Virginia Western Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Ecclectic and multicultural individuals that keep you exposed to new ideals and old.


my class mates are all unique and creative.


My classmates are intelligent, respectful, kind and gifted people that are working hard to accomplish their goals in life.


In the Culinary program, the students come from all different walks of life and are just so diverse a group; I love all my classmates because it shows me the diversity that exists in the culinary business.


My favorite thing about attending a community college is the diversity of age you will see. Generally at a 4 year university a majority of the people will be your same age, but at Western there are people of all ages. It really lends a interesting blend to the classes. People of all ages and races often leads to a more well rounded discussion and many different views on many different subjects. Not only is it diverse, but the diversity is what pulls us together. Most student I encountered were proud they were students at Western and loved the school as much as I did. We are from all over the place, from all kinds of backgrounds and situations, but at Virginia Western we are all proud to be students.


A little bit of everybody. Kids out of high-school; senior citizens; single mothers; people coming back for second career; adults continuing their education.