Wake Forest University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Very clean


Dorms- let's see, they're different every year depending on which side of campus you're on. So freshman year, I lived in Johnson Hall. It's the oldest dorm on campus, but I didn't really have any problems. And thank the LORD that all of the dorms are air-conditioned. August in NC is HOT and HUMID. The rooms are pretty tiny, not going to lie, but if you have a decent roommate, it's not so bad. The frosh year dorms are on the south quad, so they're uber close to classes aka if you only wake up 5 min before class, you can still make it to class. Sophomore year I lived in Taylor Hall- it was more like a suite of rooms instead of hall-style. But they're pretty much the same. We lived near the sig chi lounge, so sometimes it was loud, but we dealt. We had the occasional cockroach or mold issue, but trust me, those are normal. Fire alarms were quite frequent though. Every dorm has THAT problem.

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