Viterbo University Top Questions

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Viterbo University was a great school. It had small class sizes to where the professors were able to get to know each student on the a first name basis. If anyone needed help with tutoring, learning disability, homework, research, their was amazing staff to help whenever it was needed. The campus is beatuiful and I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a great education and amazing students and staff.


The small class sizes give you a better opportunity to ask questions and stay focused in class. Also, all your teachers know you by your first name within the first week of classes. The small campus makes it really easy to find classes and get there on time.


The difference in our college is that we are a private Catholic college. The classes here are smaller than at most public colleges so I feel we receive a better quality education. The price of the college is on the higher end, but no one can put a price on their future. Many of the professors want you to feel very comfortable and will communicate with you as often and frequently as possible to get to know you better, especially those professors with whom one works with because of his/her particular major.


The small, private school feel and the small class sizes.