Wake Forest University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Beyond a doubt the most frustrating thing at Wake Forest is Parking Management. While it is nice that any student, regardless of year in attendance, can bring a car to school with them, convenient parking on campus is scarce, WFU Parking is quick with their tickets and strict on their policies, and the parking passes are purchased at astronomical prices. My current parking pass cost me $500 for the semester. As a freshman it cost me $200, and I had to park off campus, a good 15-20 minute walk from my dorm.


The way we pick classes.


I don't find too many things frustrating at Wake. Sometimes however, it is difficult to coordinate a tutor.


The students do not seem to be engaged in their learning and grade seem to be their only interest. At times it seems like they are "Stepford Students" who are afraid to show what they are interested in, have the same programmed interests as the majority of the student population, or are simply too busy working and filling their schedules with what looks good on resumes to succeed post graduation. Students are open minded only after they have calculated the potential benefits of a situation.


Lack of diversity on campus: People are extremely set in their ways or very conservative in their beliefs and sometimes the idea of a different POV is unfathomable to them, which is extremely sad since we are a liberal arts univserity.


The lack of diversity, the suburbanity of it


The registration process for classes. Since class sizes are small, many classes are in high demand. At times it is hard to get your ideal schedule.


Those who apply may know its reputation as "Work Forest", however, students don't truly realize the meaning behind that nickname until they come to the school. Classes are difficult and the studying/homework produces a stress level is often seen as an "unhealthy obsession." In addition, students do not have much to show for it when it comes to the GPA. For at Wake Forest, we do not have GPA inflators, but rather, GPA DEFLATORS. And with the economy as it is, the job market is even more competitive than ever. Low GPA's do not help our situation.


The cost and lack of financial aid that was not in the form of loans.


The dining staff is subcontracted and not necessarily composed of university staff. For this reason, they are not always held to the standards of demeanor that other faculty and staff may be. It is often frustrating to interact with them when you have had a day just as bad or worse than they seem to be having.


I think the most frustrating thing for me is the registration system. The school often underestimates how many students can take a certain class, so there is much waitlisting and contacting professors.


The level of the work...lack of fun things to do


Too much alcohol usage - entire social scene revolves around greek life and alcohol. Administration totally ignores it. Not much else to do on campus.


Competition drives all.


The administartion is not very good and they attempt to fine you for the smallest things. The people here are awesome, but the administartion definitely has some flaws. Career services is also somewhat lacking