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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Is the stereotype of students at Wake accurate? OBVIOUSLY. This school is chalk full of rich snobs who think they're entitled. It's hilarious, but true. Besides, only some of us belong at this Top-25-ranked university; there are some unintelligent humans here; I'm pretty sure their parents may have bribed the admissions office...


The stereotypes are somewhat accurate. There are a lot of upper class white kids here, but there is a fair amount of diversity. Many students (like myself) come from lower middle class families, and are able to attend as a result of good financial aid. Also, there is a good amount of racial diversity. Blacks and Asians are pretty well represented, and the rest have at least a few people. As far as the "smart kid" stereotype, that's a pretty accurate one. Just about everyone who goes here is a pretty intelligent individual. However, many students chose to go to Wake because they were rejected by a higher ranked school (namely, Ivy League schools or Duke). But others (once again, like myself) chose Wake over other schools because of its unique personality.


The stereotype of "White Forest," though, is being openly acknowledged, and each class has become more and more diverse. From my experience, there are tons of northerners (Jerseyans in particular) that contrast interestingly enough with the slow-talking, deep-fried southerners. Some kids come from the west, a few from outside the US, but the students seem mostly to come from the east coast. There's even a couple kids from Rhode Island. Go figure. And, though generally not the most racially integrated student body, people of all backgrounds mix and mingle just fine. The "Work Forest" stereotype is as true as you want it to be. There are certainly ways of making it hard on yourself, say, by maintaining the same aspirations of graduating at the top of your class that you had in high school. Things are different here. There are so many great minds at Wake that standing out requires a particular creativity, not just making the grades.


A student confront supposed stereotypes that are associated with WakeForest students.


A student describes the stereotypes associated with Wake Forest students.


Pretty much.


Not entirely, but there is an affluence to the campus that is not common in many schools. I think we have a lack of diversity, and most kids are pretty driven, but not always smart.


They are somewhat accurate in that most Wake students fall into these categories, but the stereotypes have a negative connotation that I don't think is true of all Wake students.


Somewhat. There definitely are these types of people at Wake, but there are more Northerners that you would expect, and they are not as preppy as you think.


Not entirely but they do describe a very large portion of the student body


though many students are wealthy not all are wake is more diverse than people think


Most people probably fit one or two of these stereotypes. Some, none.


These stereotypes are definately not accurate. Although there is a large population from the south and many people are pretty, it is definately not everyone. I feel that student's that come here can find a great group that they will identify with.


Generally--yes, but not true for all students


Stereotypes at Wake are overall inaccurate, but there are those that represent them well. Students generally focus on those that adhere to the stereotypes rather than the majority that do not. In my personal opinion, however, I do believe that a good number of the students are campus are spoiled and are more concerned with status than with more important matters.


The stereotypes are somewhat accurate. A lot of students at Wake are very preppy and many are wealthy. However, there is also a large faction of students that are here on scholarship and do not have money, or, even if they do, do not flaunt it. Many students here are very skinny and attractive but not all.


In many cases, yes, the stereotype is accurate. However, you can find people from all backgrounds and races at Wake Forest. You just have to look a little harder to find them.


Yes--every single one.


they have a base in accuracy but are exaggerated


to some extent...


Some. Greek life is really big on our campus, but it makes it more fun. There are always parties to go to, free alcohol, and fun people. For me greek life is awesome cuz ive made so many more friends through my sorority. The part about the money is not true. Many people do not have as much money as some others. I work for my money and my parents don't pay for any of my stuff except my actualy tuition. Some ppl can be snobby but others, like me, appreciate everything


To a certain extent they are. Preppy is definitely a majority, but it's not overwhelmingly so. And of course there are those students more financially stable than others, but when it comes down to it more people are starving college students. And everyone is pretty smart, unless theyre trying not to be.


The school most definitely challenging. Some students are snobby.


