Wake Forest University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The main reason I decided on Wake was that it was obvious that they were moving up in the top-ranked schools. Another aspect that drew me here was their admissions process. Each application is viewed holistically, they're a test optional university, and there is a large importance put on the interview. I believe that this is why I was admitted and I appreciate that Wake can view that being "smart" does not necessarily mean a perfect GPA.


My uncle recommend to me


Interestingly enough, I transferred into Wake Forest. I was looking at Wake along with Vandy, Northwestern, Emory, and other schools, but Wake stuck out. Unfortunately, I never got to visit Wake's campus before committing, but I did see the other schools. Something just wasn't right. When I set foot on campus on orientation day, I just knew. I have never second guessed my decision, and I know I made the right choice. I have been afforded incredible opportunities, met some of the best in the business, studied abroad under British professors that students claw to meet, and made the dean's list multiple times at one of the best undergraduate institutions in the nation. Wake can give you opportunities like very few other schools. Take the chances that this school and give you and use them to your advantage.


I decided to go to this school for several reasons. One, I really wanted the academic rigor that would challenge me and would prove to the career world that I am a serious worker. I also fell in love with the campus, with the beauty of it and the perfect size. It is large enough to offer everything I could want and MORE, but this school is also small enough where my professors know my name and I am a person instead of a number,


When I toured the campus the summer before my senior year in high school, I fell in love with the beautiful architecture and its small size. And, of course, there was the minute detail that I actually got accepted here (aka GOT A PACKET) instead of other academically-challenging universities (aka GOT LETTERS, plural, OF REJECTION)


A student describes why she came to WakeForest


A student tells about his visit to WakeForest and how it helped him make his decision to attend the school.


A student describes why she came to WakeForest.


A student describes his decision to come to WakeForest


A student describes his decision to come to WakeForest.