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Describe the students at your school.


A person who would be out of place at Wake is a gothic person. The typical student is fairly preppy and involved. The four tables of students in the dining hall are a fraternity, a sorority, a group of athletes, and the a group of black fraternity/sorority students.


Wake students are mostly the same, yet they are all unique. We come from different financial backgrounds, but I feel like we can all relate on some level.


Although there are definitely some stereotypes about Wake students, there is still lots of diversity among the student body. Most students wear casual, but not too casual, clothes to class (jeans and a top, khackis and a Polo shirt). There is also a large group of students who dress up (skirts, dresses, khackis, button-downs, etc.) I would say the population is split pretty evenly between the North and South. Different types of students definitely interact, which is great about Wake.


wake has a very distinct stereotypical student and if you aren't that, it's noticed; minorities, liberals stand out the most; students wear sweats or ridiculously nice outfits to class, so much so that sometimes it's like a fashion show; extra curriculars help different students interact; the four tables: greeks, jocks, religious, ubber-involved; most students are from new jersey or NC; most have a lot of money; they are not politically aware at all but if they are they are conservative; money is always a topic/motivator


All students talk about money. Everyone has a Type A personality, which is tremendous because a lot gets done around here but it's absolutely horrible when there are disagreements.


I think Wake's student body is pretty homogenous, and seeing as I fit in the mold of the 'typical' Wake Forest student it's hard to say who would feel out of place on our campus, but it would seem that most minority students would feel a little out of place at our school seeing as it is so largely un-diverse...most students dress up nicely for class, wearing polos and preppy clothes and sporting t-shirts from various Greek organizations. Lots of Wake students from New Jersey and NC...


the black people here seem to clump together and get mad that there arent more black people, but honestly they should have known that before they came. one of wakes nicknames is 'white forest' .. all the black kids in luter isolate themselves and hate on the white kids. im not trying to sound like an asshole, but thats the truth


Racial not diverse people get dressed to go to class, rare to see someone in sweats (unless they're athletes or going to/coming from the gym) 4 Tables of students in the Dining hall: Athletes, Frats, God Squad, ..? Prevalent financial bg: $$$$$$$$$$


Wake is not very diverse, but I do not find it to be a racist campus. The athletes stick together a lot because they are practicing so much together everyday and can relate to each other on that level, but they are intermingled in dorms and classes which is really nice. Anyone could be in the room next to the football quarterback or star of the basketball team. There are students of all types of socio-economic backgrounds. I have several friends on complete financial aid and no one would ever know it. There are many different religious groups on campus and I have never seen an prejudice against any of them. Students usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt to class. It ranges from almost every style though. I have never seen anyone wear pajamas to class, but the athletes are usually in sweats. Wake students come from all over the country (and beyond). Literally, my friends are from everywhere.


All types if you make an effort to get to know people. You'll find a lot of fake, conservative, upper class white kids, but most of them recognize their status and want to know something different.


Wake forest has no diversity whatsoever. Most people are either Catholic or babtist, but religion is not highly stressed. Most students are of middle or upper-class background, caucasian background. A student of a lower class background, with any other ethnicity other than white American would probably feel out of place (unless they are an athlete). Most students dress nicely to class. No one looks sloppy when the come to class except the athletes (they usually wear their athletic gear). Politics are not typically discussed on campus due to the equal amount of conservative southern republicans and liberal northerners.


too much racism and dislike between greeks (within different organizations) and non greeks


Alternative lifestyles are not very well represented, nor are minorities, though that is getting better. Students don't really wear sweatpants, etc., to class. They are usually dressed nicely, and students tend to be pretty fashionable. Most students wear designer jeans and tote around designer handbags. For the most part, students have a lot of money. Just look at the parking lot--Hummers, BMWs, Mercedes. What is really nice about Wake is that only 30% of the student body comes from North Carolina. There is a really large percentage of Northerners here, so its not as overwhelmingly Southern as it could be. Students are definitely politically aware, and I'd say it is split between conservative and liberal. There is definitely a larger conservative contingent here than there is at most universities.


there is not as much diversity as i would have liked to see upon arrival. a student with a lack of social skills would probably feel out of place here, but i guess they feel out of place most places. four tables: 1. athletes 2. GDIs 3. frat 4. sorority


The campus is very Waspy. Most people are white and rich, however I like to believe that Wake students are very accepting of diversity. It is the type of atmosphere though when students consider originality as weird though. Girls get pretty dressed up for class. J.Crew and Polo is seen everywhere. There is a good diversity of people from different parts of the United States though. It is also a very republican student body.


