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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Astronomy research club


The most popular organizations are fraternities or sororities, though there are many groups dedicated to community service. The Wake Forest motto is Pro Humanitate so there's always some type of outreach or community service program/organization, which draws in large numbers of students. There are really several clubs to join, even something as obscure as water-rafting or meditation. It's doubtful you won't find something that you're interested in. I write for the school newspaper and help with the literary magazine, both things i vastly enjoy. The only problem is that i'd like to join more clubs but just don't have the time. If you're an incoming freshman, making friends is relatively easy and the dorms are generally sociable. Though as a transfer student there's definitely more work and initiative necessary to build a social circle. Athletic events are hugely popular here, especially tail-gating. If you're not involved in a fraternity or sorority it will be difficult to find social events on campus but if you have a car there are several things to do in town. Wake Forest also offers a shuttle service into town as well. Much of my time is spent attending club activities, going to lectures, presentation, or documentary screenings, and writing (sounds nerdy, but is in all honesty a blast to me). There is also the occasional game or party. There are many traditions here at Wake Forest, many of them dry and boring in themselves, but serve as excellent social frames for meeting people and spending time with friends. Some of the famous traditions are teepeeing the quad and Hit the Bricks, a fundraiser in which you complete circles around the quad with a bag full of bricks (no really, it's fun).


Most popular student group of all time: Greek life sororities and fraternities. Second most popular- Student Union. I'm involved with the Learning Assistance Center tutoring program. I tutor French because I love it, and most of my "tutees" need help because their professors are grammar nazis. Students leave doors open- there's a fifty-fifty chance that your stuff will be fine or will be stolen. Athletic events are popular in different ways- football games: primarily for tailgates, and basketball games; primarily for cheering on the Deacs. Guest speakers are the shit; Joe Biden talked at the 2008 class graduation. Emily Giffen, one of my favorite authors, spoke here. Too bad I was studying abroad in Paris at the time. Dating scene: almost non-existent unless one has a significant other they've been dating since high school. Most people jut hook up. My closest friends I met randomly. One was a friend of a friend, and one I met at the gym. If Im awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm doing homework or studying. What a shocker. Traditions and events: Shag on the Mag- it's a dance, not sex. Homecoming- people get dressed up and dressed down after they get schwasted. Lighting of the Quad- Christmas tree gets lit up. Delicious cider is served. Big deal. People party a lot because we're so stressed out and drinking helps us de-stress and forget about out 25page papers for a while. Frats/Sororities: be in one or be ostracized. Last weekend, I hosted a Christmas party and I made Peppermint Schnapps hot chocolate. It was delectable. On a Saturday night, if you prefer not to drink, DON'T GO OUT SOBER. Go to the movies or do some more homework. Off campus, I go thrift-store shopping, go on booze runs, or go on the occasional date if I'm lucky.


There are literally too many popular student activities/groups to list here. Whether it is the vibrant Greek life scene on campus, or the thriving media organizations, students are quick to find their niche here at Wake. Even the Division I athletic teams we boast are exciting to support during their regular seasons. Parties are common, and every Wednesday is the only week day you will find available to relieve the stress of Wake Forest's academic rigor. The university owns the motto: "Study hard, Party harder."


A big part of being a Demon Deacon is supporting athletics. Football games and basketball games are especially a huge deal. But there is an chance for everyone to find a sport they love from Rugby to Frisbee. Being a theatre minor theater I am partial to the performance arts at Wake like the plays, singing and dance concerts. The closest friends are usually met freshman year in your hall or dorm. There's a lot of studying but also time for fun like Wake Wednesday when frats throw theme parties and a shuttle that runs students to downtown bars. Most events are located on campus though, we call it the "Wale Forest Bubble" we don't leave too frequently.


