Wagner College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the Financial Aid department. There are so many hard-working, deserving students here, and many of them do not receive the Aid they should because the F.A. dept. is very slow and disorganized. I believe it is very understaffed, with only a handful of counselors working out a couple thousand of students.


The dining services. Although it is a small school, i think there should be more options. Wagner has the main dining hall, that does have many options, but is not the most convenient for busy schedules. The other option is the hawks nest which is a grill and cafe type atmosphere. Both meet the basic needs, but with only two options i think the food could be improved or more options available. It is not horrible food, just could be improved.


The worst thing about Wagner College is the variety of class choices. Many of them fill up quickly due to requirements for majors, which leaves the freshmen and sophomores without many choices or having to deal with the difficulty of getting signed into a class (choice of the professor). When filling requirements or other electives in order to graduate, the college lacks options such as earth sciences, environmental courses, geography, and very few international and language courses. It may be due to the size of the college, but the capacity and options for classes are the worst.


Honestly, the food. It's not the most horrible food I've ever ate. I just wish there were more choices for someone like myself who is a Vegan. It's hard at times to eat for my lifestyle.


The small size and lack of school spirit.


It is expensive.