Let me tell you the truth: Wake Forest would have no black people if they didn't pay us to come. The black community would diminish to the point that even the ones that went to fancy prep schools and hang out exclusively with the white kids would get scared and stay away. This 80-something percent white thing is no joke; it's about the same ratio that Howard has of Black to everything else. Sometimes this really does feel like an HWCU. But it's not the skin color that's the problem for me. I'm cool with white. I went to high school in the suburbs, after all. But these white kids are different. They dress like they just stepped off a yacht; pink shorts and rainbow flip-flops and stuff. Fancy cars. I don't have much contact with them for the most part. They just walk past me on the quad. I've long since stopped wondering what planet they're from and just accepted them as the people who pay for my education.


Wake's student body is incredibly geographically diverse. The student body is pretty politically apathetic, however, with the exception of election years. Kids are way richer than any college students should reasonably be. Most people think Wake is really conservative but it's a very even split on campus. Students definitely don't talk about how much they'll earn one day but you can tell they probably think about it. I'm a Jewish liberal from the North and I have never felt for one moment out of place at Wake. I truly feel like whatever your background you will be welcomed into the community and judged more by your character than anything else.


Everyone wants to treat people of other races the same. A student with a lot of tattoos and piercings would be out of place at Wake. Most students wear jeans and a casual shirt to class. Different types of students interact (different races, ethnicities, etc.). In the dining hall, there is a section for the athletes, the studiers, the frats, and the sororities. Middle class- upper class financial backgrounds are the most prevalent. Students seem to be politically aware while others are not simply because there is not enough time apart from activities and homework to stay caught up on politics. Predominantly right, but Wake is founded on left.


There are people of all ethnicities and races at Wake- obviously white is the majority, but other groups do exist. Students do interact. I know while Wake expands to its 4800 student body, that more students will be accepted from ethnic backgrounds. Wake wants to enlarge its ethnic student body because diversity is important to the university. I believe in diversity too since the world is becoming so much more global; however the best should be accepted to Wake, ethnicity should not make a difference- the most qualified should be accepted. I believe in diversity, but who can bring the most to Wake should be accepted- though diversity does play a part of this.


A good summary of Wake's student body would be, "Work hard. Play hard." Students like to have a good time and party, but not to the point of getting in the way of our education. We know that we are first and foremost here to get an education, but we believe we can do that while having fun. When it's time to study and work, we all buckle down and get it done. But when it's time to go out and celebrate, you can find students and various house clubs or bars.


Again, the stereotypical Wake student is rich, white, preppy, and active in Greek life. The athletes bring a different side to this stereotype, though, and of course there is more diversity than that. However, anyone either not fitting pretty well to this stereotype or a member of a varsity team is likely to feel at least somewhat out of place.


The student body is very homogenous and not having the financial resources to live highly can be stressful to students who cannot afford to do so. Yet there are pockets of students who do not fit the wealthy mold. Politically, the student body is on average pretty moderate, but there are both extremes on campus as well.


I don't really have any experiences with student groups around campus. The type of student that would feel out of place at was was an emo/gothic like person. A lot of students dress up for class. You will see a lot of greek letters and athletes in sweats also. I'm sure there are different types of students interacting but it's not that common. Everyone usually stays within their own crowd. Four tables in the dining hall. Athletes, freshmen, athletes, and sophomores. I have met Wake students from all over the country but the east coast and midwest are represented well. Financial background of 90% of the campus is the parents have money. Most of the students do seem politically aware and they are all over the board as far as left, right or center go but most professors seem on the left side.


