Wake Forest University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Our black population is definitely in the minority, although it is increasing. Most students dress up to class especially in the spring. Most black kids hang out together and most white kids hang out together-its pretty racially divided. Most students are from NC and NJ, and a lot from CT nowadays. A lot of rich people. Students dont talk politics as much as they probably should, at least not that ive noticed and dont talk about how much they will earn either.


Wake is a largely white, conservative, Christian student population, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a place where others can’t fit in. Those with especially strong minority opinions might not feel comfortable here because the campus is pretty strongly swayed towards certain groups of people. For example, it only takes a quick glance around a room full of Tory Burch flats to understand that the majority of students are fairly well-off financially. Most African-American students are athletes, and at times campus can seem racially divided, especially in areas like the pit. Athletes’ presence at fraternity parties are also known to cause tension and even physical altercations. However, there are two historically black sororities and one fraternity. The rest of the Greek organizations have students of color, but never more than a handful per group.


The campus is fairly politically conservative, but that's just a slight leaning. There are definitely plenty of liberal and differing viewpoints at Wake. The student body is becoming more and more diverse and there are a wide variety of students on campus.


The GLBT group here is very open and accepting, although we probably could be more activist in our attitude; it is a great place to meet good friends and to have a space in which to feel safe; students that feel out of place at wake are those who are very intellectual, GLBT students, almost any racial minorities-- this place is really homogenous; a good number of students wear nice/expensive clothes to class but others come in hoodies/t-shirts and sweats-- it depends on the day and who you're talking about; Most students here are from the southeast; students are more apathetic than not to political issues and tend to lean right; I would say that the majority of students here want to get jobs to earn money rather than follow an academic or vocational passion


Students often wear jean to class. Students are not particularly politically active. Student do talk about how much they expect to earn one day mainly from when their parents die.

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