Wake Forest University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The only kind of person who shouldn't attend Wake Forest is someone who isn't willing to work hard and commit to bettering themself.


Our school is a diverse area that includes individuals of different religions, races, sexual preferences, and backgrounds


A person who is thinks they can get by in classes without doing work or while sleeping.


Lower-middle to middle class students, poor students can get the financial aid they need and you have to be rich to pay full tuition. Also, people who are not easily motivated or get distracted in a social atmosphere.


Someone who is looking for a wide range of cultural and ethnic diversity. While there is some diversity, the campus is predominantly white and lacks a lot of mixing between different races, typically because the African American students on campus are mainly athletes. While the travel opportunities to different countries is execellent, if you are wanting a college experience where cultural diversity plays a large part in it, Wake Forest is not the place to be.


The type of person that should not bother applying is someone who is lazy and wants an easy-A. The majority of students were in the top ten-percentile in high school and as I quickly learned, it is not easy to achieve the same academic standing here. The education is incredible, but if you do not want to put in many hours at the library and are not interested in working hard, do not attend Wake Forest!


Wake Forest has a very driven and hard working student body. If you are looking for a party school and lots of free time, this is not the place for you. They don't call it "Work Forest" for nothing.


Students who attends Wake Forest should be studious, outgoing, enthusiastic and service minded. Students can be academically successful here if they are willing to attend class and work hard. On the flip side, the social life at Wake Forest is very engaging with a broad variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs in which to participate. Wake Forest students and alumni have deep school spirit, so you should be enthusiastic and proud to be Demon Deacon. And lastly, as our motto is "Pro Humanitate", students should be service minded. If this isn't you, you shouldn't attend Wake Forest.


Someone who doesnt have a strong work ethic


If you aren't the type that is self motivated, Wake Forest, aka Work Forest, will be extremely difficult for you. This is not the school where you go just to waste some time and some of your parents' money. Most of the people at this school have career and life goals, everyone from the football players to the sorority girls. We have dreams and realize that working hard here will help them come true. Eventually, all of the hard work will pay off with a rewarding career of your choice.


Overly liberal, overly artistic (hipster as it were)


People who do not like a preppy atmosphere dedicated to hard work.


Someone should not attend this school if they are not ok with joining Greek life because there is not a whole lot to do in Winston-Salem, and if there is, I wouldn't know about it--the school doesn't offer transportation to downtown. If you want a great social life, that's fine, but it will show in your grades. I wouldn't say the school work itself is difficult, but there is a lot of work, and it's time-consuming, so don't come if you don't want to work hard.


social, yet hard-working


Antisocial people who aren't approachable or approaching. Also, people who aren't willing to step up their work ethic should not attend.


Someone who doesnt want to work hard and play hard


The academically inclined student whom wants to grow as a student and person.