Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is how the professors say they will email you back as soon as they get it in their inbox, but my english professor waited to respond to emails until the day before the final portfolio was due.


The most frustrating thing about being at my college is the cost. I come from a single parent home and although my mother saved the cost are very high. So, paying for college and not being sure if my mother will be able to pay each semester has started to become a struggle. I've worked on campus and during summer breaks but this year I will have to request financial aid or take loans to stay at Virginia Wesleyan. If not I will have to look into other options. I want to achieve my goal and graduate from college.


I have not been there long enough to say what is most frusterating about my school.


The food in the cafertia, is hit or miss. Some days it will be really good, but other days it would be really disgusting. Also that we have a track team which I am a part of, but do not have a track to practice on.


The most frustrating thing about Virginia Wesleyan is easily the amount of emails they send daily. Often, emails will be spent specifically concerning commuters, or only males, or students involved in Greek life. A majority of the emails that you will receive will not apply to you, even in the least bit. But then, once in a blue moon, they will send one that you need to read but you won't even bother because of the email overload. Therefore you are forced to choose between reading every email just in case or ignoring them all.


Virignia Wesleyan's most frustrating aspects are the fact that is a private college, making it more expensive than most and how small it is. It is so small that it makes it hard for a wide variety of students to attend because the major choices are more limited than a bigger university.


Studying and completing assignments may come off as frustrating, but at Virginia Wesleyan College, our students do not use that as an excuse to not complete what has to be done. That is one purpose of enrolling to college is to learn and complete what has to be done, so the students at VWC will finish by any means.


The amount of help the business office offers students and parents to pay for college. Also the fact that everything that occurs on this campus is known by the entire campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the food in the cafe. Very disgusting!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the frequent power problems. This school is very expensive and for the amount of money that we students pay yearly, it just doesn't make since that we cannot get proper wireless internet connection and recently the power has been cutting off on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the internet is very unreliable and often does not work.


Unfortunately, just like any other place, there is a definite problem with cliques. I have seen people leave and me too left another school because of this same issue. All the activities and groups that are on the campus should do more to genuinely incorporate everyone and treat everyone the same.

Hua Mei



The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. My brother and I both attend Virginia Wesleyan and it is frustrating because our parents cannot afford to pay for one of us to go to school let alone both of us.


The most frustrating thing would be making sure you have enough money to pay for this institution.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the housing availability. When it comes time to pick your room for next year there is always a slim chance you will get what you planned on. Upper-classmen don't even have good chances with housing. I think we need tighter regulations on Freshmen and Sophomores being able to live in upper-classmen housing.


the most frustrating thing about this school are its dining services. their hours can be better, the food can be better, and service overall. also, on campus housing can improve because many individuals do not get their moneys worth. another frustrating issue would be the business office at the school, the person at front desk who handles everyones bills does not do a good job. she messed up a $10,000 check of mine amongst many other of my peers. the office fails to understand the financial burden some face because of their mistakes.


The amount of access allowed to commuters is limited.


Dilapidation of some facilities (especially the dorms), getting the "run-around," and small size.


There is nothing frustrating about my school. My school helps you to understand your classes and why it is necessary for you to take mthe right ones to get your degree. If you have any problems there is always someone there to help you and explain what you need to know.


I can't really think of anything particularly frustrating. I have had a very positive overall experience.


That most of the classes that I need are offered in the afternoon. Another frustarting thing is how far the drive is from my house.


Just the cost.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the Education Department is very small and gets the smallest classrooms in the oldest buildings on campus. When I was completing my undergrad in the Business Department, we had lots of classrooms in new and updated buildings. However, now that I have returned to recieve my license in Elementary Education, I have noticed that this department does not get the same treatment. I am sure that there are less Education Majors than Business, but I still feel like the school could try harder to have more equal spaces.


The most frustrating thing at my school is probably the cost. It is so expensive to go there and I feel like I do not get everything out of it for the cost that it is at. We pay a lot of money, so I feel that the food should be improved, also the living areas. Something in the dorms and other living areas are always breaking and with the amount of money that we pay, the conditions of living should be better.


Honestly, I have not come across anything that has been frustrating at my school. When I need something or have a question I am always able to call or email my advisor and she gives me an immediate response that day.


The fact that people in both the financial aid and business offices are never on the same page is very irritating. It is very hard to focus on school if one has to also worry about money that needs to be paid or esle their meal plan is frozen at dinner.


The only thing that I believe that could be frustrating is the fact that since the campus is so small, everyone knows everything about everybody. If something happens it will spread all over campus like wildfire. This is not always a bad thing but it can be if the information that is spread is not very pleasurable. Just keep your reputation clean and you won't have those issues. Other than that, I find nothing frustatiing about my institution.


The cost and the last minute late fees and things like that.

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