new strengths whether it be within my social life, academically, spiritually, and or emotionally. Academically, I reached my first goal which is associated with my high school GPA and my freshman year in college GPA. I graduated from high school with a GPA of 2.13 but this just encouraged me to work harder and now my GPA is a 3.2. I am a lot more friendlier and open to new situations. Also, with the amount of free time we have, I studied my religion more in depth which affected me emotionally but FOR THE BETTER. Attending this institution has been very valuable because I’m learning from experience that, “ Starting off Great leads to Greatness at the end.”


Throughout my personal college experience, I have been able to gain life time friends, vital learning experiences, and most importantly, an education. Education equips us with the essential learning abilities that we need to succeed in life, and college is the building blocks of this education; college provides us with the necessary tools to obtain this higher education. Being able to get my AA degree this spring has opened so many doors for me. I can now go on and further my education with my bachelor’s degree and eventually a medical degree so I can fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. This is what college has done for me; it has given me knowledge and this knowledge translates into power. I now have the power to succeed in life. Two years ago, I enrolled in the most important self improvement program and my life has been made all the better because of it. However, my journey is not over yet, I still plan to continue this life journey to learn and educate myself. After all, education is not just about what is in the textbooks, education is about learning life lessons!


I have understood the true purpose and the value as a student and worker in college and how tv, and people have made it far more fun and easier than expierenced. It has been so valuable because, this has allowed me to grow more into a dedicated worker and a woman with more challenging responsibilities. I have met new friends, peers, learned different teaching methods from professors. I have became more of a worker now in College than I ever was in High School. College has matured me and shown me that this is reality, and there is no going back, only steps forward. I am pleased to say that attending College isn't something that I do for fun or to show off or to perpetrate, but I attend because I know how important it is going to be for my future and my career.


My college experience has made me grow in different areas such as in knowledge, creativity and personal character. I have spent over eight years trying to achieve my degree and this too has taught me to have persistance and fight for my future and for what I love. Even though it has been hard due to different obstacles, I have learned that my passion for Architecture is far greater than all the dissapointements throughout this journey. College has been extremely valuable because it has been giving me the skills and tools to be a professional. For example I believe that due to my background on European and Latin American architecture in addition to the American architecture will expand the possibilities to create new structures that will defy the standard on architecture. My main goal is to give back to society in ways that it can enhance the quality of daily living and promote structures that will renew the face of different environments. The ability to see beyond what I already know is the foundation that my education through College is giving me on a day to day basis.


Attending Virginia State University has opened my eyes to nany new things. Being away from home and living in a dorm sort of makes you feel as if you are living on your own. You no longer have your parents standing over you demanding you to wake up and go catch the school bus. You now live on campus and live in the heart of the campus. You see many different people from all over the world and have a chance to meet and bond with individuals from all across the world. College is the best years of you life and it is what you make it!


My college experience has been the major source of joy , pride, and acomplishment in my life so far. Not just have I learned the usual academic things you would expect from a college, I've also taken huge steps on the way to learning how to be an adult and be a productive member of society. I have met some of the most amazing people in my college career so far; people who's veiws, ideas, and backgrounds I will never forget. I was blind to the world and rather stuck up before I started, but as I experienced and learned more I became a more reasonable and tolerant person. At the same time I grew in other ways, filling out from a scared child to an adult who can converse confidently with most anyone and stand up when the world tries to step on her. Even better, the academic classes offered show me a new way to live and function, allowing me to learn and manage myself better. Self improvement is always a process, but college has seriously helped me along that way, and once I enter my career of social work, I expect that to continue.


During my college experience, I have learned to work harder and develop motivational skills that have helped me achieve a 4.0 in my first semester of college. I now have realized the importance of hard work and how using this motivation to achieve great accomplishments. I want to continue to work hard and try and maintain my high GPA and even remain on the Deans list. By continuing my schooling, I am working to a better career and way of supporting myself and my future family when I become old enough. College has helped me develop independence in going to class, maintaining my grades, and putting for the effort. I paid for my first semester of college and want to get my moneys worth. I want to make my parents proud and hold my head up high, because of my grades and transitioning into college and the work force.