Wake kids party, and there is always something to do. I'll put it this way: as a freshman, I wandered around the outskirts of campus with a pack of similarly-clueless freshman in search of a party. When knocking on a random door and greeted by a couple seniors, we asked if they were having a party. They said "Well, there's no party, but we can change that." And thus one of the most memorable (or, more appropriately, least memorable) ragers of a party had started. The point is that students loves to kick back and see how long it takes before passing out. During exams week? Well, it's time to make up for the procrastinating you did all semester and actually study - for most people. There is a decent downtown area, though it is fairly small and limited to a dozen or so watering holes. A new campus shuttle program takes student downtown (a 4 or 5 mile trek) from Thursday - Saturday and from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. thanks to that awesome student body president I mentioned earlier. Sports are big, too. Tailgate at football games and then party afterward. Adorn yourself in that hideous tie-dye and cheer at the basketball games for the streaky yet high-quality basketball team. And the soccer team won the national championship in 2007. Sports are big.


Social life is entirely centered around fraternities and sororities. Parties every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, some Thursdays (maybe Mondays).


Greek life is very prominent on campus. Most parties are hosted at fraternity houses, and a large number of women are involved in sororities. While this is the case, it is not necessary to be part of greek life in order to enjoy certain aspects of it. Anyone can go to frat parties, and many students have friends in different greek organizations, or ones who are not affiliated with any. I met all of my closest friends on my freshman residence hall, and all of them are in different sororities than I am. Everyone I know leaves their doors open and welcomes visitors.


Greek life is very big on Wake's campus. I'm involved in Chi Omega and it has helped keep me well-rounded as far as providing me with social, academic, and service opportunities as well as helping me find my best friends. Athletic events are especially popular when the team is good. Football is popular because students like to tailgate and men's soccer is popular because they are typically very good. People seem to be "hooking up" or "together" more often than they date with titles but as students get older they tend to have serious relationships. People party as much as 4 nights a week and often during the day when the weather gets nice. Last weekend I went to a frat party one night and a date function at the same fraternity the following night.


Very heavily Greek oriented.


Fraternities and sororities dominate the social scene. Student body is divided into 3 groups: Greeks, athletes, and GDIs.


Wake is not a dry campus and the party scene is predominately at fraternity or sorority social events. There are some bars in the town which upper classmen frequently go to, but otherwise students (greek and independent) hit the frat party scene. Althletic events (mostly football) are very popular and well attended. People usually party Friday and Saturday night and on Wednesday nights during the week (refered to as Wake Wednesdays).


It's mostly that you are either an athlete or involved in Greek life.


Fraternities and sororities are the most popular organizations on campus. Some students leave their doors open in the dorm, but I know of multiple students who have had valuables stolen from their rooms. Football games are popular, but most other sporting events are not. Guest speakers and theater tend not to be very popular, even though there are many interesting speakers brought to campus. I met my closest friends in my dorm. People usually party every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.


Greek organizations are very popular. I love my sorority! Joining Delta Zeta has been one of the best choices I have made during my time at Wake. Greek life in general is very welcoming and open and it is a good way to meet new people. All the frat parties are open but you have to be invited to sorority functions. Wednesdays are a big night for people to go out to parties but some students still choose to stay in and catch up on school work.


If there is one word to describe wake social life, it would have to be: GREEK. If you are dead set against joining a Greek organization, or have a problem with Greek like, you may not want to come to Wake. Most parties are thrown by the fraternities, and the majority of the girls who attend them are in sororities. Being Greek gives you an identity at Wake. It gives you a place to party, and a group of friends to do it with. It when I say party, i mean binge drink. Wake students have a work hard, play harder mentality. As far as sober Saturday night fun? Well...I wouldn't know what that is. You would have to ask someone who lived in Johnson, the sober dorm, freshman year


People at Wake do not date. They hook up. Sometimes people hook up exclusively--then they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating doesn't happen. I met my closest friends through my freshman hall and my sorority. Greek life is pretty much key at Wake. I know a lot of people who didnt get into a frat or sorority feel excluded since so much of what goes on is Greek-related. Off campus, the options of what to do are slowly diminishing. Wake has been buying out some local bars, and now there are 2-3 options that are close... otherwise you have to go (Far away) to downtown to have your fun.


