Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person should attend Virgina Wesleyan if they are dedicated and willing to work hard toward their goals.


The type of person that should attend VWC is the person who is unique and isn't afraid to be themselves , that is willing to take chances and wants to succeed beyond measures.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the type of person who enjoys small campuses and a personal relationship with his/her professor. The kind of person that should attend this school may also very well enjoy a tight community among their peers. This is because the campus always offers ways for students to come together whether through bon fires or outdoor festivals to special guest speakers. There is always something to do on campus rather than sitting inside a dorm all day. The kind of person that should want to go here should want to succeed.


Virginia Wesleyan College is open for any upcoming college student who has a strong belief in their academics, leading them to the right path of their chosen career. A person who doesn't take any responsibility for granted when presented in order to make it meaningful for the future.


A person that is driven by hard work and willing to work hard in anything they do. Also a person who is not interested in attending a school with a large number of students. A students that enjoys being in smaller classes so they are able to have more one on one time with professors. A student that would prefer a private school because it is less popular.


The optimal student to attend Virginia Wesleyan is someone who can completely experience the college life. The campus is full of activities given by sororities, academic and social, as well as many sports events.


Someone with the desire to gain a liberal education designed specifically for that individual should attend this institution.


Whoever wants a small school where you are not a number but a name.


While this may seem to be a cliché answer, I believe that in order to attend Virginia Wesleyan you need to be yourself. I personally feel that no matter what your niche is; wither it be sports, art, community service, or religion; there is a place for you on our campus. The worst thing you can do is go to a college pretending to be someone you are not. At Virginia Wesleyan our motto is, "bring a spark, light a fire". Virginia Wesleyan wants unique kids who bring that spark, but who can also grow and light that fire.


Someone who prefers smaller classes and the advice and attention of their professors. Someone who is committed to learning, participating, and performing the tasks necessary to pass their classes. Someone who is interested in learning and understanding the importance of green initiatives and how we as humans affect our environment around us. Someone who loves the outdoors and the beach. (We have nature trails on campus, the the Chesapeake Bay is 10 mins away, and the Atlantic Ocean is 20 mins away.)


Someone who is interested in learning through all subjects and not just their specific major. Also, a person who learns better in small classes with professor/student communication.


Someone who just wants to go to class and maintain a small social life and who has tons of money and will put up with a disorganized administration.


Someone who likes a small campus that has small class size.


One who is not looking for a large school and needs to find their identity. Here, everyone is going to know who you are and probably what you want to do with your life. One needs to be open to new ideas and open to discussing a variety of topics and taking a variety of courses on different subjects.


The great thing about VWC is anyone can fit in here. This school is a great environment for students who want a smaller college. The students get a better education because of the small class size. Everyone knows everyone on the campus because it is a small one, so you get to see your friend’s every day.


If you are looking for a school that will become your family, this school is the right school for you! Virginia Wesleyan will make you feel at home, not scared in a huge place.


Liberal studies.. those interested in a small school setting.


Virginia Wesleyan is one of the friendliest atmospheres I have ever been it. Everyone is so helpful and actually care about you as a student. You actually interact on a one on one basis with professors in order to make your learning experience more comfortable. It is a small campus, yet has a feeling of compassion. You ar never just a number at Virginia Wesleyan.


I feel that a person who likes small classes and someone who really wants to get to know people. This school is so small that it allows people to really get to know someone in the four years they are here. Also some one who wants to get to know their professor out of the classroom and also someone that puts in the extra effort outside of the classroom.


out-going individuals


One who is serious about their schooling.

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