Attending collegeg has provided me with the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to make my dreams a reality. The benefits of achieving a higher education enables me to position myself for higher income, and also to market myself for positions where I can make social and global change with lasting postivie affects. I have most certainly become a more rounded person, with a greater knowledge of self and new found interest.


What are we, humans, here for? What is our purpose in life? Many people spend years, and even their whole lives doused in this illicit uncertainty of what life is truly about. First off, life is not perfect, nor will it ever be. However, we are here to help make life a little closer to “perfect”. We are here to combine our loves, hobbies, skills, and careers with charity, to find a way to help people through what makes us happy, and make life on earth a little bit easier for all of us. College is helping me achieve these goals, by demonstrating to myself, and the world, that I am dedicated and am worthy of helping people through the things I love. Higher education is further teaching me what I need to know to carry out my full purpose in life. College is helping me reach to the pinpoint of my success. I hope school can bring me to the very top to help the people at the very bottom who are lost and unsure of what to do with their lives, just like I was a few years ago.


During My 3 and 1/2 years at Virginia State University, I have grown as a man spiritually, academically and physically. I have learned how to grow up and mature at a very quick rate. My professors have demanded that I meet the standards of a working professional while inside the classroom, and with their help I have put myself in a better position once I graduate. I have learned valuable time management skills while playing a varsity sport and it has made me more accountable for my work inside and outside the classroom. I have gotten excellent networking skills and have built a great network of colleagues who share my same interests and passions. I have also established a network of people who are in the workforce who are willing to give me a leg up when it comes time to apply for a job. My school has been valuable to attend because of its rich history as an institution of higher learning for African-Americans. Once I graduate I will be able to add my name to a prestigious legacy that is over 130 years old.Once I graudate I will be a productive memeber of society.


I have gotten many memorable, unreplacable life lessons from my college experience. The higher learning is a given, but the amount of valuable knowledge I have received is worth more than gold to me. not to mention the wonderful associates and friendships I gained from peers and professors alike.


I have gotten a lot out of going to college. I'm more aware of the atmosphere I work in. After graduating college I will be able to work well in an office as a medical biller. Communication, listening and professionalism have been the main things I have learned so as from attending college. It as been very valuable to attend college because I have gained a lot of experience and education.


Words really cannot explain my college experience. I am from Phila and went to VA to see something different from what I was used to. One of the high lights was walking across the stage and accomplishing a short term goal of mine. I left home a naive and spoiled girl and came back a strong and positive young woman. I grew up in college and learned about myself and my abilities. I met great people from all different backgrounds, (religion, ethnicity, cultures); some of my best friends are from college and we still meet and speak to this day. Even though we are spreaded near and far across the states. I joined the military; which I would have never considered if I didn't need money to stay in school. Overall, I learned to have an open mind. I found a passion for history and the value of an education. I see how people look up to those with a degree and able to utilize what I learned from my degree field. I graduated with a BS in Edu and currenly a Social Worker for the Dept of Human Services. College was valuable because I found me.


Virginia State University taught me how to manage my time. Before going to college, this was one concept I truly did not understand. After having a baby my sophomore year in college, and eventually becoming a single mother; I realized I had to get my act together. I recognized that the college degree was not only for me, but for the future of my child. I learned how to balance an 18 hour course work, work an average of 30 hours a week, and manage to be the best mother I could possibility be. Now, I believe that I have mastered the theory of “time management”. I graduated from school with a 3.9 GPA and now able to use the time management skills I developed towards my job today with ease.


I've a very conserve and quiet person. After attending college, I've become more social and outgoing. I broke out of my shell and also learned many new things. In college, it was a great experience. The classes are more flexible. However, you learn to discipline yourself. A person must know when is school and studying time and when it fun time. College also made me realize that you do, in fact, need a college degree to get a good job because without it, you definately don't make that much.


That i should've researched VSU more in depth before I made the ultimate decision to attend. This is valuable because I plan on transferring to a different college my sophmore year. But, I've also learned that this is the real world and your mom and dad arent here to watch out for you anymore, so what every decision you make it's on you. This has been valuable because if i decide not to attend a class or if I attend a party on friday night, I know the consequences for my actions.


