Viterbo University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Viterbo University is best known for its nursing program. The program here is highly selective and the coursework is challenging. That being said, graduates are highly regarded in the community. Its alliance with Mayo Health is a good opportunity to have for future job candidates. The students here have to be able to be competitive and work hard, but the rewards are worth it.


Viterbo is well known for Nursing. It is also a large liberal arts school. I have decided to come for Dietetics and their program is great.


It is a Catholic University with a big theatre and Nursing program.


They have an excellent theater program, but more importantly probably the liberal arts part of it. Also they're religious views and studies. They are Franciscan so they focus mainly around those beliefs and values but still welcome anyone and everyone.


Our school is best known for the our nursing program, science programs, and our theater/music department. We are also very community oriented and strive to dedicate much of our time to being involved and volunteering with different groups and orginizations.


It is most known for the friendly atmosphere and the small campus. We often refer to Viterbo as your home away from home.