Wake has a great social and activities calendar! There is always something going on whether it is a party of some kind with a fraternity or sorority, or a forum on some issue facing students today. I would say that greek life is definitely important on campus just because of the sheer numbers of students who choose to be greek, but it is by no means overpowering. I have many friends who are and many who aren't greek, so it doesn't define the student body here.


Greek life is predominantly responsible for the social life on campus. I'm a Delta Zeta, which is the newest sorority on campus; we don't have a fixed image or stereotype yet because we don't have the history like the others do. I rarely lock my door in my dorm, but that's mostly because I live on the 4th floor and nobody ever walks all the way up here. Athletic events are popular for freshmen, thanks to Screamin' Demons. Football tailgates are the center of Saturday activities in the fall. There is a small dating scene here-- most people are more focused on finding either a steady hookup or a different guy each night. My closest friends lived on my floor last year-- most of them are guys who joined the same fraternity-- and I live in the same dorm as them this year also.


people often go off campus for night life. Either there are frat parties in their houses or at bars(where ppl can still drink easily) many times alcohol is free. There are also a lot of good places to eat. people leave their doors open a lot and i never feel bad going into ppls rooms to talk and hang out. A lot of times my friends and i wioll watch our fac shows in our rooms and on the weekend have awesome pregames either in our rooms singing songs.. or with out sororit.


As far as the social life goes, I would say it is primarily Greek party wise. That could also be because me and most of my friends are involved in greek organizations, however. I know a ton of people in my dorm who choose to not attend parties or drink on the weekends and theres always something going on, whether its concerts in chapel hill or greensboro (or even downtown winston-salem) or student union and student government activities - like Shag on the Mag. You meet a ton of great people both at parties and on your dorm halls. Everyone is really social and you shouldn't have a problem finding a fit thats right for you.


Greek Life here on campus is hands down the largest organization. We have other organizations such as service oriented to diversity oriented, but Greeks tend to rule the social scene and therefore many people join fraternities of sororities.


Freshman halls bond with each other quite a bit. Frats and Sororities are bigger as you get past being a freshman. I really like that, although a lot of student's drink regularly, I feel like if you don't go out all the time, people don't really care and don't judge you for it. You could always find an event to do on a weekend that doesn't involve alcohol, but some would definitely be better than others. Joining clubs and stuff will help with that. Drugs are almost non-existent when you compare it the standard of other colleges. They make it pretty clear during orientation that if you are caught with weed or anything else, you will be in big trouble, whereas it can be possible to weasel your way out of an alcohol violation.


Either you hang out with atheletes or youre greek or you dont have a social life. also, we do party really hard, no one goes out unless theyre getting absolutely trashed


Dating scene - not so hot, there are a lot of single people and there's a lot of random hookups. Greek life is big here, and a lot of the parties have been pushed off campus. Most of the fraternity make their pledges sober shuttle people to all their off campus parties. There are one or two over 18 bars *though one may be torn down in 2009* and once you are 21 there is a whole new scene in downtown Winston-Salem -it's nice to change it up halfway through college. Fall is football season which is amazing. Some students wear sundresses and bowties and some wear Wake gear but everybody has a great time tailgating. The year we won the ACC and went to the Orange Bowl (which it seems like everybody flew to Miami to see) was the most incredible season.


Greek life is the center of social life at Wake, at least in my opinion. Many students don't lock their doors, and this is usually safe. Athletic events are more popular than guest speakers, and definitely more popular than theater, but this fluctuates. I met my closest friends freshman year and in my sorority pledge class. I eat off campus a lot, and go to bars downtown.


One thing you should know before coming to Wake is that Greek life dominates this school. If you are not going to be on a sports team or in a fraternity or sorority, life may be difficult for you. There are many independents who have a great social life here but they are on the periphery. Everything revolves around fraternities and sororities.


the campus is dominated by greek life. 90% of all the parties on campus are greek parties. we are a hard liquor campus, not so much drugs. the football games are usually pretty packed...for the first 5 mins.


