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It is a small school and 90% of the students are athletes. Everyone on campus knows you.


Virginia Wesleyan College is a small liberal arts college that emphasizes undergraduate research on liberal arts and sciences. Most colleges have more than 3,000 students, but Virginia Wesleyan has less than that many students making it unique. The unbelivable amount of help professors are willing to give is tremendous.


The school had a great size for the classes. They are generally small so that you can speak to the teachers if you need to. (Don't expect that they will always be of much help) The Geography teacher Mr. Anderson, however is a great teacher.


Tuition is way too much and is gated in like Fort Knox


The college offers a tight knit community, yet it is surround by many opportunities for the student to explore their studies and careers.


Our professors care. I could stop at that, but I will continue a bit longer. I have yet to meet a professor who is a bad teacher, although some are boring, but every one that I have come in contact with has a keen and noticeable interest in seeing the students fill their roll with excellence. They wilol go out of their way to provide anything that is needed for this, and will even point a student in the right direction if they need anything more than just material.


My school is unique becuase they make sure that you are involed in whatever you want. They let you have jobs on campus and they will pay you so tat you are working to either get a pay check or put it towards you tuition. You can start your own clubs or organizations easier and faster just by having an administrator. THey encourgae you to go out and start your own and always be in something.


We are a small private school., and I get to know a lot of the students and professors who go to the school allowing myself to be surrounded by people I love.


What makes Virginia Wesleyan College unique is the fact that it's a smaller school making the students feel closer to their professors. Virginia Wesleyan's staff and president make the students feel at home and more welcome than most other colleges. Also, Virginia Wesleyan is surrounded by lots of trees and greenery which gives the students the fresh feel of a crisp afternoon.


The classes are not filled with hundreds of students like other schools so therefore students are granted more one on one time with professors for extra help.


It was over 2 hours away from my home.


I think that Virginia Wesleyan College is unique among other schools because it is compact and every teacher knows you by name. Plus, you don't have to worry about being just another student in a class and there are a small amount of students in each class, so the professor can focus on each one of you individually.


Most of the people here are genuine and when the weather is warm the campus is beautiful


Compared to other schools, Virginia Wesleyan is a rather small private college. In being a small school, the students are able to focus better in classes because each class typically has no more than thirteen students per one professor. There is always something to do on campus, Wesleyan provides for it's students a wonderful recreation program in which students are given all the tools necessary to explore all eighty beautiful acres on campus, thus encouraging students to get outside and be active. Thesee are a few things that set Wesleyan apart from other schools.


Even though this is a small school, there is a huge sense of community on campus. It starts during freshman orientation when you are split into groups and told to paint a chair. This chair stays on campus all four years you are here. It is always nice to go around and try to find the chair you painted and study in it. Working together to work on projects and then seeing them around really builds a sense of community.


This campus is unique in that it is so small that there is the specific one on one attention with the professors and the students. There is also ample time for students to be able to meet with the professors outside of the class, such as in the grille or the cafeteria.


The size is definitely different, but it is also the only private school around. It is also a very liberal school.


Small classes allow for students to pay better attention.


Virginia Wesleayn College is unique becuase we are known for our small community and class sizes. Even though we are small, it is easy to find friends that have your same values and beliefs. Everyone is friendly and open minded here which creates a very peaceful atmosphere.


I chose Virginia Wesleyan for many reasons. One reason was because it's close to home so I'm able to save money, but more importantly I'm able to spend time with my parents and three younger siblings. Another reason was because it has a varsity volleyball team. I played freshman and sophmore year, but had to quit playing because I work two jobs. The last reason was because of the small population size and number of students in the classes. I like the small classes because the teachers know your name and are able to provide individualized attention.


It is smaller in size. There is no one program that totally overshadows another, for instance football. It's hard not to get to get to know people because you see the same people so often.


the classes are small which I like compared to other colleges. you have more one on one with your professors.


The most unique quality about Virginia Wesleyan College is the astonishing school spirit displayed within such a small campus. Our campus is a community, a family of scholars and educators determined to accomplish great things. Our college motto is "Bring a spark. Light a fire." Here at Virginia Wesleyan College we celebrate the potential in all of our students. Every individual on campus has something unique and precious to add to our family. We can build close and lasting relationships, not only with our peers, but also with professors, staff, and the surrounding community.


There is a very friendly atmosphere; all the facutly and staff are super nice and say hello to you. Also, we have great traditions like painting adirondack chairs at orientation and A Weskeyan Christmas.


At Virginia Wesleyan College each student is known by name. Each teacher knows what my major is, knows my likes and dislikes and even knows my previous educational background. Additional help, mentoring, tutouring, advice and information is available around the clock. Everyone including student member staff is always willing to give their time to help you with whatever it is you need. I have been to four other colleges and none of them compare to Virignia Wesleyan. I will be attending for the next 2.5 years because I know I am getting every penny's worth.


My school has amazing parking. You can park right in front of your building and walk right in. It is a smaller school so parking is not an issue which is so nice. Also, my largest class has 15 students. I think that is wonderful because I like the close-nit feeling you get from VWC. Virginia Wesleyan faculty and staff also go out of their way to make sure that every question you have is answered and that you have a positive experience. When registering for classes, you never have to worry about a class being too full.


Small classes with professors that are good and care about the students


You are completely controlled, you cant have guest without getting approval, you have to live on campus and they can search or enter into any of your things, car, dorm, bags, apartments, lockers etc.


Because it is a small campus and a close knit community, everyone is extremely close to one another and it is easy to feel at home. There are a variety of off campus opportunities and attractions very close to campus, providing a great social outlet outside of academics. The professors also are very amiable about helping students and so overall, Virginia Wesleyan College is a great, well-rounded school.


What is so unique about my school in my personal opinion is how they have a program that caters to adults. I found it very difficult when I looked at other colleges in virginia that had a curriculum that caters to adults that are trying to achieve a higher education. Once I found and heard about the adult studies program at Virginia Wesleyan, I was very impressed at how they had classes and office hours that met my needs so that I could continue my education.


My school is unique because it is made up of mostly athletes or greek students. The majority of the students participate on an athletic team thus their is no discrimination about the intelligence of athletes. However, due to the small size of this school, if a person does not belong to either a sports team or greek organization they will find it extremely hard to find their place here. The clique centered aspect of this school has caused numerous tranfers. This school also holds a transfer rate above 50% which shows some aspect of this school needs to change.


because of its size, it takes a student with drive to succeed at Wesleyan. Things are handed to you however, the next step all depends on the student and where they want to take their college career.


I found that VWC was the right campus for me. The professors were helpful and concerned about every student; they made time to see and talk to students. The campus is smaller so you can see a friendly face. I attended another 4 year school before this one and when I went to a professor for help in the class for the second time he said, "Why are you here?, why don't you just go to .. where you can be a number" as a young student that made a negative impact. You will not find that at VWC, EVER!


There's such a big emphasis on community here. Everyone staff, proffessors are friendly and the campus is beautiful.


Even though it is located in an urban setting, the school setting does not reflect it. You have a hard time imagining that a simple 5-minute drive yields a bustling shopping center with all the amendities.


It's still a new school.



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