Wagner College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates, particularly in my major, are excited to learn and continually engaging themselves in class discussions both inside and outside of the classroom.


My first semester classmates are some of my greatest friends at college. Wagner has an ineresting class for freshmen called a learning community. About 30 students have the same two classes together their first semester. I got very lucky with my classmates. We are all very diverse, yet we are all very accepting. I have also not met so many inelligent beings in one place before. Each classmate of mine had something diferent, yet unique and important to add to discussions, and I believe that because of my classmates I'll be able to further my education immensely.


Mostly girls in nursing


My classmates are helpful, supportive, and always willing to listen to what I have to say even if they disagree with my personal views.


energetic, enthusiastic, eager to learn


Classes are usually small so very easy to get to know classmates well. They are usually helpful when it comes to class material, especially if you are all taking the class for credit towards the same major. I've never been in a class with someone who is disrespectful towards a professor or other students. Outside of class they are usually approachable in social scenes since Wagner is a lot like a slightly larger high school in that everyone ends up know each other or at least familiar with someone.


Everyone is pretty nice and help each other out.


They are well off financialy, liberal-thinking, and enjoy partying on the weekends.