Students -yes, very true Schools -while the school is very greek, it is sort of like, since it is a big deal, it almost isn't as much of a big deal. since so many people are in the greek system, it is less cliqueish, and more like another club that you are in. -there aren't a lot of "easy A" classes, but at the same time, A's are possible in most classes. The work will be worth it.


..mostly, yeah.


To some extent. There's not alot of diversity and alot of students like to dress up, but I have found that there are all kinds of people who fit in perfectly here.


Wake is a very "preppy" school, as many students came from wealthy areas of the country. For the most part, I'd day students dress nicely, and care about money. As far as Greek life goes, it is really big at Wake, so if you are anti-Greek life, Wake may not be the best choice for you.


From a surface level this appears true but once you look closer, there is diversity here.


yes and no. i mean yeah, most people that go here are rich prep school brats it is a private school afterall, but by no means does everyone fit that role. you can really find who you fit in with anywhere.


To some extent yes, there is little diversity when it comes to the student body. Excluding athletes, the great majority of kids at Wake are preppy and come from upper middle class backgrounds.


Surprisingly, as someone who has lived in Boston and Ohio, I never felt like Wake was very Southern at all. I'm not sure if it was self-selection, but I honestly only have a handful of southern friends, with the rest hailing from the north like myself. People are definitely pretty preppy here-- we do like to wear dresses and ties to tailgate-- but it is mostly by choice. Wear a sundress to a football game and you'll never go back, trust me, it's too hot for black jerseys or t-shirts. Athletes are generally the only ones that wear sweats to classes unless you're one of the many health-obsessed students who hit the gym before your 10am. We are definitely work hard, play hard at Wake, though. With the amount of work we put in during the week and especially Sundays, you would go crazy if you didn't go out as hard as we do. It's all self-preservation and we are happy to do it.


YES! Diversity in a variety of fields is lacking here. There is more than meets the eye to a lot of people here; i have some of the most interesting friends who will probably change the world in some way, but most of them still fit into those stereotypes.


No. Granted it is expensive to attend Wake Forest, but that doesn't mean that everyone has a lot of money.


not completely. I know more liberal kids here than conservative, and many many many non christians.


Like all stereotypes, there is some merit to them, however, Wake Forest is also very diverse. I am a theatre major and a dance minor so the people I am around most of the time are not in sororities or fraternities and they are very liberal or democrats.


You definitely find such types of people on this campus, any they may make up a majority of the population on campus, but there is definitely a feel of great diversity among the student population.


i don't want to think so but every time I think it has been proven wrong I run into another one


everyone is self-centered, yes, but not everyone is rich or white


Somewhat, but many times not.


no. you can go to any school and find people who fit that description. sure people here are rich, but you kind of have to be to afford it here.


The thing about stereotypes is that there is a reason why they exist, because, to some extent, it's valid. However, it would be unfair to say that EVERYONE here fit into that mold. There are people who are from middle-class families, people who are here on a full scholarship, and others who are in fact sons and daughters of CEO's. Like the world, it is a mix of people.


No way! First of all, a lot of my friends are on financial aid or scholarship. Kids come from all different economic backgrounds. Diversity among race could be better, but there are students from all different countries on campus. I have friends from England, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, and Peru. Lastly, a lot of kids at Wake are preppy, but definitely not everyone. All types of style are welcome.


yes, for the most part


From my experience (if it wasn't obvious from my description), this is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} true.


depends are who you are looking at


There's some truth to the stereotype but there is definitely a strong liberal, more artsy student body that isn't always given the credit it deserves. Not everyone pops their collar and wears only pastels--there's a definite representation of tie-dye and skinny jean emo kids.




most are true and if they aren't it is easy to see why some might jump to such conclusions.


Yes for the most part. It is very hard, there are many good looking people who also are very preppy and such.


Lots of Wake students are that way. There is a significant subcommunity of us, however, that are regular, down-to-earth people who just came here to get an education. While the Greek system is annoying in some ways, it does pretty effectively filter the people who are here for other purposes out of the social realm of the rest of us. It is weird to sit in class next to those people, though, and feel like you're attending two completely different universities.