Viterbo University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are very few clubs or organizations to be a part of. There are many in terms of clubs according to one's major. But there are not many beyond that.


The cost of tuition, the fact that they don't refund you for meals you don't eat, and that a religions class is required.


The most frustrating thing is that you don't get your financial aid until after the first week of classes.


For myself I found it hard to make a lot of friends. People here tend to form tight groups quickly and those that don't fit into a group are left out. Its also hard to make new friends because everyone is so dedicated to the group they are in. The financial aid here is also frustrating because they only look at your parents incomes and don't take into consideration special circumstances or, like me, my parents are not helping me pay for college a lot but they still say I don't qualify for financial aid.


The price of tuition


Lack of diversity. For me, there aren't enough people of differing religions, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and colors. With this sometimes comes a lack of understanding, even at the university level, when one minority group voices its opinion or desires change from the majority and/or campus faculty and staff. Also, we are working on becoming sustainable, but aren't quite there yet and that is what I would like done first.


well its expensive, but what college isnt


The dean of the school of education is a horrible, horrible woman.