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What's the dating scene like?

OK, so here's the dealio. In general, the people here don't date. Why? I have no idea; however, the exceptions include the following: 1) people here who have significant others generally have been dating them since high school. 2) IF a student here has a significant other, there is a 95% chance they go to another university besides Wake Forest. 3) Hook-ups are prevalent. They occur a lot. I'm pretty sure it's because frat boys don't want to be tied down. They need options. Every weekend. 4) There are exceptions; I dated someone from here once. Are we still together? Nope. 5) Religious persons here generally gravitate toward one another. My ex-best friend is now engaged. She's only been dating this dude for 9 months. Too soon? Dumb question. 6) Attn boys: if you're planning on dating your girl through senior year, SHE WILL EXPECT A RING BEFORE SPRING. So start saving. Or break up. You're probably too immature to get married at age 21 anyways.

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