I have learned to embrass myself and my culture. I am a bi-racial.


I've been able to meet new people and start earning a degree towards my intended career as a pediatrician.


I graduated highschool in 2005 and at that time i didn't know what i wanted to do with my life. No one in my immediate family had a college degree and I was the last of three children. Since none of my older siblings went to college it would not have been a "let down" to my parents if i didn't want to go either. However, for some reason, i felt college was the right place for me to be. Fall 2005, I registered for classes at BCCC. Since being a student at Bucks i have gained so much confidence in myself. Every person at bucks, from the professors to the advisors to the person on the other end of the telephone answering my questions, have encouraged me to "keep at it". Five years later, I am starting my last semester to complete an associates degree in Business Administration. My time spent at BCCC has been invaluable. It has taught me the importance of education and that anything is possible. I never thought i would have a degree of any kind. Now not only will i have an associates but I plan to pursue my bachelor's next!


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the need for school and friends. While attending this university I learned the value of an education. You can not really go anywhere in life today without knowledge. It is the gateway to life and I'm glad I was able to learn that in my last three years at this university. Another valuable reason to attend college is the overall experience. I believe college is the best four years of your life. You learn new things about yourself and the world. It opens you up out of your personal comfort zone. You get to meet people that you may have never met if you didn't go. You learn a lot about yourself in these four years and you make life-long relationships. With your proffesors and friends. I wouldn't change my college experience for anything.


I've broken out of my comfort zone- reaching out to people, making new friends, and siezing awesome opportunities that school has to offer. High School was such a "mother figure" compared to college and the work involved. But being in college- having the opportunity to study, learn, create.. BE whatever you chose... that's valuable.


It has taught me how to survive on my own as far as getting up by myself and going to class. Basically, the rules of being an adult.


While attending Virginia State University I have learn that you have to stay focused and never let anyone get in your way. You have to stay true to yourself and be honest with yourself. This is a school where everything is based on politics. You have to be a certain shape or size just to fit in. I have learned to never give up on myself and always strive for the best.


My college experience has taught me that there is a need for balane between your personal and professional life as you go on in life. Going to college helps prepare you for life on your own and gives you a better shot at a higher paying job in the future


College is valuable because education can go a far way. By having a degree you are able to recieve a better job with better pay. College also gets you prepared because they have interships that help you get familar with the career you want to pursue. I believe by me attending college I will be satified and greatful that I chose to take this route in my life.


I have come to the realization of how much i actually do like my school, and also i have come to appreciate what my school is installing in me for me to use when i get out into the real world. I have also learned to be more open to new ideas and people. College has also taught me that the skills i need to become a mature adult and having good decision making skills.


I have received alot of one on one experience with my professors and the have made my time in college worth while. They are preparing me for the real world in which I have endure now. I really appreciate them and they also help me focus on my adcademic success and are determine not to let me slack off.


My college experience has been a memorable experience. At first it was nerve wrecking to be away from home for so long but as you begin to get acquainted with the new environment, you would really dred going back home.


College life is independence and finding out what you want to do on this earth. It is an opportunity to spread your social and mental wings. Ideas that you may never have thought before and avenues of thinking are layed out before you and all you need do is pick them up and choose to use them and embrace them or dismiss them as this is your new world. You are exposed to social experiences from the time you wake up until you pillow your head that life in high school never afforded you and you are better for your exposure to life outside your comfort zone. You blossom because you can't help but grow from the emerging truths that we are all created unique and purposful all we need do is embrace the good and potential that comes from such a diverse people and that we all want the same things; love, acceptance, success.


Nathalie think logically! You are a smart and ambitious individual. Every school has the proper credentials to teach you. Stop being so hard headed. Going all the way down south to receive an education will not make you any smarter. It?s a whole different lifestyle down south. Be ready to be smacked by reality and the heat. Thoroughly examine your options, visit the schools, and talk to currently enrolled students. Get a wide aspect of the school you plan on attending for four years. It will make you or break you.