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Wake Forest University

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Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

My Freshman year. January, Spring 2009. Our basketball team won against UNC-Chapel Hill by 1 POINT. It seemed like the entirety of our student body was at the Coliseum rooting on our Deacs. After our win, we rushed the court and jumped up and down screaming for what seemed like hours. Then we all rushed back to campus and TP-ed the quad (we call it Rolling the Quad). The amount of cheering people on that quad was absolutely unreal. SO FANTASTIC to have that sort of bonding experience with peers and people you didn't know. I was hugging random strangers and cheering on our victory. The next day it looked like it had snowed solely on our quad...obviously it was a lot of cheap toilet paper found in the dorms, but it was AWESOME

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