Fraternities and sororities, like I said, are huge at Wake. But if you're from the North, don't let this scare you away. Most people who come to Wake thinking they will hate Greek life (myself included) tend to have a change of heart and learn to love it. It is not nearly as intense and caddy as the movies like to make it appear. Fraternities are pretty much just a group of guys that like to get drunk together, to be honest. When I first got to Wake, before sororities were even in the picture, I joined lacrosse because I wanted the team feeling back from my high school days. It has been such a good way to get to know other girls on campus and get some fun exercise. There are a ton of club sports teams and intramural teams offered at Wake besides lacrosse, too, and they are really popular with students here as well. Dorm life at Wake is great. Freshman year you will live in a dorm with all freshman and a number of RAs and people tend to get really close to their halls. The upperclassmen dorms are really nice, and set up as suites, with 4 or more rooms and a common bathroom. Rooms are decently sized, but you will definitely be ready to upgrade to an apartment when you are a senior (or junior). The apartments by campus are really nice, affordable, and well-run, and so popular with Wake kids that you are sure to have some friends as neighbors. Houses by campus are also really cheap and pretty well-kept, so they will often be bought up by fraternities and sororities or groups of friends so they can hold their own parties. The dating scene at Wake is not terribly lively, as most guys and girls tend to stick to random hooks up that may later lead to relationships. Relationships are definitely common among the older crew, but as freshman and sophomores people generally choose to play the field and see what's out there. Wake Wednesday's have become a tradition at Wake, because apparently we all need the aid of alcohol to get over the hump of mid-week misery. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are definitely the biggest social nights on the calendar, but Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays pick up significantly once you're of-age. We are also big fans of day drinking, especially in the spring when the weather is perfect for some morning punch or cheap champagne and pools of jello pudding to make things messy. More tame traditions are events like Hit the Bricks, Wake 'n Shake (both charitable events that raise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Foundation), a ton of events held by the Student Government and Student Union (concerts, carnivals, dances, etc.), and of course tailgates, football games, and basketball games. Wake is alllll about tradition and is what makes the campus so close and the alums keep coming back.


If you are really into the indie scene (movies or music) and if it's really important to you, then look elsewhere.


Wake Forest has a great social scene. Fraternities and sororities are a HUGE part of that social scene. I think that the Greek life on Wakes campus is incredibly important. I may be biased as a member of the Greek community, but I think we do a lot more than just throw parties. The Greek system raises a lot of money on campus for great causes and always has a great turnout to nonGreek fundraisers as well.


The most popular groups on campus are definitely the Greek systems. I'm a Kappa Delta, which is a sorority. We're known on campus as the "smart girls." Students typically leave their doors open in the dorms. I met my closest friends through my sorority. The dating scene is non-existent. People are either in committed relationships or they just hook up. The Greek system is very important. Last weekend I went to a frat party. There is not much to do on the weekends that doesn't involve drinking.


The most popular groups are sororities or fraternities. I'm a Kappa Delta but I'm also a dancer. Students do leave their doors open - I feel safe here.


About half of the students are involved in Greek Life on campus, which pretty much dominates the social scene. Athletic events are generally high in attendance, especially the football and basketball games. One of the most popular groups on campus is Student Union, which organizes fun and creative events for students to get their minds off work and enjoy a good time with their friends. This group also plans the annual events and traditions that Wake has. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the big "going out" nights.


it's the jocks and the greeks, if you're not one there are definitely social groups, just on a smaller calaber; I'm a pi phi and don't do too much with it but do a lot of greek organized charity events like breast cancer fashion show and wake n' shake; we always locked ours but we were the minority; athletic events are popular but only if the team is good, very touch and go depending on the season; people only go to guest speakers for class which is stupid some great minds come here but it's hard to advertise; I only attend theater because I have friends in the plays; the dating scene is either marriage oriented or hooking up, there are a lot of couples on campus; my freshman hall is where I met my closest friends; I would be studying or hanging out with friends but any other night I may be out at a party; don't know much about traditions except rolling the quad; people either don't party or party 1-3 times a week; greek life is mostly important only if you are greek or want to be greek, if you are not affiliated normally it's because you don't want to be and aren't interested in the system; last weekend I was in Myrtle Beach on a fraternity beach weekemd; Saturday nights can be movies, sports games, or hanging out with friends or concerts; off campus I work at a tennis shop, volunteer most semesters, and go out to eat