Wake's student body is prodominantly white, there's no getting around that. Wake seriously lacks diversity, but it doesn't make it a worse school I have learned more about myself from the people I have met this year than I ever thought I could, so I don't think that the lack of diversity is really that big an issue. As far as what kind of student would fit in well at wake, I would probably say that someone who is not too alternative, but yet has a edge and seeks fun and adventurous things because Wake will certainly give you plenty of opportunities to have a good time.


Wake Forest is a more "preppy" school. Most students wear at least jeans and a t-shirt to class, but it is more common to find girls in a skirt, dress, or cute top. Guys typically wear a t-shirt, knit polo, or button down dress shirt. Students generally come from higher socioeconomic families, but once again, that is a huge generalization. haha, they don't really talk about how much they'll earn one day...


Everyone is the same for the most part. Anyone who isnt a preppy, upper-middle to high class, white, thin, smart individual. ~ Preppy or nice clothes. ~ No not really. ~ Basketball players, football players, sorority tables, fraternity tables. ~ South or Northeast. ~ Upper-middle to Upper class. ~ Yes politically aware ~ Predominantly Right ~ Yes.


Wake's students tend to be from upper middle class families. A lot of students are Christian but I don't personally know of anyone of other religions. There are lots of Christian worship opportunities, too. Wake has a GSSA but I don't know anyone in it and I don't know anyone who is gay. For the most part, anyone who isn't upperclass, white, well-dressed and well traveled won't fit in at Wake. Most kids look like they stepped right out of a jCrew catalog. Students either dress up to class or wear sorority/fraternity jerseys and sweats. For the most part, however, students are really attractive and motivated and care about their appearances. If there were four students sitting at a table in the dining hall, they would all be white. Two would have brown eyes, one would have blue eyes, one would have green eyes. Two blonds, two brunettes. That's pretty much the extent of the diversity on Wake's campus. In terms of their accessories, they'd have on Ugg boots and David Yurman jewelry and would have Coach and Longchamp bags with them. Wake students don't talk about their wealth on a daily basis, but designer shoes, jeans, purses, etc. are prevalent on campus. Politically, the campus is pretty conservative.


wake's campus seems to me to be fairly accepting of all types. i don't know a lot of openly LGBT people on campus, but i know we have groups on campus that would help them feel more comfortable at wake. if there are 4 tables in the dining hall, one would be athletes, one would be a fraternity, one would be a sorority, and one would be half artsy people, half very studious people. i think that there is a large percentage of wealthy southerners at wake. a lot of wake students are from NC, texas, and new jersey. students are politically active, i think either fairly liberal or fairly conservative. i haven't heard students discussing their future salaries.


see "stereotypes" section...students are primarily white, straight, conservative, southern, affluent, and attractive. there is a thriving LGBT community at Wake, and pockets of liberals to be found if you're looking for them.


There is very little racial diversity at Wake and even less mixing between these groups. The minority groups that are on campus tend to be very separated from mainstream culture. I thought I would feel out of place here as a liberal, but I definitely don't. I think that stereotype of Wake is very much exaggerated. People here are always dressed in brand names and spend a lot of money on their clothes. If you don't have sperries and lots of polo, you will look out of place. At the same time, many students show up to class in sweats and t-shirts, but of course it's the right sororities t-shirt and is worn with UGG boots and chanel sunglasses. I think the top two states people here come from are North Carolina and New Jersey. The New Jersey-ites are generally the ones that have lots of expensive things and like to swipe daddy's credit card.


Many students attend religious groups but in many cases, there is a discrepancy between how they act in said groups and how they act on any given Friday night. The LGBT group is not really respected at all. Many people are homophobic or are just unwilling to accept differences. Most kids are from an upper middle class- upper class background... except for the athletes. Most students are conservative and identify themselves as more in line with Republican thought. There is somewhat of a dialogue about politics, but many students do not know enough about it to hold meaningful discussions and many (on both sides of the political spectrum) are close minded to other opinions.


