Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that shouldn't attend Virginia Wesleyan is one that does not want to achieve a top notch edcuation. If you do not want to learn there is no sense on wasting the money. I've already witnessed kids being kicked out of school or being placed on academic probation. I see what a struggle it has been for my family to allow me to attend this school and they love and support my dreams. I put God first and I will work to achieve them not only for myself but for God and my family.


Those who are looking for a big school with lots of people should probably not attend this school. There are less than 2000 students, so it's a pretty small school.


Virginia Wesleyan is a very versatile school that adapts to the needs of mostly every student that attends here . However, there are a few aspects about the school that may not be for every one. A person that enjoys large campuses with a high student to professor ratio should not attend here; the campus is a relatively small campus that allows for small classrooms. Another kind of person that should not attend here is some one who is looking high competition in athletics. Though our sports teams are good, we are a Division 3 school, rather than D1 or D2.


A person who loves small classes and basketball games. Some who is eager to learn and is not scared to express themselves.


People who aren't serious about expanding their education should not attend this school. People who wish to only party and have fun are not the ones that should attend this school. It is important for students to experience the full college experience, but it is even more important to put a heavier focus on schoolwork in order to move on to even higher education, such as graduate school, or to to move on into the working world.


A person who isn't determined to work hard in academics shouldn't attend Virginia Wesleyan. A person who doesn't want to support their fellow classmates or peers also shouldn't attend Virgina Wesleyan. Most students and faculty call this school their second family because the community is so close knit. Somone who wants a huge campus should also not attend Virginia Wesleyan.


A person who is going just to blend into the background and party. Our school is very far from being uncaring, and it's a rare professor that does not take an interest in how an individual is doing, some going so far as to come out of their way to make sure that you understand what's going on, even if you don't quite get it. The people who do not excell or make it past the first years are the people who came to do nothing.


People who shouldnt attend this school are people who give up easily on a task and who waste their time. Also those who arent punctual and dont care about attending their classes. Since this is a liberal arts college a person shouldnt attend if they are close minded and unwilling to try something new.


If you do not drink, you may feel a bit out of place here, as well. Also, any person who has active parents should not make this school their first choice (as this school would rather the student handle all issues. Parent's arent really welcome for many situations). I would also not recommend this school to any student who is looking for faculty to really work with them in the case of an emergency.


The type of people who would not prefer to attend Virginia Wesleyan College are people who do not have friends going or already here, people who do not enjoy the smaller campus setting, and people who do not want to attend a methodist based school.


The kind of student that should not attend Virginia Wesleyan is if the are trouble makers. Students here want to be surrounded by positive people and if there is anyone that causes trouble and gets in other students way of becoming successful then there will be problems. Also, the administrators here enforce the rules and will not let someone get away with something disruptive to the rest of the students and that will cause a bad reputation to the school.


Someone who works better in a larger enviornment should not go to this school. VWC is a small college so if you prefer a bigger school then VWC is not for you.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who doesn't like to be in a small community or who doesn't like sports.


Somebody who wants to be in classes with serious and dedicated students.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person that doesn't like to work hard and have established goals academically and/or athletically. A student here as a Marlin, should be willing to learn all aspects, expanding their horizons, around the academic world; since this is a liberal arts school. One must also be willing to show their professors that they care about their academics and that they are trying their best in each class.


If someone is not serious about their life and only looking to party and drink their life away, they shouldn't consider VWC.


People who are nosy and inconsiderate about others' privacy should not attend this school.


Someone who is not an athlete and likes a big school atmosphere.


preppy, outgoing, athlete


The person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who has everything figured out in life. It is the kind of person who knows exactly what career they are going to retire as. The person who goes to class with a closed mind. Only learning the information that he or she is taught to benefit their own degree. Learning should be about obtaining all information and opening your mind to a world of information.


Someone who is unmotivated to work hard and make the best our of his or her college experience. Someone who attends this school should be actively involved within campus life (ie. sports teams are huge here, fraternities/sororities, community service opportunities, etc).


Virginia Wesleyan College truly has something for everyone. It may sound like a line used to simply attract students, however, coming from a current student who has experienced it firsthand, it is the truth. If you are the kind of person who likes freezing cold weather while walking to class, Virginia Wesleyan is not the place for you. As for the school, the administration truly gives its students the ability to branch out and start their lives without overpowering guidance. They allow you to become independent and build the life you long to live.


People who are all about the "party scene" should not attend this school. Yes, we do have some pretty fun parties but this school is not really a big party school. Also, peopel who don't like small communities wouldn't like it here. Many people come here and think its too small and dont like it, but if they read the information about the school they'd know it was small.


If someone is looking for a large party school, this is not the place for them. Virginia Wesleyan is a small school that becomes your family. Professors care about you and are enthusiastic about what they teach.


A person looking for a large school atmosphere and or a football team.


The person that shouldn't attend VWC is a person who is looking for a bigger school and a person who is not willing to learn.


I believe you should not attend this school if you are looking for more school involved activities that aren't centered around alcohol.


Those looking for winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding. Those who don't enjoy meeting new people. Those who don't like small classes because the professors know you since we have small classes. We don't have a football team.


Lazy, intolerant, unmotivated students


Poor people like me who make average grades, but where else would we go?

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