Virginia Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Virginia Wesleyan College is the people. Everyone is really friendly! We aren't just a school, we are a community and a family. Once a Marlin, always a Marlin!


The best thing about my school is the fact that it pushes for academic excellence and will settle for nothing less. Also the school is amazing at helping students earn there way to an internship and a career.


I graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in 2011. I will begin at Regent University in the Spring. The best thing about Virginia Wesleyan College is the community and comfortably that you feel on campus and among everyone who is a part of the community. You find from Deans to professors people who are approachable, respectful, and kind. Also, this is a place where they expect the best from their students because they care about their future and helping each student. At the end of the day you want to graduate from college knowing a lot more than when you came.


The best thing about my school is the friendly, ope, and accepting atmosphere. Religion, sexual orientation, gender, and race don't matter here. All are welcome no matter what. Anyone and everyone can feel at home here without worrying about being rejected because of certain aspects of themselves.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is small, and it allows us students to get that one on one help from the professors. Since there are not that many students, teachers actually take their time to read and fix mistakes we make. I find it very beneficial when professors take the time to help students when they make mistakes.


The best thing about my school would be how welcoming everyone is to one another, everyone always is kind and even passing people you always see them with a smile on their faces. Everyone seems happy to be their and always offers words of encouragement. It is my happy place and I know it is where I belong.


I really like how my advisor has helped me throughout my time here at VWC. I also like the professors and their willingness to help their students.


Our school has a wonderful community setting. I love that here at Virginia Wesleyan everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other and we as a campus are able to come together as whole to enjoy fun activities offered by the school. We are a small school, smaller than my high school, and it causes us, the students, to know about everything going on and it helps us get groups of people together to learn and have fun.


The best thing at this school would have to be the professors with people coming in at a close second place.


the campus is really lively and the teachers are really great


I love that it is a smaller school and that you get to know your professors and they know you. At Virginia Wesleyan College, you aren't just a number, you are a face with a name.


I believe that the best thing about my school is its size. It is a small college which allows more individual, personal attention from teachers and faculty. I am a very shy person, but being in such a small school helped me to be more comfortable with making friends and talking to people. I feel like a huge university would have swallowed me up, and I would be left feeling like just another number. At my school, I am able to interact comfortably with students and staff and feel like everyone is looking out for me.


I think the best thing about my school is the campus size.


Virginia Wesleyan has such a great reputation. The worst thing about the school is that it's drainage system stinks, so the sidewalks tend to flood a bit when it rains...but it's just overall such a great place. Everyone, from students to staff to faculty really care. The staff and faculty want to work alongside students to help them reach their potential. It's such a true community, where there is a ton of support! It makes for a wonderful learning evironment, especially for students who are not local.


The best thing about this school is the small class sizes and and the close-knit community on campus. The small classes make it easier to get help when you don't understand something. In addition to making it easier to have a close relationship with your professors. The close community helps to meet new people and get involved in the campus life.


I believe the best thing about Virginia Wesleyan is the class sizes. I love the personal attention. You defiantely won't feel like a number here.


I used to be the one who said I was definitly going to retire as an orthopedic surgeon. I figured out just in the last week that VIrginia Wesleyan College is the best fit for me. They are a liberal arts college. VWC will let me chooses whether I want to be a business owner, a psycologists, an officer, or even an medical doctor. The reason that VIrginia Wesleyan works for me so well is that they give you the task of trying all the different classes. I will hopefully know after graduating what will make me happy in life.


The best thing about this school is the fact that they are willing to give you a lot of help in your studies with helpful teachers and advisors. Also a learning center to get alot of tutoring.


The thing I like best about my school is its small size and close relations.


social aspects, campus size, most classes


I believe that the best thing acadmically about my college is that it is a small liberal arts school. This allows great teacher-student classroom ratios, and teacher availability to their students. The liberal arts aspect is valuable because it exposes students to a variety of subject matter. The second best thing about this school is its location. It is located in between Norfolk and Virginia Beach, which provides two completely different areas for students to engage themselves in. I loved the beach aspect of this area, where I would often go to complete my studies.


It is difficult to pick one thing about attending Virginia Wesleyan College and say it is ?the best thing? about going to school here. Personally, I would have to say the best thing about Virginia Wesleyan is the faculty. All Professors have office hours, so I would be able to talk to my calculus professor about a problem and she would go thoroughly explain the steps to me. If I were to attend a large university I doubt I would have the same opportunity.


The class sizes; I don't like big classes and here my biggest class was about 20 people.


The things i consider best about my school is the fact that its a small college and its like a community. Everyone there is friendly and very helpful, being that the school is small, its better to get around, better communication with the professors and there is someone there to always help out.


The best thing about this school is that it is very community based. The classes are small, making it easier to grasp the material being taught. Students are able to have a relationship with their teachers and have the opportunity to received help when it is needed. The classes are only within a 7 minute walk anywhere on campus. And there are a lot of places on campus for students to commune with each other.


the size for its has small class room.


Class Size

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