My closest friends were all on my hall freshman year. We've remained a close-knit group of girls and I couldn't imagine my life without them. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, so are they. And they're probably with me. We're either out at a party, hanging out in sweatpants laughing and eating Ben & Jerry's, or at the library all studying together and sending emails to one another trying to make someone laugh out loud.


most popular groups are definitely Greek organizations, dominates the student activities on campus...I'm involved in Pi Beta Phi and that has definitely enhanced my experience at Wake this semester, allowing me to get to know over 100 new girls and get involved in different campus activities in a new way...It's a great way to get involved and get to meet new people and be a part of something fun and exciting...People seem to party pretty often at Wake, most parties revolve around the Greek system and off-campus fraternity house parties.


greek life seems to dominate. most people party wed, fri, and saturday. sometimes mondays too. people not involved in greek life seem to despise it though. and the administration is not exactly supporting it, even though we raise so much money for charities and actually do good tihngs, not just drink


Greek life is huge on campus, although the school is trying to downplay its presence *by taking down the Greek letters on the quad) Athletic events are pretty big, especially basketball and football i'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday.. I'm studying my brains out People party a lot. There is something to do on any given day


There are plenty of fun organizations and teams for any interests. Dorm doors are usually closed when the people leave, but open when someone is in the room. Football games, soccer games, and basketball games are popular to go to. Greek life is a lot of fun, but very open if you are not interested. All parties are open to everyone and all sororities and fraternities intermingle and are friends. I met my closest friends on my freshmen hall and in my sorority. The dating scene varies. There are definitely a lot of couples dating, but there are also a lot of random hookups. You can have either depending on what you are looking for. People usually go to frat parties on Fridays and Saturdays. There is also drinking usually on Wed and Thurs at bars. A lot of times the frats rent out the bars for open parties. You can also go bowling, to the movies, hiking, or visit Charlotte on the weekends.


Greek! There are a lot of organizations around campus that you can get involved in, but the most overwhelming social scene is Greek.


The most popular groups on campus are fraternities and sororities. I am in a sorority (pi beta phi). Students usually leave their doors open and welcome visitors. Athletic events are well attended given the small size of the school. Guest speakers and theater performances are not very well attended by students, but are relatively well attended by the winston-salem community. The dating scene is pretty much non-existant. I have a boyfriend but I am in a minority. I met my closest friends through my classes, surprisingly, and not my sorority. At 2 am on a Tuesday, I am absolutely sleeping and have been sleeping for a while. The main tradition at Wake is "rolling the quad" after athletic wins. After any win in basketball or football, students run out to the quad and throw toilet paper over the magnolia trees. People party pretty often (Friday, Saturday, and "wake wednesday"). Fraternities and sororities are very important because they are pretty much the only source of parties on campus. They rent out bars and have house parties. There isn't much that you can do on a Saturday nigth that doesn't involve drinking, except maybe going to a party and choosing not to drink.


drinking.. all the time. we need more culture. sometimes we can go to the theater shows, etc


Greek life is enormous. However, because there aren't Greek houses and because we have deferred rush, it is not as dividing as it could be. The party scene is almost entirely Greek, with sports teams occasionally having parties. Bar scene is almost nonexistent. People party 2 - 3 times a week on average: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Chock it up to the nice weather, but day parties are extremely popular with the students--and definitely one of the best parts of Wake.


most popular organizations revolve around greek life. and the most popular sports teams are the ones that make the most money i.e. football, basketball. i don't attend basketball games but i went to almost all the football games. last weekend i went to a few parties and drank. most of my friday saturday and wednesday night involve drinking...plus the occasional monday/tuesday. off campus i work and shop and eat with friends


