Wagner College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who like small classes, small campuses, and people who like forming close relationships with professors instead of just being a number.


Students who are highly motivated and want to excel should attend Wagner College. Students looking for a comfortable and small environment with strong caring faculty will thrive here. Students who are focused on their studies and who want to have good clean fun should look here first. This school is a twenty minute ferry ride to NYC but has a casual, safe campus with views of the city skyline.


The student's here are very well driven and know where they want to be when they graduate. I believe if you want to attend Wagner College make sure you know what you want to study and focus on from the very beginning.


People who attend Wagner College should be determinated, have perserveance, be self-motivated, and be ready to have fun.


Anyone wishing to pursue a performing arts (music, theatre, dance) or physician assistant degree should attend Wagner, as these are the school's top strengths. Wagner is also a great school for anyone who is undecided, because there are so many options and internships that Wagner can set up for you. The faculty is very helpful and will help you discover what you want to do with your life and bring out the best in you.


A strong independent person who is able to make the best out of what they are given. There are many opportunities at Wagner but you must work for them; they are never handed to you.


Someone career oriented who wants to be able to take advantage of first class internships connected to New York City.


This school has a very good theatre program so anyone interested in the arts should go here. Basically, anyone can go here its very diverse.


An individual who wishes to be close to a city but would still like to enjoy a small, green campus. It allows for a certain amount of freedom and is perfect if you are not sure whether you want a rural or urban school, because you can easily seek out both and in between here.