Wake Forest University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wake Forest is a richley diverse community, made up of driven and talented students with a strong sense of school spirit and pride, superior professors who challenge the minds of the next generation and a motto that strikes a chord in every Deacons heart, Pro Humanitate.


I have no idea.


Just like it's name, Wake is not one of those campuses that is located in the center of a city. It is a very pretty, secluded campus surrounded by tress that feels like you are really in a forest. But that;s on the outskirts, the main campus also has two quads (the main quad and the lower quad) where you attend class and can grab food. Then there's the dorms with freshman living on South Campus and upperclassmen living on North Campus. The roads on campus basically form a big oval with 3 different entrances and construction on a business school.


Wake Forest University combines a strenuous academic environment with a family like atmosphere and a strong sense of community.


One of the best academic challenges you will encounter


Wake Forest is a stimulating institution which combines vast educational opportunities with a comfortable small-school setting.


Wake is an academically demanding school which forces you to learn how to balance your time. Students learn about themselves and discover that they have multiple interests and skill. Wake seeks to help students accomplish their goals and to dream big, offering scholarships for research and study abroad.


Wake Forest combines a greart on campus social and academic environment, but lacks the necessary connections and involvement with Winston-Salem, missing an opportunity to become an amazing university.


A good school, but tough.


A place of intellectual stimulation in the classroom and carefree fun on the weekends.


A wonderful place to learn about yourself and grow as an individual, where academics are placed above all else.


Southern, rich private school that has small classes and great professors. It is very conservative, and not very diverse in regards to the student population.


WFU is great academically, but needs tends to ignore the individual student.


Wake Forest is an academically challenging school with plenty of opportunities to get involved.


Medium-size liberal arts university located in beautiful NC town, with great opportunities for academic, professional, and personal growth for professors and students.