People at Wake are very similar. You would never see a goth person dressed in all black with odd piercings and the punk rock type of person is rare. People wear anything from t-shirts and jeans to skirts and nice blouses. People hang out with greek life friends for the most part. Independents typically hang out together. People usually have plenty of money, but no one is really, really showy. Even though Wake is in the South, it is not a "Southern school". There are a lot of Northerners that go here. It's kind of unfortuante that there are not more of the "good ole boys".


As previously mentioned, most students at Wake come from a higher socio-economic class. What students wear to class varies, it is very mixed. For the most part, students do try to look nice, even if it just wearing jeans and a nice top. Students do wear t-shirts, especially for certain events. Overall, the apparel tends to be somewhat preppy and definitely high end. The four tables of students would probably be Athletes, Independents, Fraternity/Sorority and I'm not sure what the other table would be. These four different types of students do interact on many levels. Everyone may tend to keep to their own group, but they by no means exclude each other. I would say that many students are politically aware/active. I would assume that most students are conservative, but have found more and more liberal students.


Groups: none Out-of-place student: non-drinkers, extreme liberals, and poor dressers Clothes: dresses, skirts, t-shirts, jeans, pants, shorts. no sweatpants etc. Different students interact: yes Four tables: sorority, fraternity, sports team, gdi Financial: middle to upper class Backgrounds: mainly white, some asian and black Politics: some active, mainly republican Concern for future wage: yes


Wake is not that diverse. Most students wear jeans to class. Different types of students do interact. Wake students are very geographically diverse. The students are usually middle to upper middle class financially. Most students are politically aware. They are at all ends of the political spectrum. Only in a joking sense.


A lot of group segregation, racial especially but there are so many religious groups that many hang out with each other. Fraternity/sorority scene is very pervasive, its like two different worlds exist on campus, greek or not. Students look nice generally for class, never wear pajamas! In Benson there are definitely certain tables for certain fraternities and sororities - Kappa, Sig Ep, KA/Chi-Os near the door. Most Wake students are upper-middle class and well-off, have nice clothes and very nice cars. We're from all over but a lot from the South and New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania. Predominantly right-wing, not a very politically charged campus though. Most students in Econ/Business majors know they will be making a lot of money soon, but its not a typical thing to talk about.


I do not participate in those groups. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at Wake, we are very welcoming. It varies a lot what students wear to class, some wear sweatpants and some wear dresses and heels. Many different types of students interact a lot on campus. Wake students come from all over, but a good deal come from the South. The financial backgrounds also vary but most are middle to upper middle class. Students are politically active and becoming more liberal even though we are known for being more conservative. Some students, especially in the business school talk about money, but most are just concerned with finding a job that suits them.


-i was accosted by one religious group in our dining facility; told that if i didn't take christ as my savior i would spend eternity in hell. however, most religious groups are not as forward, nor hostile. i was just really lucky i guess. -unlike most northern schools where kids bop to class in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, wake students tend to step things up a notch ... especially in the preppy direction -a lot of students at wake are on scholarship/have a great deal of financial aid, but the atmosphere seems to suggest that everyone is a trust-fund baby -students are predominantly moderately-conservative, but us democrats exist -students are very focused on their future financial standings -our campus lacks diversity -there is a group for everyone here, it just takes some students longer to find their nitch than others ... if one is artistic, tends to think outside the box, edgy and such, they have to really search for students they are compatible with.


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People do not wear pajamas to class


Most of the racial students that I think of are athletes, and if they aren't a lot of them still hang out with the athletes. There is definitely a division and a lot of tension. Jeans and tee shirts are pretty typical to class, although some people dress up and some dress down. Rain boots are a must though when its raining- the campus floods. Most students are from the south. More are well to do than others but that can be attributed easily to the cost. The four tables I would have to say go as follows: the Greek table, the athlete table, the Screamin Demon table, and the table of the people you always wonder why they decided to come to Wake Forest.


