Virginia State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


One of the most frustrating things about the school would have to be some of the careless professors. You may be unfortunate to get stuck with a bad professor who does not want to help you. This can be frustrating because when you know that you are trying your best, its like the professor is trying to keep you down. Although this is a very good University, the school calls for more effective professors.


The most frustrating thing about Virginia State University would have to be finding the money to attend. The financial aid is not enough and they don't help find any other extra money except loans. The loans only puts us students in more debt and that is frustrating to know if the debt is worth it in the end.


The fast-pace of the coursework, although it helps motivate students to stay focused and reach maximum potential.


Financial aid office


That freshmen cannot have cars


The money they offer for school.


It is very unorganized when it comes to registering for your classes and/or trying to change your major.


Staying on top of the faculty is the most frustrating part. You would think people are to act professional in a University setting but they are not. I constantly have to check up on my paper work because, some faculty do not do what they are hired for.


The most frustrating thing by far to deal with at Virginia State is the administration. When it came time to register and get my classes in order, paperwork disappeared and I was sent from office to office trying to find out what the problem was.


One of the most frustrating things about Virginia State University is the attitude of the majority of students that attend the university. In a sense it seems as if many who attend came for many reasons other than education. This creates an environment that provides many problems as well as distractions for those who strive for academic excellence.


They have a habit of losing student records and documents.


transportation for the first year of school!


It being so far from home .


The fact that I know it only lasts for four years! I love this place and I feel so sad about leaving it. However, I am excited about leaving because I know that I will be well equiped for the future.