Virginia Western Community College Top Questions

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My school provides a variety of majors and opportunities for the students. The teachers help you progress as you further in your education and are there everytime you need them. As oppose to hundreds of students in the classrooms, theres only a few handful that the teacher is able to focus on, and sometimes able to focus on for one on one sessions to further help you understand the lectures.


The naked truth: I loved Virginia Western. It was my home for two years (I did practically live on campus). There were more then a few times I caught up on a nap on a sofa in the bridge. It is a fantastic school and one of the best decisions I feel I have ever made. I met so many cool people, of all ages, in my classes and just around campus. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I believe that is because we all shared the same goal: to make a better life for ourselves. Although I have moved on to another university, Virginia Western will always be my first college and some of the best memories of my time in college were spent there.


Overall, I had a wonderful experience here. The only bad thing is the attitude that other people have toward this school because it is a community college.