Wagner College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their theater department, it is a really big theater school. It also known for having one of the prettiest campus while also being conveniently located right next to the city.


My school is definitely best known for its theater program. I have seen some shows here, and our drama department is wonderfully talented. We have had some graduates make in Broadway, and have had the opportunity to host some Broadway actors as directors. It is definitely the dominant major on campus.


The campus and how beautiful it is, how close we are to the city and how we are very community based. We have small classes and have excellent programs in nursing, business and have a wonderful theatre program.


Wagner is best known for their theater program and their microbiology programs as well as their 5 year physician assistant program. They are also known for their beautiful campus that sits atop a high hill over-looking the city.


Wagner College is best known for having the most beautiful campus of 2005, the large theatre program, being a division one school. I think our mens basketball team is the best sports team.


Wagner's best known for the theatre program (being so close to Broadway,) the business program and the nursing program. It's a joke on campus that everyone who attends Wagner is either an athlete or a theatre major.


Wagner College is best known for it's campus, as it has been ranked in the top 5 nicest campus by the Princeton Review in recent years. Wagner is also known for its Theatre Department and their productions.


My school is best known for its theatre department and its convinient location: adjacent to Manhattan. It also has a prestigious nursing and education department.


Its theather program is well known. Usually ranked top 3 in the country.