Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Virginia Wesleyan College is a great school. The professors and staff are really there to help you through your college experience as much as they can. If you need help, then take advantage of the time frames that the professors give you for time where you can come to their office for extra help. It is rewarding intellectually, and also, it is an opportunity for you to develop a passion for learning when there is clarity. Also, get involved around campus. There is something that you can do that you can do to make good memories and meet great people.


They are courteous and helpful.


The well-dedicated students tend to participate in the classroom discussion than most of their peers.


My classmates are all harworking individuals who wish to further their education in order to achieve their long term goals. That being said, they are also highly dedicated to their work and their organizations. My classmates are good people and excellent classmates to study and do work with.


Depends on who they are.


My classmates are actice, friendly, and most of them are my friends so they are a joy to have in class.


Most of my classmates are optimistic, goal-oriented, and animated.


If I had to describe my classmates a Virginia Wesleyan, I would have to say they are very passionate, hardworking, dedicated, spirited, and young. I have never seen a group as a whole do so much for their community like Virginia Wesleyan students. I think we are the meaning of the saying together we stand; devided we fall.


My classmates are very helpful when it comes to group projects.


Very helpful and friendly


very friendly


Adult studies students with full time jobs.


One word cannot dscribe my classmmates because they are so diverse, from their ethnicity to their enviornmental backgrounds, everyone is unique.


My classmates at Virginia Wesleyan College are friendly and welcoming. Although it is a small school, I always see a new smiling face everyday. Walking to and from class includes conversations with friends and professors. Campus life is what you make of it here. VWC is a community where a person can excel and develop bonds with both their pupils and professors.


Most students are not very driven, or committed to success. It's not the same atmosphere as in AP or IB classes in high school.


They are very knowledgable of their major and are looking to succeed and achieve their academic goals to become a great asset to the world.




My classmates are a diverse cluster of intelligent students whose attitudes range from tenacious to lethargic. We are a class that takes on challenges with a positive mindset while enjoying the special moments that make life precious. We value academics as well as making a lasting impression on our community as a class of service, commitment, and persistence.


It all depends on the class and the level; sometimes they are very quiet , but other times we have great conversations about the subject and have fun debates.


The lazy ones make me look better.


My classmates are individual and determined individuals from various backgrounds. Coming from a small and sheltered farming community, Virginia Wesleyan's student body has allowed me to become familiar with numerous students from various ethnicities, religions, and even parts of the world. Due to the small number of students that attend Virginia Wesleyan, strong friendships are made easily. However I feel that the student body as a whole is an incredible friendly enviroment that reaches out to every individual. Walking on our campus you can see students interacting with everyone, not just their immediate friends.


My classmates are undergraduates that have a desire to gain knowledge in a broad range of subjects.


My classmates are friendly, hard-working, and ambitious individuals who strive to acheive success in life after college.


The students at Virginia Wesleyan are an interesting, outgoing, creative, friendly, active, studious, fun loving set of college students.


Classmates are friendly,fun, and willing to help you with anything you need help with.


Classmates are more or less involved in classes, enthusiastic about the material learned, and care about the outcome of the work done in classes.


Friendly, outgoing, helpful, caring, hardworking, goal-oriented


Wild, but focused and most have really good connections outside of school already.


They were helpfull and friendly people.


Some snobby and juvenile, though some I would not trade for the world.

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