Virginia Western Community College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I really loved all my professors at Western. Some people might expect to see lesser qualified professors working at a community college, but this is just not true. The class sizes are relatively small, my largest class being 40 people. This makes the class much more personal because your professors will learn your names and you become closer that way. The classes were so challenging, all of them. But the work load is evenly balanced and the professors are SO helpful. I never had a class at Western in the two years I attended where a professor was not available for help outside of class. In fact, most teachers insist you make appointments for extra help. They want you to pass, but they will make you work for it. I feel like I got a top notch education and learned a lot from my professors and class mates.


Classes are small – no more than thirty people. I worked a full time and part-time job and managed to take full-time classes between distance learning/hybrid classes and weekend classes. Multiple sections of classes you need are offered so that they can fit into your schedule. Most of the professors were pretty understanding; they understand that you have other responsibilities.