Wake Forest University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Education is the foundation of a prosperous and enlightened society. They are committed to lifelong learning. Leadership is demonstrated through the relentless pursuit of excellence. They provide distinctive service to all stakeholders. Respect for all; integrity always.


I brag about all the successful and wonderful people I have met that have gone through Wake. Even the current students (who were more than happy to give me, a stranger who had not been accepted to the school yet at that point, insider tours of the school) were astounding me with their future plans. One girl was a senior who was already applying to be a physician's assitant, something that usually requires more experience outside of school. However her resume was slightly accelerated thanks to her work at Wake Forest!


I tell my friends that I'm at a top 25 school and that my professors are some of the most intelligent in their fields.


How amazing my school is and all the opportunities that are available to me.


The amount of volunteer work done by students, as well as faculty, and how much pleasure they gain from it. I also mention the high ranking of the university, and the quality of courses offered. The professors are also extremely available, engaging, involved, and genuinely interested in their students and their well- being.


Awesome mobile technology


weather sports parties quality of education


I love my school. It is perfect for me in size, athletics, academics, and friends.


The academic quality. I am well prepared for graduate school