Wake Forest University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the university is the sense of entitlement that some of the students believe that they have when entering as freshmen. Because it is a private university, some students are more well off than others. As freshmen, many believe that they are better, just because of the background from which they come. However, after four years at the University, most students gain a greater world view and begin to see the world from a different perspective.


I really can't find much wrong about my school, I love attending and hope to be able to contine. If I had to find anything wrong with my school I'd say the flodding problem we have is the worst. It rains a lot in Winston-Salem, but our school does not have a good drain system so it always floods. So bring a pair of rain boots!




As a private institution, it is difficult to budget finanaces in order to avoid tuition and living expenses.


The lack of socio-economic diversity is often quite unnerving to those who are of families from lower- income brackets, particularly those who are well aware of their family's situation. However, I find that the requirement to live on- campus for the first two years of attendence it far more detrimental to a student's mental and academic well- being.


The only real problem that I have found at Wake Forest so far has been the state of the cafeteria, otherwise known as "The Pit." Despite a growing student population, Wake Forest still only has one cafeteria. One cafeteria for a couple thousand students. During the busiest hours, such as 11 am-12 pm and 6-7 pm, it can be almost impossible to not only get food, but to also find a seat. Students often have to wait in long lines for food and wander about the Pit, looking for somewhere to sit, sometimes turning meals into frustrating escapades.


The lack of diversity and the excessive cost of the school are the worst things. For having to spend so much money, the food and housing are both mediocre at best.


I really wish that Wake Forest was a little more diverse and people would spread out amongst friend groups. I wish I had a more diverse group of friends.




Everyone here comes from upperclass families who have a lot of money. I am constantly surrounded by people who feel entitled to things and who are reletively spoiled and stuck up in comparison to my friends from home.


Grade deflation is really bad here. Teachers focus on learning, lots of it, but dont hope for a 4.0


The lack of sustainability and lack of ethnic/cultural diversity


On-campus parking is always difficult for students who live off campus and commute in for classes. It was a problem throughout my 4 years and the school is attempting to resolve the issue.