Greek life is huge at wake. I have really enjoyed it though- it makes it so there is always something to do. Fraternity parties and Greek events are where most or if not all social events that I attend. There are Greek houses off campus with free alcohol. Rides to get there are rather easy and you can call a brother to get you one. The drivers are pledges and are designated. I always leave my door unlock although I have heard other peole have had issues with that. Athletic events are not that popular except for the football games in which their is an excuse to drink at the tailgate. Also people get pretty dressed up for a football games - sun dresses and sport coats. People party alot I feel that everyone is either studiyng or partying. There is not much else to do except that.


Football, sororities, and frats are popular groups. I'm a part of the track and cross country teams. There is always some sort of speaker, play, athletic event, entertainment activity, benefit fundraisers, etc. that take place year round on Wake's campus.


I am a student athlete and was recruited to play on the Wake Forest field hockey team. Field hockey is not the most popular sport, but we are the most successful at Wake Forest. We have been to the Final Four in the last 10 or so years in a row winning 3 consecutive National championships, several ACC championships, and we are consistently ranked in the top 5 in the nation. Big deal for such a small university and a small team, but we do well against our competition. Playing field hockey is a full time job, not to mention going to class, studying, and still having a social life as well as being involved in other groups on campus. For example, not only am I involved with field hockey but I am on Student Government, LEAD (75 "leaders" chosen to come together to chance/enhance things at Wake Forest- we are working to start a Day Care center on campus), SAAC (a student government for athletes- 2 representatives for each sport), volunteering at Campus Kitchen, help coach the club field hockey team, and doing various other projects. Field hockey is a fall sport, from August until late November; however we do have a spring season as well. The Fall is most important, taking up most of our time. We come to school 3 weeks before classes start practicing 2 or 3 times a day for 3 weeks. Once classes start we practice once a day for 3-4 hours 6 days a week plus weight lifting twice a week. We also have games on Saturdays and Sundays. The hours spent for week practicing and playing is about 20 hours plus other things involved with field hockey like treatment, individuals, watching video, analyzing games,meetings etc... It is a lot of work. We travel a lot missing classes frequently, which is also difficult. Towards the end of the season we are only going to classes twice a week because, for example, the Final Four requires us to leave Tuesday or Wednesday and we won't get back until Sunday. The spring is less of a commitment, but it is still 4 days a week of practicing with a couple of tournaments and games. We have 4 tournaments, including a trip to California to play 5 games including playing a Japan team. Keeping up with academics during season is important. It is very easy to miss turning in an assignment, not doing work or not studying because we are halfway across the United States traveling and playing. It is doable to do well in school, participate in other groups as well play our sport. Currently, not only am I involved with other groups, but I am a Dean List student with all A's so far this semester. It's hard work, but worth being a student athlete. We not only experience what the other students experience at Wake, but much more.


Greek life is big here. As an athlete, I was one of about 4 girls on my hall (of 30+) who didn't rush. There are also some good Christian or religious groups, such as AIA and RUF.


Seeing as most of the campus is affiliated with some kind of fraternity, sorority, or athletic team I would say they are the most popular. When I lived in the dorms I would leave my door unlocked, I wouldn't advertise that it was unlocked but I never had a problem with my stuff being stolen. Athletic events aren't as popular as they should be. Some guest speakers are popular if the topic is interesting, the same goes for theater. I don't know much about the dating scene because I've had a boyfriend all 4 years of college but I know the hook up scene is prevalent. All of my best friends came from my freshman dorm. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am probably studying for a test or just leaving a bar. The one tradition that I have enjoyed throughout my time is the rolling of the quad and I hope it never dies. People party several times a week. There are people at the bars every night of the week but I'd say an average person goes out 3 times a week. Fraternities and sororities aren't important to me but it's a good social network for some. A Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking is probably going to dinner, a movie and an early bed time.