People don't think there is much diversity on campus, because the most obvious people are the those that seem to have it all, but when you really look around, we have all sorts of people. You'll see people dressed anywhere from blazers and dresses, to jeans, to sweats for class. Politics are big on campus and while it seems like there are a lot of republicans on campus, there are a fair amount of liberals as well. Money is a big topic of conversation for some.


wake has a fairly diverse student body although it stereotypically does not- that has not been my experience. we have a variety of racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds represented on campus. to say that we don't is to ignore the reality of the campus. it really depends on the student in terms of who is politically aware, who is politcially left, right, center, etc. those types are things are not uniform for the student body and should definitely be looked at on an individual basis.


not much contact with those groups on campus, but I do know of activities they have and they are well advertised. A Gothic person would feel out of place at Wake -- someone who withdraws and does not take part in activities. Most students wear jeans, nicer shirts, sorority/fraternity gear, and casual shoes to class, but some people, especially girls, dress up occasionally. Different types of students interact, for example the athletes and non-athletes are very often friends. Four tables -- 1. athletes. 2. Greek affiliated students. 3. non-Greek but still involved. 4. a little more "uncool" group. Most Wake students are from North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, and Georgia. Most students come from middle to upper middle class families. most students are politically aware and are generally moderate. Most students are concerned with their future earnings.


So many more attractive girls than guys....and I'm a girl saying that! Everyone runs or goes to the gym...I lost weight my Freshman year! Greek life is huge, but more so you just need to be apart of it to be known than it necessarily controls your social life.


There is not enough diversity at Wake Forest. Most students dress up for class in nice clothes. Designer clothes are not uncommon. Most Wake students are from the east coast.


wake's student body is homogeneous and there is not too much racial mixing...coming from public school my entire life, this was hard to get used to. most students wear nice jeans and nice or casual tops to class, but youll also see people in their gym clothes. most division of students is by greek affiliation or sport team. high income families are prevalent. students are usually politically aware. they are predominately right. yes students talk about the hopes of making a good income one day.


Most students are fairly well off, financially. I feel like we have a diverse amount of politically left, right and centered students.


there seems to be something for almost everyone; wear sweats or dress up; different types of students don't seem to interact often; most students from east coast


Being Jewish, I sometimes feel out of place in the primarily Christian student body. Once in a while I have felt singled out because of my religion, but it does not come up in the student body very often. I know that racist and homophobic sentiments definitely exist on campus, which really upsets me. We're college students and should know better than to be so ignorant. I do not notice problems between those with a high socioeconomic status and those with a low socioeconomic status on campus. An extremely liberal, outspoken, gay, Northern, non-Christian person of low socioeconomic status might feel out of place at Wake! Each of these characteristics, which Wake students to embody, is accepted by the student body. This liberal, outspoken, gay, Northern non-Christian without a lot of money would be accepted at Wake, but may feel out of place if he/she is not comfortable with him or herself. Most students wear jeans, tee shirts and fleeces to class. Some women get dressed up to look stylish and some men will dress more formally. People will wear what is comfortable, for the most part. Different types of students do interact sometimes, but there is segregation between athletes/non-athletes and those who are Greek and those who are not. In the Pit, one table is for the athletes, one is for sorority girls and boys, one is for non-Greek students, and the fourth is for those who have no friends (JOKE! The so-called "no friends" section is a misnomer and seats those who want to eat in peace!). Most Wake students seem to be from North Carolina, while the rest are mostly from the East coast, north of Virginia. Everyone else's hometowns are scattered across the USA. Most students SEEM to come from a background where their families most likely had financial troubles. This is not necessarily true because there are plenty of people on scholarship and who have work-study jobs. Students are politically aware, but it's hard to tell if they're active because I do not know how many people are in College Democrats or College Republicans. No one has really organized anything on campus regarding the upcoming election, though. It seems that most students are conservative, with the next largest group being center and the smallest group being liberal. Of course students want to be rich and have great jobs, but I don't hear too many conversations regarding peoples' high expectations of themselves. Everyone just wants to be successful.

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