Viterbo University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Small universities are definitely the way to go. I feel like an actual person, not just a number. My professors all know me by name and are more than willing to help me and work with my busy schedule.


I wish I had known about how you must have a meal plan to live on campus because I work much of the time that I am not in class so do not eat much if at all some weeks on campus. In order to utilize my meal plan I try extremely hard to eat on campus as often as I possible can, but much of my money for my meal plan goes to waste. This is really the only difficulty I have run into at this college besides some class cancellations.


I wish I knew how different it was from high school. I never learned how to really study until I went to college.


I wishe I had known how to study.


I wish that I had known ahead of time what line of work I was hoping to go into upon graduation so as to better plan my college coursework


I wish I knew how much time was spent studying and completing assignments. You really have to manage you time well in order to get everything accomplished on time.


How tough it would be.